no2 - July 2000

Desk of the president

Once again, it has been an exciting time for our sport and its development. To ensure a promising future we have to continually improve the way we work and present our sport to the world. That is why, at its meeting in Cairo on October 29 1999, the Council of the FIH established a Working Group to study wether the restructuring of the various groups of which the FIH is composed: the Congress, Council, Executive Board and Committees, was necessary in order to put into practice in the best possible way all that hockey needs in the coming years.
The Working Group met in Amsterdam last month to present their strategy for this restructuring to the council. Tony von Ondarza, Chairman, and Peter Cohen, Secretary, whom I thanked on behalf of myself and the Council for the excellent work they have done, explained the full report to the Council and the proposals were openly discussed by all the council members on 2nd June. The Council decided that the Statutes should be amended, based on the agreement reached during the meeting in Amstelveen. The amended Statutes and Bylaws will be sent to all National Associations two months prior to Congress. Depending on the decision of the Council and the acceptance of the Statutes, all new Executive Board Elections may be held during an additional Extra Ordinary Congress in March/April 2001.
It was also agreed that the next Congress in November 2000, Paris, will be held and planned as usual, in case Congress does not accept the Council's proposals.
A lot of work is still needed, but it also gives us new oppurtunities to make our Federation efficient and strong for the benefit of our sport.
I would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate both the mens and womens Dutch teams for winning the Champions Trophy tournament, held in the Netherlands. During the tournament, committee meetings, including the Executive Board, also took place. Important decisions were made, amongst which the finalisation of the much anticipated Vision 2000 document, which will be submitted to Congress. This document will outline what is needed for the future of hockey. I would also like to extend my warmest congratulations to Jay Stacy (Australia) and Natascha Keller (Germany), the winners of the 1999 FIH Player of the Year Award, presented at Amstelveen. I hope that they continue with their successes on the pitch, and as role models to young hockey players. As to the development policy of our sport, two more artificial surfaces have been granted, with the invaluable help of the IOC. One is in Slovakia, and the other in Mexico. I look forward to their completion.
The FIH has spent a great deal of time during the last month lobbying for the South African Men's Team's right to participate in the Games of the XXVII Olympiad in Sydney, that their National Olympic Committee intended to deny them. Sadly, the NOCSA insisted on their decision, and the FIH had no option but to invite the Argentinian men's team to participate in the Sydney Olympics. I wish to express that the thoughts of the hockey family go out to South Africa, who have put so much effort into the preparation for this most important event in a hockey player's life. It is with great sadness that I have to announce that at the Sydney Olympic Games there will be no representative of the African Continent in the men's tournament. It is not only that their dreams have been shattered, but it is also a major blow to the development of our sport in Africa. With the allocation of a new pitch to the African Continent in Ghana in 1998 we hoped to develop more competition among the African nations, and we can only hope that events such as this are not repeated.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Argentinian side the best of luck for their preparation for the games, as I wish all the other teams every success in the tournament.

We are all looking forward to yet another great display of our sport, as the hockey family comes together once again for this most special event. I would also like to congratulate the officials for their selection and participation in what I am sure will be a memorable event. Nevertheless, we still have to remain very focussed on the road that lies ahead. We have to ensure that there is an Olympic future for our sport. Therefore, I wish to express to all the athletes and officials, the media and people working at the hockey venue in Sydney, my hope that we will all come together and celebrate our sport and display it at its best for all the world to see.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Sydney

Juan Angel Calzado


New structure for F.I.H. for the new millennium
At the meetings held in Amsterdam during the Champion's Trophy tournament, the FIH Council unanimously agreed with overall proposals made by a special working group on the future structure of the FIH. They agreed on the following main points: The existing Executive Board (10 persons) and the existing Council (40 persons) will merge and that will result in a new body, an Executive Board of 21 persons. In this new Executive Board the five Continental Federations will be represented as well as the six committees including the athletes representative, with a balanced gender representation. Those proposals will be presented to the next F.I.H. Congress to be held in Paris, France, 25th of November 2000.

FIH Player of the Year Awards

Natascha Keller and Jay Stacy named 1999 FIH player of the Year
At the recent Champion's Trophies, the Player of the Year Awards were presented to Natascha Keller from Germany and Jay Stacy from Australia. Both those outstanding athletes were honoured by FIH President, Juan Angel Calzado, and presented with a trophy. Keller, bearing a famous name in German hockey circles, comes from a hockey family, and her grandfather, father and brother are all Olympic medallists. This is a dream that still has eluded Natascha but no doubt she will be trying her best in Sydney. It was in Australia, too, were she became Player of the Tournament in Brisbane with an outstanding performance. Though only 22 years old she continually promotes the sport by coaching children at her club or even doing television commentary on the European sports network. Jay Stacy has also been around the hockey circuit for a long time. He has played for Australia for 14 years, and his first international was coincidentally at Amstelveen where the 1999 Player of the Year award was presented.. Since then, Jay has become the most capped player in Australia and has now appeared in Green and Gold over 300 times in green and gold, and has been in a leadership position in the team for more than four years now. FIH president Juan Angel Calzado honoured those achievements with the words:'Both Natascha and Jay have set such high standards that the FIH is only too pleased to give due recognition to the athletes outstanding performances.'

South African men's hockey team out of Olympics, Argentina to participate The FIH has asked the Argentinian Men's Hockey Team to participate in the XXVII Olympic Games in Sydney. This action follows the decision made by the National Olympic Committee of South Africa not to select the South African Men's Team to participate in the Hockey Tournament of the Games. The FIH deeply regrets that the African Continent will not be represented in the Men's Hockey Tournament and that NOSCA has not respected the athletes' right to participate. The Argentinian side was the first reserve team, finishing 7th in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament which was held in Osaka in March 2000. The FIH sincerely wishes Argentina the best of luck in their preparation for the Games.

Tournament News

Champion's Trophies, Amstelveen
The 22nd Champion's Trophy for men and the 8th Champion's Trophy for Women were completed in Amsterdam last month with the host nations taking both titles, both of them beating the German teams in exciting finals. In the women's competition, the hosts had showed some convincing performances, beating Australia on the way to the final and thus eliminating the title holders for the first time in years. Australia, holder of all major titles, lost both to Holland and to Germany, and had to be content with third place, beating the Argentina side only narrowly to stay at least in the top three. The Trophy Newcomer South Africa put two goals behind New Zealand in the play-off for 5th position and claimed the right to play again in the next tournament. Since the Olympic results will provide a reshuffling of the World Ranking it is not clear yet who will participate in the next Champion's Trophy, held in Brussels, Belgium, in 2002. The team from New Zealand, who lacked a number of players through injury, got the wooden spoon. In the men's tournament the Dutch host team also took the Trophy. The dominant World and Olympic Champions had to play the tournament without their penalty corner specialist Bram Lomans, who suffered from an injury. The Dutch beat the German side who had improved during the tournament by a Golden Goal from captain Stephan Veen. The Spanish team, who is still missing their highly talented but injured forward Juan Escarre, had to settle for fourth place, following their defeat by Korea. Korea have also had injury problems, with Keon Wook Kang out for the third ranked tournament in the world. The Australian team, last years finalist and Trophy holder, could only achieve 5th place. after numerous injury problems before and during the tournament they had to play for relegation against Great Britain, and only just came through 3:2. In the British side, Russell Garcia was back, after winning his case against the GB Olympic Board to play International Hockey again following a three-month ban for use of a class A substance.
For the first time in its history a complete day's play was abandoned when the Dutch weather bureau issued a gale warning on Sunday, 28th May. The games were cancelled after the first half of the men's game, Australia against Spain, because there was concern for the safety of spectators and players. In the evening, when the wind had eased, the Dutch ladies played New Zealand was played without any spectators, a strange feeling for both sides.

European Club Championships

S'Hertogenbosch beat Berliner Hockey Club 7: 0 to take this year's title in the women's European Championship for Club Champion's in Glasgow.
The European Club Championships for men in Cannock, England, turned into a triumph for first time participant Der Club an der Alster from Hamburg, Germany, who beat Dutch Champion's Bloemendaal 5:3 after a penalty shoot-out.

