FIH institutes Code of Conduct

Player misconduct is, fortunately, a fairly rare thing in the world of international hockey. For the most part, our sport has truly earned the right to call itself, "clean, fair and safe". A recently instituted Code of Conduct is another tool to help ensure the continued good behaviour which has become a cornerstone of hockey; a sport which places a high value on fair play and sporting behaviour.

Below is the full text of the FIH Code of Conduct, which went into effect as from 1st March 2000. In a letter introducing the new Code to National Associations, FIH Hon. Secretary General Els van Breda Vriesman wrote: "I wish to stress that this is in no way a disciplinary measure, but instead, a concrete vehicle through which both the FIH and National Associations can encourage and continue the high standards we have all come to expect and enjoy. This aim in the best interests of all I believe, particularly as the pressures and demands of the game increase at the highest level. With the ground rules established, we are better prepared to meet the challenges of the future in this respect."

Those with questions or comments regarding the Code of Conduct should contact the FIH office in Brussels.