Hockey Vision 2000
and Beyond


The FIH wants to know what's on your mind!

Hockey players, fans, coaches, umpires, administrators - the entire world hockey family - are invited to give their thoughts and input on the future of our sport.

Hockey Vision 2000 and Beyond is the FIH's four-year strategic plan now being composed from contributions of key members of the world hockey family. Through this plan, the FIH is creating a global framework and priority of activities for hockey that will cover all main areas of concern.

Hockey Vision 2000 and Beyond is intended to be a living document, and its life will be more full and vital with the input of the entire hockey family. Below you will find detailed information about the project. Please read it and then send us your comments through the response/comments function on this site.

All members of the world hockey family - especially the younger ones - are asked to send us their thoughts and ideas. Whether they are obvious, unusual, conventional or outrageous, your input will help get the wheels turning!


Hockey Vision 2000 - and beyond

The main topics addressed in Hockey Vision 2000 and beyond:

  • Roles and responsibilities of member associations, Continental Federations, athletes, coaches and umpires
  • The Rules of the game and how they can make hockey more appealing to play and watch
  • Development and promotion of youth, masters, women's, indoor and wheelchair hockey
  • Education and training
  • Television and hockey
  • Marketing, promotion, media relations and communication
  • International relations.


For each area of concern, important questions are being asked, with the most important being:

  1. What is our Vision of the future and where do we want to go?

  2. What are our Challenges and opportunities?

  3. What are the necessary Action Points to be taken to achieve our goals?

Efforts to find answers and arrive at conclusions are being made with the achievement of the following targets in mind.

  1. To implement changes, developments and/or improvements in the game under the guiding principle of retaining hockey's specific, well-known and appealing characteristics, both on and off the field of play.

  2. To continue to improve certain aspects of the game to make it more appealing to both play and watch. These include (but are not limited to): Rules of the game, equipment, field of play, umpiring and on-field presentation.

  3. To improve the understanding of the game and its Rules among spectators and the mass media.

  4. To raise hockey's image through development of our sport and increased promotion of our world-level events to the public and mass media.

  5. To make hockey more "television friendly" by understanding the requirements and needs of broadcasters and television audiences.

  6. To enhance the selling of our sport through marketing and sponsorship initiatives.

  7. To maintain the favourable gender balance which currently exists in both the playing and administration of our sport, and to address and attempt to correct observed imbalances.

  8. To encourage the installation of synthetic development pitches throughout the world.

  9. To improve the quality and quantity of umpiring in general, with priority given to certain parts of the world where especially needed.

  10. To defend the beauty of our sport and its unique skills of ball control and stick handling, together with the tactics and philosophy of a team sport based more on an attacking than defending style of play.

  11. To develop Indoor hockey with the aims of world-wide promotion of the game resulting in an appropriate global competition format and/or active membership in a multisport event organisation.

  12. To develop and promote hockey for the disabled.

  13. To continue, confirm and strengthen hockey as an Olympic Sport, particularly keeping in mind the special significance Olympic participation holds for athletes, and to strengthen links with the IOC and ASOIF.

  14. To fortify and critically examine on a continual basis the present structure of the F.I.H., taking steps to improve it as necessary, based on principles of democracy, practicality and optimal communication.


A message from the President

Vision. When it comes to leadership, vision means not only the ability to see, but to see beyond the present. For the FIH, it means not only anticipating hockey's future, but moulding and projecting it. Dear hockey friends, I would like to ask for your ideas. Your contributions. Your vision. Because it is with your assistance that we will collectively build our future.

Juan Angel Calzado

President FIH


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Note: Hockey Vision 2000 and Beyond will be presented in Alexandria, Egypt in October, during the celebration activities commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the FIH. Further details will be posted to this site later this year.