Sydney 2000 Update

Less than eighty days to go until the greatest show on Earth
Says Kim Douglas, Venue Press Manager at the Olympic Games in Sydney Preparations are in full swing for the Olympic Games in Sydney. The countdown begins to the Sydney 2000 Games, the first Olympic hockey tournament of the new millennium. The 15,000-strong spectator stands grow higher each day and the overlay to the spectacular State Hockey Centre, located at Homebush Bay, continues to look more impressive as September 16 draws closer.
Standing at the centre line, even with thousands of empty seats enveloping the venue, sends shivers up my spine as I foresee the colour, culture and atmosphere of the first hockey session of the 2000 Olympic Games. Cheering fans dressed in red and white as the Korean women make their way onto the pitch along with Argentina, both teams keen for the first points of the tournament to boost their confidence and begin at the top of their pool.
The best men hockey players in the world are waiting in the stand trying to relax in preparation for the afternoon sessions where they are not only on show to a capacity stadium of anxious spectators, but also to millions of hockey enthusiasts worldwide. I am unsure if it is excitement that Ron Riley and his team are feeling each time they enter the venue or whether it is anxiety as the imminent date of 16 September closes in on the venue. Everything is progressing well and Ron is confident that his team is on track for day one of competition. The construction is in the process of being erected, the results testing is nearing optimal timing levels with all reports reaching the stakeholders efficiently, the selection and training of the field of play staff is underway with the many enthusiastic volunteers longing for 16 September to arrive. The competition schedule is prepared, the functional areas are on track to provide support to the best hockey event ever and the 22 teams are busy finalising their training and preparations for the greatest show on Earth.
The mission statement of the team here at Sydney 2000 is 'to stage from the perspective of every stakeholder, the greatest ever Olympic Hockey event the world has ever seen.' We look forward to putting this into practice and welcome you to the Hockey event of the Millennium.

The Olympic Games Venue Press Centre

The Venue Press Centre at the State Hockey Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, is being erected as you read this. The Main Press Centre is also well underway and will provide a host of 24 hour facilities during the Games.
The Venue Press Centre is located behind the main grandstand and working tribunes. It is adjacent to the media transport drop-off point with a pathway to take press to the Venue Press Centre and tribunes into the grandstand.
The press centre is operational for up to 90 journalists and 30 photographers, and is staffed by paid and volunteer team members. Each of the volunteers are trained in specific roles to ensure journalists and photographers are assisted in such a way that their job of observing the match and writing and filing from the State Hockey Centre is as fluid as possible. In total, there are 50 team members working between the Press Centre, Tribune, Mixed Zone and Press Conference Room.
The Tribune seats 175 members of the press. Of these seats, 90 positions are tabled, and 85 are untabled. The ratecard orders for the tabled press closed on 31 May and will reopen during Games time for those organisations wishing to purchase a tabled seat at a later date. At this stage, there is a possibility the medal matches on 29 and 30 September will be ticketed and at all other sessions reserved seating will be provided to ratecard holders only. The Tribune will be staffed by four volunteers including a Supervisor and three runners to ensure start lists and results are delivered as soon as possible prior to and after each match. The results will also be delivered to the Press Centre, less than a minute's walk from the Tribune.
The mixed zone is located on the South West corner of the pitch and will be staffed by a Mixed Zone Supervisor. This is the best opportunity for journalists to interview athletes as press conferences will be on request and after medal matches only. The Mixed Zone will operate for 15 minutes at the conclusion of each match.
The Press Conference Room is located within the Venue Press Centre adjacent to the press work room. It has its own dedicated entry and is set up for 100 members of the press.
If anyone has any questions regarding the Venue Press Centre or other Press areas please contact Kim Douglas, Venue Press Manager - State Hockey Centre on +61 7 92 97 29 69 (w) or by mobile 0418 765 935 or alternatively by e-mail at [email protected] Ticket sales: All finals are sold out and all A sessions on 17th September and all A and B sessions on 22nd September.

The Olympic Hockey Tournaments

The preparation of the teams for the Olympic Games is in full swing, too. Both Women's and Men's tournaments promise exciting hockey, and though the teams probably did not show their sparkling best at the recent Champion's Trophies, the quality and the excitement of the hockey played gave an idea of things to come. Unfortunately, one team has been denied the chance and pleasure, the excitement and the dream to play at this year's Olympic Games: The South African men (see interview at bottom of the page). Never before in Olympic History have there been so many teams at such a top level, performing continuously and taking the sport to a new height. The game is much faster again, this change is especially obvious in the women's game. It looks as if favourites Australia, hunted for so long by the rest of the world has finally been caught in Holland: they lost both to The Netherlands and to Germany in their round robin games, with the Dutch women continually at their tail since the middle of last year. Australia, however, showed some good form at the pre-Olympic tournament when they convincingly beat their opposition including Germany, but Dutch coach Tom van't Hek promised at the last Champion's Trophy that they would be a much fitter team at the Olympic Games. It looks as if it might be a battle between those two sides but the other teams from the Champion's Trophy, Germany, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa want to prove that they can play up top, too. The Koreans will be looking to get back into the top six out of which they dropped, and so will Great Britain, probably even harder since falling to being ranked ninth in the World. The other qualifiers, China and Spain will also do everything to make sure they will prove where they stand in the world, with Spanish coach Marc Lammers who will take over the Dutch women from van't Hek after the Olympics, also taking his side back to former glory.
In the men's Olympic Tournament this year it seems likely that every single team can take points off the other teams. The result should be a most exciting Hockey Tournament, maybe even with a surprising outcome. Though it looks as if current world Cup Holders and Olympic Champions Holland still have a slight edge over the rest of the world. But then there is Spain, finalists of so many major tournaments in the past years but never quite winning it, and Germany, whose exciting young players have matured since winning the European Cup. For the hosts Australia, it is still the elusion of a long-held dream. Playing their National League Competition in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, Australian Captain, Michael York, talks about the exciting prospects of Olympics in one's home country.``We were in Sydney recently, and they were putting up grandstands all round the field so we could see what it would be like. We are hoping that the crowd supports us, it is fantastic to be involved in something of that magnitude.' York stresses that the gold medal is the greatest prize that a hockey player can win and therefore the Olympics are special, have their own atmosphere. But, having been there before he knows this Olympic tournament is one of the toughest ones. 'It is going to be very good hockey.' Before that, the Pakistan side is touring Australia to play against the men and the women have just finished an event with the New Zealand and the German team, and are still facing a series of games against China.

The Olympic Umpires

Like the players, the umpires have over recent month been preparing. Unlike most of the players, who seem to be able to play and train non-stop, umpires have jobs and families to consider in their preparation programme.
For the Sydney Olympics the FIH Umpiring Committee(responsible for umpire's development) and the FIH Competitions Committee(responsible for actually appointing all officials) agreed a new strategy. This was to avoid previous problems where some umpires arrived at an Olympics not having umpired an international match for twelve month. Each umpire was required to attend at least one top international tournament in the month prior to Sydney. At the event their fitness was tested: A video produced to assist consistent interpretations was viewed and discussed, and advice on their on-pitch skills/interpretations was, if necessary, provided. They then continued their preparation back in their own countries, in some cases with help from their national associations. Upon arrival in Sydney the umpires' fitness will be re-tested and another session with the video will take place, to assist consistent interpretation.
Like the players, so for the umpires, an Olympic selection is something special. Also like the players, an Olympic appearance requires that something special by the way of an outstanding performance.
All are working hard to achieve this, with the aim of giving players, spectators and world wide TV audiences a feast of skilful, flowing hockey.
The Olympic Umpires are:
Female: Michele Arnold (AUS), Judy Barnesby (AUS), Jean Buchanan (RSA), Gill Clarke (GBR), Renee Cohen (NED), Ute Conen (GER), Marelize de Klerk (RSA), Lyn Farrell (NZL), Angela Lario (ESP), Mi Ok Lee (KOR), Gina Spitaleri (ITA), Miriam van Gemert (NED), Kazuko Yasueda (JPN), Renee Chatas (USA). Reserve: Jane Nockolds (ENG).

Male: Singh Amarjit (MAS), Eric Denis (BEL), Santiago Deo (ESP), Henrik Ehlers (DEN), Murray Grime (AUS), Jin Soo Han (KOR), Steven Horgan (USA), Jason McCracken (NZL), Raymond O'Connor (IRL), Donald Prior (AUS), Sumesh Putra (CAN), Eduardo Ruiz (ARG), Christian Siebrecht (GER), Peter von Reth (NED), Richard Wolter (GER), John Wright (RSA). Reserve: Keith Roper (ENG).

Sydney 2000 without South Africa - Interview with Giles Bonnet, coach of South Africa Giles Bonnet has coached the team since 1996, and has played 88 Internationals with this team. When he became a coach he mapped out a four year strategy with the help of several other coaches, aimed specifically at developing a team that would be competitive at the Sydney Olympics. They hired a marketing assistant who not only helped raise funds, but also helped to change the profile of hockey in South Africa. This resulted in a world first: a monthly hockey programme on national television. The South Africans could then employ staff with a professional approach, and were fully supported by the National Association. A further aim of the strategy was to field at least 11 players all with 100 caps for the Sydney Olympics, which, as Bonnet points out, is about four years sacrifice for your country. South Africa has numerous regional High Performance centres, so the team does not train together all the time. The team's recent results and qualification for both the Olympic Games and the 2002 World Cup speak for themselves

Q. How have you been preparing for the Olympics, and what were the sacrifices you made?

A. For the Olympics that means that the top players exercise every day, and 20 of the 24 members of the squad sacrificed career and job opportunities to the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the Olympics. For this team, there was another carrot, and that was to become the best players and team that they could by Sydney - and they had all bought into this dream and goal.

Q. When did you first hear that there was a chance you could not be going to the Olympics, and what was your reaction to that?

A. We heard the night before we were due to leave for the four nation's tournament in Egypt. The announcement was totally insensitive and smacked of deliberately telling hockey that, as a sport, NOCSA is not interested. The players were totally bowled over and shattered by this decision. We had been told by our association that the negotiations were going well and that everything was in hand. We were urged by our association at this stage to continue with the tour and to GO OUT and achieve results, as this would make the difference. We were reassured that there were discussions taking place at a high level, which would resolve the current impasse. We duly went to Egypt and won the four nation's tournament.

Q. What about your preparation?

A. We have not trained together as a team since the All African Games in September 1999. SA Hockey did not want to spend money on a team that was not going to go to the Olympics. We were in a state of flux, just participating in ad hoc tournaments - as and when they arose.

Q. When did the preparations stop?

A. As of two weeks ago, when the FIH announced that Argentina was replacing South Africa, the players were still training. However, since this announcement, we have had numerous retirements from the team. There is nothing planned for this year or the next that I know of for the team. The announcement by the FIH that Argentina was replacing South Africa seemed very strange, as the legal proceedings had been instigated to overturn the decision. There was obviously a miscommunication between the FIH and our association which pre-empted the announcement that finally put paid to any way forward from our perspective.

Q. Now that it is over what are your feelings?

A. I feel an incredible responsibility for the players. They have sacrificed so much for their country, and have been badly let down. At the beginning of 1999, we were told by Clare Digby, the incumbent president, to win the All African Games and beat India, the current Asian Champions, and NOCSA would have difficulties in precluding us from the Olympics. The players achieved those results and yet still will not be going to the Olympics. The question of universality does not come into discussion. We have 7 players of colour who are in the squad of 30. In my four years as coach they have all played for their country and could have all participated in the Sydney Olympics.
In December 1999, I met with the SA Hockey Association President with the current woman's National coach and stated if NOCSA wants 7 players of colour in the team we will conform to this requirement. In a word, I am totally shattered by the decision and the implications for the sport of hockey in the men's code in South Africa. Having been involved with the National Team for 15 years, I can categorically state it will take four years for the national team to recover to the point where it is at present. To do this it will need sponsorship, funding and a passionate group of people to live the dream and make it happen.
In summation, NOCSA has achieved their goal, in that SA men's hockey will definitely NOT finish in the top nine of world hockey. There will be no role models for the kids to watch, and no sponsor wanting to fund a team that is not playing.

Q. Where do you go from here?

A. One of the big challenges NOCSA and SA Hockey face is to engender a sense of willingness amongst the male hockey-playing community to make the sacrifices that are essential at this level. I sense that this will be the biggest hurdle to overcome. There is a risk that if this issue is not dealt with, it could eat away like a cancer and create a sports code that is hollow in its belief of the integrity and conviction of its governing bodies.

1 16.09.00 Preliminaries W 1 0830 1030 1 KOR V ARG
Preliminaries - M 2 GER V NZL
Preliminaries - M 2 1330 1530 3 NED v GBR
Preliminaries - M 4 ESP v KOR
Preliminaries - M 3 1830 5 CAN V PAK
Preliminaries - M 2030 6 MAS v GER
2 17.09.00 Preliminaries - M 4 830 7 AUS v POL
Preliminaries - M 1030 8 ARG v IND
Preliminaries - W 5 1330 9 NED v CHN
Preliminaries - W 1530 10 AUS v GBR
Preliminaries - W 6 1830 11 KOR v ESP
Preliminaries - W 2030 12 GER v RSA
3 18.09.00 Preliminaries - M 7 1030 13 NED v MAS
Preliminaries- M 8 1330 14 GBR v PAK
Preliminaries - M 1530 15 GER v CAN
Preliminaries W 9 1830 16 GBR v ARG
Preliminaries-W 2030 17 CHN v NZL
4 19.09.00 Preliminaries - M 10 1030 18 ESP v POL
Preliminaries -W 11 1330 19 NED v RSA
Preliminaries - M 1530 20 AUS v ESP
Preliminaries - M 12 1830 21 ARG v KOR
Preliminaries - M 2030 22 AUS v IND
5 20.09.00 Preliminaries - W 13 830 23 GER v CHN
Preliminaries - W 1030 24 KOR v GBR
Preliminaries - M 14 1330 25 NED v NZL
Preliminaries - M 1530 26 MAS v GBR
Preliminaries W 15 1830 27 NED v NZL
Preliminaries W 2030 28 AUS v ARG
6 21.09.00 Preliminaries - M 16 830 29 KOR v IND
Preliminaries - M 1030 30 ARG v POL
Preliminaries - M 17 1330 31 ESP v AUS
Preliminaries - M 1530 32 GER v PAK
Preliminaries - W 18 1830 33 NZL v RSA
Preliminaries W 2030 34 ARG v ESP
7 22.09.00 Preliminaries - W 19 1330 35 NED v GER
Preliminaries - W 1530 36 AUS v KOR
Preliminaries - W 20 1830 37 CHN v RSA
Preliminaries - W 2030 38 GBR v ESP
8 23.09.00 Preliminaries - M 21 1330 39 MAS v PAK
Preliminaries - M 1530 40 ESP v IND
Preliminaries - M 22 1830 41 AUS v ARG
Preliminaries M 2030 42 NED v GER
9 24.09.00 Medal Pool -W 23 1100 43 3A v 2B
Medal Pool - W Medal Pool - W 24 1400 44 2A v 2B
1600 45 1A v 1B
Preliminaries -M 25 1900 46 GBR v CAN
Preliminaries - M 2100 47 POL v KOR
10 25.09.00 Preliminaries - M 26 830 48 ESP v ARG
Classification - M 1030 49 4A v 5B
Medal Pool - W 27 1330 50 2A v 2B
Classification - W 1530 51 5A v 4B
Medal Pool - W 28 1830 52 1A v 3B
Medal Pool - W 2030 53 3A v 1B
11 26.09.00 Preliminaries - M 29 1030 54 MAS v CAN
Preliminaries - M 30 1330 55 AUS v KOR
Preliminaries - M 1530 56 NED v PAK
Preliminaries -M 31 1830 57 GER v GBR
Preliminaries - M 2030 58 POL v IND
12 27.09.00 Classification - W 32 830 59 Loser Game 49 v Loser Game 51 (9th &10th)
Medal Pool - W 1100 60 3A v 3B
Classification - W 1300 61 Winner Game 49 v Winner Game 51 (7th &8th)
Medal Pool - W 33 1630 62 2A v 1B
Medal Pool - W 1830 63 1A v 2B
Classification - M 2030 64 5A v 6B
13 28.09.00 Classification - M 34 900 65 4A v 3B
Classification - M 1130 66 3A v 4B
Semi-final 1 - M 1400 67 1A v 2B
Classification - M 35 1730 68 6A v 5B
Semi-final 2 - M 2000 69 2Av 1B
14 29.09.00 Classification M 36 1130 70 Loser Game 65 v Loser Game 66 (7th & 8th)
Classification M 1400 71 Winner Game §( v Winner Game 66 (9th & 10th)
Bronze Medal - W 37 1730 72 Medal Pool W 3 v 4
Gold Medal W 2000 2200 73 Medal Pool W 1v 2
Medal Ceromony
15 30.09.00 Classification - M 38 1130 74 Loser Game 64 v Loser Game 68 (11th &12th)
Classification - M 1400 75 Winner Game 64 v Winner Game 68 (9th &10th)
Bronze Medal - M 29 1730 76 Loser Game 67 v Loser Game 69 ( 3rd & 4th)
Gold Medal - M 2000 77 Winner Game 67 v Winner Game 69 ( 1st & 2nd )
2200 Medal Ceremony

Vision 2000 and Beyond - FIH Strategic Plan

The latest version of the strategic plan was discussed in Amstelveen, Holland, during the June meetings of the Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons.
It was decided to present the plan to Congress on 25 November 2000, in Paris. The final version will be circulated to all National Hockey Associations during next ( this?) September. This will allow the Associations sufficient time to analyse and discuss the plan within their own circles before the Paris Congress. The plan is based on a S.W.O.T analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), and on the valuable contributions of the FIH Committee Chairpersons. This is also followed by a financial section. Professional assistance was given by Maryanne Mooney of……. in Brisbane, Australia.

Year of the Youth
Hockey's International Year of the Youth will be officially launched in Paris, during the FIH Congress in November 2000. During this Congress all National Hockey Associations (NHAs) will be thoroughly informed about the project. They will be provided with materials that will help to run the Year of the Youth in their home country including the Year of the Youth Handbook with information, ideas and tips, a Promotional Video, a Digital Camera to capture all events, an Equipment Kit for those countries organising youth coaching courses and a Golden Youth Stick, as Year of the Youth symbol. At a national level the Year of the Youth will be opened in January 2001, the month in which the Year of the Youth web site will also be opened. Year of the Youth organiser Gabrielle van Doorn looks at the domain where youth hockey is played: the school, the club, the community, the district, etc. People from clubs and schools will be required to design and organise events for the young hockey players. Ideas can be obtained from a publication called"50 ideas to celebrate the Year of the Youth", which serves as a manual for people wanting to get involved. Coaching courses with the option of FIH coaches conducting those or national players serving as ambassadors will deepen the project. A number of global events are planned to embrace all nations.
The project will be managed at a national, continental and international level. The names of the National Youth Hockey Co-ordinator will be available through the National Associations. The Continental Year of the Youth Co-ordinators are:

For questions about the Global Events you can get in touch with the International Year of the Youth Co-ordinator: Gabriëlle van Doorn, tel. ++, fax: ++, e-mail: [email protected]

Dates of the next Congress + Revised Programme

Highlights Video
The International Hockey Federation and Astroturf are proud to present the 1999 World Hockey Highlights Video - an annual review of the world's best hockey, which we are sure you will enjoy watching over and over again. To order please send your request for the number of tapes and format plus the correct payment to the FIH: US $ 15 (£ 10 Sterling) for each VHS PAL tape and US $ 20 (£ 12 Sterling) for each VHS NTSC tape.

Committee Roundups

Competitions Committee
Forthcoming Competitions

The World Cup Qualifier has been awarded to Edinburgh in Scotland in July 2001. The exact dates will be finalised shortly in consultation with the Scottish Hockey Union.
The Women's World Cup Qualifier has been awarded to Amiens and Abbeville in France and although originally scheduled for 17 - 30 September 2001 may be rescheduled to slightly earlier in the month. This will be the first time two separate towns some 45 km apart will be used and should be very good for the promotion of women's hockey. The finals will be played in Amiens. The inaugural Men's and Women's Champions Challenge will be held in New Delhi in early December 2001 and will be a great boost to hockey in this great city which will have a renovated and upgraded hockey stadium for the event. The Afro-Asian Games will be held on 3 - 11 November 2001 also in New Delhi but will not include teams in the Champions Trophy to be held at the same time in Lahore.

Bidding Procedures
The FIH will be investigating mechanisms to encourage more bids for major competitions, as well as ways and means to make competitions affordable and financially viable for host nations. The complex issues of both technical and marketing aspects of bids must be evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine which bids best help to promote the image of hockey world-wide.

Global Competition Formats
The Junior World Cup for Women to be played in Buenos Aires, Argentina from X to X May 2001 will be played in four pools of four teams as will the Men's World Cup Qualifier in Scotland. The format proposed by the Global Competitions Committee and approved by the FIH Council in November 1998 will be carefully monitored as there is support for two pools of eight teams as an alternative. The advantages and disadvantages of the 4X4 format will be analysed.

The Big Screen
Hockey has not found its way into Hollywood yet, but the Big Screen will be used at the Olympic Games in Sydney. It was used in the Champions Trophy in Adelaide in 1998. The FIH will monitor the use of the Big Screen which many feel will add an exciting dimension to hockey spectatorship at live venues. It has been suggested it may in the future lead to use of a television umpire to assist the two umpires on the field. This is likely to be the subject of an interesting debate. A third umpire via television is used in other sports such as cricket and rugby.

Team Colours
The FIH will be monitoring team-playing colours. The alternate strip may not contain any colour in the main strip. From March 2001 the FIH will require photos or computer graphics of each country's main and alternate strip, which similar to sponsor's logos, may only change if the permission of the FIH is granted.

Team Manager's Meeting
Captains will no longer be required at the Team Manager's Meeting but the Chef de Mission will take responsibility for the whole team and its conduct including the signing of the 'Code of Conduct' and will have the task of fully briefing the team. With recent incidents of misconduct at certain tournaments National Associations and Team Managers' may be held accountable after signing the 'Code of Conduct.'

TD Seminar
This seminar will take place on Wednesday 22 November 2000 in Paris. It is expected to generate new ideas for the increased professional approach to tournaments and how they are organised. The broadened responsibility of presenting, marketing and organising Competitions will fall under the spotlight especially if the planned restructuring of the FIH is approved at the November Congress.

World Ranking System
Initial submissions are promising and the prototype is being refined with a view to discussing final proposals in Paris at the Competitions Committee November meeting.

Data Base of Tournament Venues
Work has begun on this project which will ultimately also assist in assessing bids.

Development & Coaching Committee
IOC/FIH Project Synthetic Pitches for 2000
FIH-DCC recommended Mexico (Pan American) and Slovakia (Europe) to the FIH Executive Board as the candidate for the awarding of the IOC/FIH Project Synthetic Pitches for 2000. The FIH Executive Board approved to award the IOC/FIH Project Synthetic Pitch to Mexico and Slovakia for 2000. FIH-DCC recommended Asia and Africa to the FIH Executive Board as the first priority Continents for the award of IOC/FIH Project Synthetic Pitches for 2001.

FIH Coaching Courses (Coaching Operations Group of the FIH -DCC)
The FIH Special Coaching Course - High Performance & Development was held in Kuala Lumpur from April 30 to May 5, 2000 in conjunction with the Men's & Women's Junior (U-21) Asia Cup. 18 Coaches from 10 countries participated. The Course Conductors were Brian Glencross (Australia) and Rüdiger Hänel (Germany).
FIH Coaching Course - High Performance was held in Amstelveen from May 27 to Jun 3, 2000 in conjunction with the Men's & Women's Champions Trophy. 24 Coaches from 15 countries participated. The Course Conductors were Richard Aggiss (Australia) and Boudewijn Castelijn (the Netherlands).
FIH-DCC is very thankful to the Malaysian Hockey Federation and the K.N.H.B. for the support in hosting these courses.

Appointments on the new FIH Master Coach (Coaching Operations Group of the FIH-DCC)
The FIH Executive Board has approved the following as FIH Master Coaches:
Bert BUNNIK (The Netherlands), Boudewijn CASTELIJN(The Netherlands), Richard CHARLESWORTH (Australia), Maurits HENDRIKS (The Netherlands), Rüdiger HÄNEL (Germany).
These appointments have been made by the Executive Board of the FIH on nominations from the FIH Development and Coaching Committee. They followed the the 1999 Brisbane FIH Final High Performance Coaching Coarse Cologne, the 1999 Cologne FIH Development Coaching course, the 1999 FIH Johannesburg Special Coacking Coarse, the 2000 Kuala Lumpur Special Coaching Course and the 2000 Amstelveen High Performance Coaching Course. The newly appointed FIH Master Coaches were on the conducting staff of one or more of these courses, together with other Master Coaches. FIH Master Coach is the highest Coaching Grade in the FIH. This grade can only be awarded on special recommendations to coaches with excellent know-how of both high performance and development coaching. They must be highly skilled in transfering their knowledge to other coaches and they must have been coaches of international top hockey teams.
Educational Materials (Education & Training Group of the FIH-DCC)
FIH-DCC is planning to distribute the basic Education Materials for the Coaches and Umpires to the respective Continental Hockey Federations during the next FIH Statutory Congress to be held in Paris, France in November 2000. The material has the English and Spanish version respectively.

2001 FIH Year of the Youth (Promotion of Youth Hockey Group of the FIH-DCC)
The FIH Executive Board has decided that 2001 will be Hockey's International Year of the Youth. The board has discussed this matter in several meetings in 1999 and 2000. The comprehensive project plan and budget proposals from the FIH Development and Coaching Committee have been approved by the Board in its Amstelveen meeting last June. The Executive Board has called it "an excellent initiative to stress the importance of the participation of young people for the future of hockey, to make hockey better known as a high performance sport as well as recreational sport for both girls and boys, to exchange know-how and experience how to promote hockey amongst youngsters in clubs, schools etc. This is going to be started as a one year global event, but we are very confident that it will have a lasting effect for youth hockey in the whole world".
The event focusses on promotion of hockey to children and youngsters up to the age of 18 years (or a little more, when that is better).
The programme and the whole project have been designed in co-operation with the FIH and the Continental Hockey Federations. The Continental Hockey Federations will encourage National Hockey Associations to participate in this global event. They will appoint a Continental YotY project manager who will co-ordinate the activities in the continents and provide information and support to the National Associations. The FIH will facilitate project, and supply all kinds of information including a booklet 'Fifty ways to celebrate Hockey's International Year of the Youth'. This has suggestions for events and low budget promotional activities in National Associations, clubs and schools. The FIH will also sponsor and support courses and camps at national and regional levels for youth hockey administrators, development officers, coaches and players. They will also supply incentives, in equipment etc, for the National Associations who register as participants in 2001 Hockey's International Year of the Youth. The Year of the Youth will be opened officially during the FIH Congress in Paris in November 2000 and will be closed at the end of 2001 at the Men's Hockey Junior World cup in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The project management hopes to succeed in sending one hockey enthusiast from each participating country to Hobart for a special "Global Youth Hockey Convention".
In a "Global Youth Hockey Marathon" there will be one day, with sunrise to sunset hockey activities in each country. A web site will be set up to keep everybody informed about YotY activities all over the world. Full information will follow.
National Associations who want more information at this stage can contact the FIH YotY desk:
Email: [email protected]
Fax: +322 2 219 2761

FIH-DCC proposed the outlines of the activity with the budget of the "2001 FIH Year of the Youth" to the FIH Executive Board, which approved. The outline of the activity of the "2001 FIH Year of the Youth" is as shown below:
Global Kick Off at the next FIH Statutory Congress, Paris (France), November 2000
National Kick Off in the respective FIH affiliated National Hockey Associations/Federations
Opening of the Year of the Youth Hockey Website
Global Youth Hockey Marathon
National Celebration Event in the respective FIH affiliated National Hockey Associations/Federations Holding the Youth Competitions, Awarding the FIH Year of the Youth Award to the Team, Player, etc., Holding of Youth Coaching Course etc. Distribution of Ringbinders, Ideas of running of the FIH Year of the Youth, PR Kit, Digital Cameras, Project Sponsors Information, Education Materials, etc. to the FIH affiliated National Hockey Associations/Federations Continental Celebration Event in the respective Continental Hockey Federations World Events during Men's Junior World Cup to be held in Hobart, Australia in October, 2001 Holding Youth Camp, Holding Youth Coaching, Awarding the FIH Year of the Youth Award, etc.

FIH-DCC would like to ask all the World Hockey Family to extend their full support to the "2001 FIH Year of Youth" events internationally, regionally and nationally.

Equipment Committee

Further discussions have taken place with marketers of hockey sticks regarding the standards to be introduced and the technical problems caused by the use of the edges of the sticks as a mandatory experiment.

Synthetic Pitches The inventory of synthetic pitches has been updated and will be published after discussion in the upcoming meeting of the Equipment Committee. A technical meeting with pitch manufacturers and the 5 FIH accredited laboratories is planned for November in conjunction with the FIH meetings in Paris with the following issues on the agenda: New developments, new materials, test criteria, pitch maintenance, pitch watering. Working Groups on the last two issues will present their report at the meetings.

Pitch Lighting and pitch layout
The handbook for pitch lighting is printed with the generous sponsoring of Philips Lighting and is available from the FIH office in Brussels. The update of the official pitch layout and markings - designed by the FIH accredited laboratory of CST in London - is now also available from the office in Brussels.

FIH website
Contributions have been made to make as much technical information available from the website as possible.

Vision 2000
Contributions regarding equipment have been submitted to the work group vision 2000.

FIH accredited laboratories and products
It has been brought to notice that some manufacturers and laboratories use FIH approval or accreditation unjustified. Only products mentioned in the FIH tabulation can use the trademark and only the five accredited laboratories from the same publication are allowed to present themselves as FIH accredited. Where applicable legal action will be taken to stop this abuse.
The next meeting of the Equipment Committee will take place on Thursday, 21st November, in Paris.

Media + Public Relations Committee

FIH Communications Manager
Despite receiving a number of applications for the position of FIH Communications Manager, as yet a suitable candidate is still to be appointed. Full details on the position can be obtained from Hans Bertels, Executive Director.

International Player of the Year Awards
The 1999 FIH Player of the Year Awards were presented by the President, Juan Angel Calzado, and the Hon. Secretary General, Els van Breda Vriesman, to Natascha Keller (Germany) and Jay Stacy (Australia) respectively during the recent men's and women's Champion's Trophy in Amstelveen, Holland. The award ceremony was broadcast on Dutch TV and received good coverage on various hockey web sites. The Committee wishes to express its thanks to David Agius (Malta) for, once again, coordinating the award activities.

Media Representative Network
Only a small number of NHA's have submitted contact names to act as media liaison representatives between their respective Associations and the FIH. One of the main functions of the Network is to provide assistance for the NHA's on PR and media relation activities and specifically to work more closely together on helping to develop international broadcast coverage of hockey. Those Associations still to submit a contact name, should send details to Hannah Cox at the Brussels office.

Sydney Olympics
Nick Irvine (England), FIH Media Officer at the recent Champion's Trophies in Holland has been appointed to the same position for the Sydney Olympics in September.

FIH President's Awards
The Committee would like to congratulate MPR Committee Member, Reinhold Borgmann (Germany), and hockey radio journalist, Geerhard de Groot (Holland), on receiving the FIH President's Award. Their contribution to the development and promotion of hockey over the years has been immense.

Worldsport Website
The hockey section of the Worldsport website continues to be developed on behalf of the FIH. Log onto the site and let us know what you think.

IT Seminar
The Committee is planning to organise an IT Seminar during the Paris Congress in November. Further details will be available in due course.

International TV Sales
A new four year international TV 'rights' sales contract was signed with Octagon CSI during the recent Champion's Trophies.

Medical Committee
The Medical Committee announced that it is noted that gender verifications will not be carried out at the Olympic Games in Sydney on a trial basis. There are,however, doping controls carried out, which are carried out through urine analysis, blood tests and all other techniques for detecting prohibited substances or methods.

Umpiring Committee

Nominations of Umpires The following proposals for the upgrading of umpires have been made at the Executive Board Meeting on 2nd June 2000 : Outdoor
Women: Sabine Blemenschütz (AUT), Corinne Cornelius (RSA), Ann Logan (IRL) and Mary Parr (RSA). Men: Mohammed Abdullah (EGY), Sebastien Duterme (BEL), Raymond Micallef (MLT), Asif Muhammad (PAK), Deon Nel (RSA) and Kumar Satinder.
Grade 1.
Women: Alicia Takeda (MEX). Men: Stefan Brooks (ENG), Markus Meyer (GER), Blaise Monteiro (IND), Singh Ravinderpal (MAS). Olympic Games/World Cup
Women: Jun Zhang (CHN). Men: Hamish Jamson (ENG), and Jason McCracken (NZL).
Women: Sabine Blemenschütz (AUT).Men: Markus Meyer (GER), and Tony Stewart (CAN).
Class 1.
Men: Andrzej Budasz (POL), Gerald Curran (ECO), Gregory Maya Perez (FRA), Steve Simpson (USA).
Women: Alison Cockburn (ECO), also indoor. Men: Jose-Luis Goicoechea (ESP), also indoor and Francisco Mena (ESP).
Grade 1
Men: Yi Kyu Choi (KOR) and Friedhelm Sprenger (GER).
Olympic Games/World Cup
Men: Walter Garbal (ARG)
FIH special Rules
Men: Dean Lomax (AUS).
Women: Ann Houlston (GAL), Hilary Lane (IRL), Val Sassall (ENG), Joanna Waite (GAL). Men: Mahmoud Anwar (EGY), Mike Bolel (RSA), David Collier (ENG), Alejandro Gonzalez (MEX), Michael Graham (ENG), John Halfacre (ENG), Bertil Hinfelaar (NED), Roberto Menia (ITA), El Mowafi Mohamed (EGY), Tarek Mostafa (EGY), Giacomo Renda (ITA), Malcolm Rimmer (CAN), Kim Wendelboe (DEN).
Grade 1
Women: Lynn Fotheringham (ECO).
Men: Gary Belder (AUS), Klaus Peltzer (GER).
International Indoor
Men: John Halfacre (ENG), Roberto Menia (ITA), Tony Mulligan (AUS), Klaus Peltzer (GER), Kim Wendelboe (DEN).

Hockey Rules Board

Hockey Rules Book
The 2000 edition is now available. Further copies can be obtained direct from Catherine Tummers at the Brussels office. All orders within the UK should be sent to the English Hockey Association.

Continental Reports

African Hockey Federation
Olympic Games: The South African Hockey Association has appealed to the IOC because of its National Olympic Committee's refusal to send the South African Men's Team who have qualified for the Olympic Games in Sydney. The FIH supported SAHA's appeal, but the IOC refused the Appeal. NOCSA has announced that it will not change the decision. The decision of NOCSA is very damaging for hockey in Africa and could create a shocking and damaging precedent for hockey throughout the world. Many people would, of course, consider it strange that they will be sending the SA Women's Team to Sydney when they qualified in exactly the same way as the men`s team.
Despite fears of political unrest in Zimbabwe the African Cup of Nations for men was successfully held in Bulawayo from May 13th to 20th. South Africa won the final against Egypt 3:2 in a tournament of 7 teams. Kenya sadly failed to enter, but a positive feature was the return of the Ugandan team. With this victory, South Africa's Men qualify for the Men's World Cup in Kuala Lumpur in 2002, as their women already have qualified for the Women's World Cup in Perth. The final ranking of this tournament was: 1. South Africa, 2. Egypt, 3. Zimbabwe, 4. Ghana, 5. Nigeria, 6. Namibia, 7. Uganda.
Future Tournaments: Junior Africa Cups for Women from 1-8 October (or 9- 15 October) 2000 and Men 26 March to 1st April 2001 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The African Cup for Club Champion's will be hosted by the SMOHA Club in Alexandria, Egypt. The Botswana/Namibia series has been postponed due to financial problems. It should be played later this year.

After the completion of a superb stadium in Alexandria (Egypt) last year other African countries are working hard to introduce artificial surfaces, and the IOC/FIH pitch in Ghana will undoubtedly spark interest in this talented nation. South Africa might even have 30 artificial surfaces by the end of the year, and Egypt has at least five new ones. The Hockey Association of Zimbabwe has won the AHF Development Award for 1999. FIH Development Officer Gabrielle van Doorn had helped Zimbabwe with her knowledge and the financial aid came from the Olympic Committee of Zimbabwe via Olympic Solidarity of about $ 20, 000. Sparked by the efforts in Zimbabwe and in Namibia the Ugandan Hockey Association launched a vibrant youth programme that coincides with the launch of the FIH Year of the Youth for 2001 in the near future.

Asian Hockey Federation

The 3rd Junior Women's Asia Cup was held from May 6th - 13th in Kuala Lumpur. In this tournament the final ranking was as follows: 1. Korea, 2. China, 3. India, 4. Japan, 5. Uzbekistan, 6. Malaysia, 7. Chinese Taipei, 8. Thailand. The 4th Junior Asia Cup was held from May 4th - 14th in Kuala Lumpur. The final ranking of this tournament was as follows: 1. Korea, 2. India, 3. Malaysia, 4. Japan, 5. Pakistan, 6. China, 7. Bangladesh, 8. Chinese Taipei, 9. Uzbekistan, 10. Singapore, 11. Iran.
These Tournaments are planned: Boys Under 16 AHF Cup 2000 in Singapore from June 16 - 25, and Girls Under 18 AHF Cup in Hong Kong from November 13 - 19. Thailand will host a Champion Club Tournament.

Brian Glencross from Australia and Rüdiger Hänel from Germany ran an FIH Special Coaching Course in Kuala Lumpur from 30th April till 5th May 2000. Fumio Ogura, the Chairman of the AHF DCC was coordinating the course, and Dr. Balbir Singh, Secretary of the Coaching Committee of the Malaysian Hockey Federation acted as Secretary. The course was held in conjunction with the 4th Junior Men's Asia Cup, and the eighteen participants from ten countries have attended lectures, practical sessions, project studies and did match analysis.

The next AHF Congress will be held in October 2000 in Kuala Lumpur.

Media and Publications
The AHF Media & Public Relations Committee focused on the development of its website, There are high hopes that the site will become an important contribution to hockey for the region and the rest of the world. Since its launch at the 10th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in February 2000 in Kuala Lumpur it has now developed into a major site in hockey and has 10 000 hits per month. A feature of the site is the 'Matchtracker', which provides real-time results. There has been coverage from both Olympic Qualifiers in March, the Men's in Osaka, and the Women's in Milton Keynes, and the men's and women's Junior Asia Cup in May 2000 in Kuala Lumpur. The aim for the future is to incorporate national hockey bodies in Asia to provide input.

European Hockey Federation

Andrew Scoular ran a coaching seminar from Scotland during the Youth Trophy in Lyon with 21 participants from European Countries.
During the Champion's Trophy in Amstelveen Edna Rutten organised and ran an Umpiring Seminar with herself and Roger Webb as the conductor. The 17 participants came from 12 different European countries and one from Namibia. SportWays once again enables 120 children, aged between 14 and 18, to attend the FIH Excellence Camp in Barcelona with a further 80 - 90 attending the Excellence Camp in Paris later this year.

IOC/FIH Synthetic Pitch Programme
The EHF wishes to congratulate the Lithuanian Hockey Federation to the completion of the IOC/FIH Astro Turf at Siauliai within the time schedule as set by the FIH. The pitch will play an important role in the development of hockey in Lithuania, and a Youth Trophy Tournament will be played for U16 and U18 girl's sides.
One of the development pitches for 2000 will go again to a European country: to Slovakia. It is a very important development for the Slovakian Hockey Association. EHF will work closely with Pavel Rosa, the General Secretary of the Association in the coming month to ensure the successful completion of this project.

Scottish Hockey Union - Centenary Tournament
Scotland reached their centenary as the 6th country of the European Federation, and celebrated with a Banquet in Edinburgh, which the Executive Board attended on the 24th of June. The second EHF meeting of the year was also held there, and the celebrations included a four Nation's Tournament for both men and women with the host nation, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. Future Tournaments
The Under 21 European Nations Cup A Division will be played in July in Leipzig,Germany (women) and Madrid, Spain (men). B and C Divisions will be held in Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal.

Pan American Hockey Federation

The 1st America's Cup for men was played in Havana, Cuba. The 11-team Americas Cup serves as a qualifying tournament for the 2002 World Cup that will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The winner did qualify directly, while the next three or four highest placing teams were expected to earn spots in next year's World Cup qualifier in Scotland. Two participating teams will compete in Sydney, Canada who finished second and Argentina who finished third. Cuba won the tournament and the other final positions were in the order: 4. Chile, 5. USA, 6. Puerto Rico, 7. Mexico, 8. Peru, 9. Barbados, 10. Venezuela, and 11. Jamaica. EHF president Alain Danet and EHF Secretary David Balbirnie attended the tournament and exchanged views amongst the continents with the PAHF to serve and strengthen hockey and reinforce its status as a world-wide sport. The 1st America's Cup for women will be held in March 2001 in Kingston, Jamaica.

The PAHF Board of Directors and Committee meetings were held in Havana in conjunction with the America's Cup. The following topics were discussed:

  1. Women's America's Cup in Kingston in March 2001
  2. PAHF Congress to be held in Kingston in March 2001
  3. PAHF Planning Meeting will be held in Paris, November 26, 2000, following the FIH Congress
  4. The 2nd PAHF Club Championships will be held in Trinidad and Tobago November 4-11, 2000
  5. The PAHF embraced the Year of the Youth initiative and has named Bev Johnson as the project coordinator working closely
with the PAHF Development Committee

Oceania Hockey Federation

Development competitions for U/18 and U/21 are played between Australia and New Zealand on a continual basis. Developing umpires are involved to continue their grading and give them experience.
The Women's Trans Master's Competition was held in Auckland, New Zealand, in May 2000. The three test series between Australia and New Zealand involved teams in the Over 35, Over 40 and Over 45 age divisions. The series was very successful and continues to build on and acknowledge the growing demand and interest in veterans hockey in both Australia and New Zealand.

The pitch in Fiji is still in the development stages. The funding from the government has been a factor in the delay, but now the MOU has been signed and it is a high priority to find funding for the pitch so it can be completed for the 2003 South Pacific Games. Another factor contributing the delay has been the location. Dr Robin Mitchell has been appointed Chairman for the South Pacific Games and will assist in speeding up the pitch development. For that reason, the appointing of an Oceania Development Officer has not occurred yet. It was hoped to base the officer in Fiji where he should be helping with setting up the structures of the Federation.
Papua New Guinea has received help in their preparation for their submission of a development pitch from FIH/IOC. Tonga has been contacted to provide support for their hockey program. Derek Wilshire, who was in Tonga for the ONOC meeting, conducted some coaching clinics and planning sessions and is assisting the organisation of a Solidarity course to be held this year. The state of hockey in Tonga is still at beginner level, but hockey has support at the highest level: the King of Tonga is a strong supporter of young women playing hockey. There is a competition that is organised by the Weslyan Church in conjunction with the Girls Brigade. Some 40 teams of women aged 15-25 play hockey on grass, with enthusiasm and natural talent, but without regulation goals and rudimentary marking.

Notes and News

Lonnes retires
Walter Lonnes, German Hockey Vice president for sports has announced his retirement from working with the national Association. He will concentrate on the West German Hockey Federation, whose leadership he took over in May. His part in the German Association will be taken over till the general assembly of the German Hockey Federation in 2001 by vice-president of the German Hockey federation, Joachim Hürter till the next elections.

New Zealand appoints new coaches
New Zealand has appointed a panel of coaches responsible for the side after the resignation of coach Robin Wilson after the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Osaka, where New Zealand failed to qualify. The coaches are former international striker Peter Daji, Kevin Towns, who has coached New Zealand before, retiring after the Barcelona Olympics, former England U-21 player Charlie Oscroft and recently retired national goalkeeper Scott Anderson.

Qualifiers for the World Cups Awarded
Both qualifying tournaments for the 10th World Cup have been awarded. The Women's Qualifier is to be held in Amiens/Abbeville in France in the second half of September 2001. The Men's Qualifying Tournament is played in Edinburgh in Scotland in June/July 2001.

More Synthetic Pitches
Again, for 2000, two pitches have been awarded to the National hockey Associations of Mexico and Slovakia. The IOC contributes to the installation of the pitches financially, and there have been installations in the previous years, in 1998 Cuba and Ghana, and in 1999 Fiji and Lithuania.

Magdi Retires
Ahmed Abdallah Magdi announced his retirement from international hockey. He is regarded as one of Egypt's and Africa's greatest hockey players, and has become assistant coach of the National Egyptian team after his retirement.

Tournament Directors Seminar
A tournament Directors Seminar is planned for the 22nd of November 2000 in Paris. The seminar will be held on one full day, and is intended for the top tournament directors from the world events. But it is also open to additional technical officials working at the next level of events and members of the FIH Competitions Committee and FIH Umpiring Committee with an interest in this area of development. It will be similar to the previous one held in Alexandria in November 1999, and is by invitation only. It will explore and define the important role of Tournament Director with respect to the Organising Committee, Umpires Manager and Umpires, Technical Officials, Medical Officer, Media Officer, Team Officials and the FIH. Discussion topics will include feedback forms that will be trialled at major tournaments throughout the year. Results will be made available to National Associations in early 2000. Delegates will be required to meet their own accommodation costs - the FIH will meet any costs associated with the organisation of the seminar.

1. Hockey Pitch Solutions - An Independent guide to new or replacement synthetic hockey pitches- a comprehensive guide to the solving of all those questions and fears on the minds of the first-time buyers and to help established users in planning their up-grade in a rapidly changing market place. The author, Frank Yeend, has been the Chairman of the FIH Equipment Committee, and has collected a lot of experience in those years. More information can be found on the AHA website or enquiries can be made at the AHA office +61 3 9555 15 00.
2. The History of the African Hockey Federation - traces the early days of the AHF, its congresses and its evolution.

A quote for the road
"This is the first game of hockey that I can remember where we allowed players to play cards at halftime." Terry Walsh, Australian men's coach, after the game against Spain at the Champion's Trophy, which was played on two different days.

For the record - results, etc…
Upcoming Tournaments

4 Nations Tournament (Men)
Hamburg (Germany) - 4 - 6/8/00
Germany - Great Britain - Korea - Netherlands

11th Nordic Championship (Women)
Helsinki (Finland) - 10 - 13/8/00
Finland - Sweden

11th Nordic Championship (Men)
Helsinki (Finland) - 10 - 13/8/00
Denmark - Finland - Norway - Sweden

4 Nations Tournament (Men)
Poznan (Poland) - 16 - 20/8/00
Belgium - Egypt - India - Poland

8th Pannonia Cup (Men)
Bratislava (Slovakia) - 15 - 17/9/00
Croatia - Hungary - Slovenia - Slovakia

XXVIIth Olympic Games (Women)
Sydney (Australia) - 15/9 - 1/10/00
Pool A: Argentina, Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Korea.
Pool B: China, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa.

XXVIIth Olympic Games (Men)
Sydney (Australia) - 15/9 - 1/10/00
Pool A: Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Pakistan.
Pool B: Australia, Spain, India, Korea, Poland, Argentina.

14th Alps Cup (Women)
Vienna (Austria) - 29/9 - 1/10/00
Austria - Czech Republic - France - Italy

7th Pan American Championships (Junior Men)
Santiago (Chile) - 11 - 21/10/00
This competition is qualifying for the 7th World Cup

6 Nations Tournament (Men)
Kampala (Uganda) - 14 - 22/10/00

Final Rankings of Completed Tournaments:

4th Celtic Cup (Junior Men)
Tours (France) - 24 - 26/3/00
1. Ireland, 2. Scotland, 3. France, 4. Wales

Oceania Qualifying Tournament for the 4th World Cup (Women)
Brisbane (Australia) - 30/3/00 - 2/4/00
1. Australia, 2. New Zealand (winner qualifies for the 4th World Cup).

8th Military Championship (Men)
Münster (Germany) - 4 - 14/4/00
1. Korea, 2. Germany, 3. Russia, 4. France, 5. Poland, 6. Netherlands, 7. South Africa

4 Nations Tournament (Men)
Sydney (Australia) - 6 - 9/4/00
1. Australia, 2. Germany, 3. India, 4. South Africa

4 Nations Tournament (Men)
Perth (Australia) - 12 - 16/4/00
1. India, 2. Germany, 3. Australia, 4. South Africa

4th Pan American Championship (Junior Women)
Bridgetown (Barbados) - 13 - 24/4/00
1. Argentina, 2. U.S.A., 3. Canada, 4. Chile, 5. Barbados, 6. Trinidad &Tobago, 7. Venezuela, 8. Bermuda, 9. Mexico

4th Asia Cup (Junior Men)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - 3 - 14/5/00
1. Korea, 2. India, 3. Malaysia, 4. Japan, 5. Pakistan, 6. China, 7. Bangladesh, 8. Chinese Taipei, 9. Uzbekistan, 10. Singapore, 11. Iran (Korea has qualified for the 7th World Cup)

3rd Asia Cup (Junior Women)
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - 6- 13/5/00
1. Korea, 2. China, 3. India, 4. Japan, 5. Uzbekistan, 6. Malaysia, 7. Chinese Taipei, 8. Thailand (Korea has qualified for the 4th World Cup)

6th Africa Cup (Men)
Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) - 13 -20/5/00
1. South Africa, 2. Egypt, 3. Zimbabwe, 4. Ghana, 5. Nigeria, 6. Namibia, 7. Uganda (South Africa has qualified for the 10th World Cup)

8th Champion's Trophy (Women)
Amstelveen (Netherlands) - 26/5 - 3/6/00
1. Netherlands, 2. Germany, 3. Australia, 4. Argentina, 5. South Africa, 6. New Zealand

1st Celtic Cup (Men)
Dublin (Ireland) - 26 - 28/5/00
1. Ireland, 2. Scotland, 3. Wales

22nd Champion's Trophy (Men)
Amstelveen (Netherlands) - 27/5 - 4/6/00
1. Netherlands, 2. Germany, 3. Korea, 4. Spain, 5. Australia, 6. Great Britain

4 Nations Tournament (Junior Men)
Vienna (Austria) - 16 - 18/6/00
1. Austria, 2. Switzerland, 3. Canada, 4. Slowakia

3 Nations Tournament (Men)
Vienna (Austria) - 16 - 18/6/00
1. France, 2. Austria, 3. Denmark

4 Nations Tournament (Women)
Edinburgh (Scotland) - 23 - 25/6/00
1. Netherlands, 2. Spain, 3. Scotland, 4. Ireland

4 Nations Tournament (Junior Women)
Cork (Ireland) - 23 - 25/6/00
1. France, 2. Ireland, 3. Wales, 4. Scotland

4 Nations Tournament (Men)
Edinburgh (Scotland) - 23 - 25/6/00
1. Netherlands, 2. Spain, 3. Scotland, 4. Ireland

1st Americas Cup (Men)
Havana (Cuba) - 22/6 - 2/7/00
1. Cuba, 2. Canada, 3. Argentina, 4. Chile, 5. U.S.A., 6. Puerto Rico, 7. Mexico, 8. Peru, 9. Barbados, 10. Venezuela, 11. Jamaica (Cuba has qualified for the 10th World Cup)

10th European Nations Cup - "B" Division (Junior Women)
Prague (Czech Republic) - 2 - 8/7/00
1. Scotland, 2. Belarus, 3. Lithuania, 4. Czech Republic, 5. Ireland, 6. Belgium, 7. Poland, 8. Azerbaijan

10th European Nations Cup - "B" Division (Junior Men)
Vienna (Austria) - 2 - 8/7/00
1. Belgium, Czech Republic, 3. Switzerland, 4. Austria, 5. Wales, 6. Poland, 7. Ukraine, 8. Russia

10th European Nations Cup - "A" Division (Junior Women)
Leipzig (Germany) - 9 - 15/7/00
1. Netherlands, 2. England, 3. Ukraine, 4. Germany, 5. Spain, 6. Russia, 7. Wales, 8. France

10th European Nations Cup - "C" Division (Junior Women)
Catania (Italy) - 12 - 15/7/00
1. Italy, 2. Austria, 3. Switzerland, 4. Greece

3 Nations Tournament (Women)
Terrassa (Spain) - 14 - 16/7/00
1. Great Britain, 2. Korea, 3. Spain

10th European Nations Cup - "A" Division (Junior Men)
Madrid (Spain) - 16 - 22/7/00

10th European Nations Cup -"C" Division (Junior Men)
Oporto (Portugal) - 17 - 22/7/00

Calendar of events Updated on 3rd July

* additional competition or details amended since the previous issue of the document.

- 2 0 0 0 -

EHF - M 8th Pannonia Cup Sep 15/17 Bratislava (Slovakia)
IOC - M/W XXVIIth Olympic Games Sep 15/01 Oct Sydney

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING Sep 26 Sydney (Australia)

EHF - W 14th Alps Cup Sep 29/01 Oct Vienna (Austria)
AfHF * JW 3rd Africa Cup Oct 02/08 Johannesburg (South Africa)
PHF * JM 7th Pan American Championship Oct 11/22 Santiago (Chile)
EHF * M 17th Alps Cup Oct 12/15 -- Prague (Czech Republic)
PHF * M/W 2nd Pan American Club Championship Nov 04/11 -- Trinidad & Tobago
AfHF - W 5th African Club Championship Nov 10/17 Alexandria (Egypt)
AfHF - M 13th African Club Championship Nov 10/17 Alexandria (Egypt)

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS Nov 22 & 26 Paris (France)
COUNCIL MEETINGS Nov 23 & 26 Paris (France)
36th FIH CONGRESS Nov 25 Paris (France)

OHF * JM Qualifying Tournament for the Nov 23/26 Hobart (Australia)
7th World Cup
FIH * M 4 Nations Tournament Nov 24/26 St Germain/ Laye (France)
- 2 0 0 1 -
EHF - IM "10th European Nations Cup - ""A"" Div." Jan 19/21 Luzern (Switzerland)
EHF - IM "Idem - ""B"" Div." Jan 19/21 Vienna (Austria)
EHF - IJW "5th European Nations Cup - ""A"" Div." Jan 26/28 Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic)
EHF - IJW "Idem - ""B"" Div." Jan 26/28 Bratislava (Slovakia)
EHF - IM 12th European Club Championship Feb 16/18 Wettingen (Switzerland)
"""A"" Div."
EHF - IM 12th European Club Championship Feb 16/18 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
"""B"" Div."
EHF - IM "Idem - ""C1"" Div." Feb 16/18 Subotica (Yugoslavia)
EHF - IM "Idem - ""C2"" Div." Feb 16/18 Brussels (Belgium)
EHF - IW 12th European Club Championship Feb 23/25 Les Ponts De Cé (France)
"""A"" Div."
EHF - IW "Idem - ""B"" Div." Feb 16/18 Rotterdam (Netherlands)
EHF - IW "Idem - ""C"" Div" Feb 23/25 --
PHF - W 1st Americas Cup Mar 08/18 Kingston (Jamaica)
AfHF - JM 7th Africa Cup Mar 26/1 Apr Pretoria (South Africa)
FIH * JM 6 Nations Tournament Mar -- Kampala (Uganda)
EHF - M 12th European Cup Winners Cup Apr 13/16 --
EHF - W 11th European Cup Winners Cup Apr 13/16 --
FIH * JW 4th World Cup May 14/26 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
AsHF - M 3rd East Asian Games May 19/27 Osaka (Japan)
EHF - M/W 28th European Club Championship Jun 01/04 --
16th Maccabiah Games Jul 16/26 -- (Israel)
FIH - M 10th World Cup Qualifier Jul 17/29 Edinburgh (Scotland)
FIH - W 9th Champions Trophy Aug 19/26 Amstelveen (Netherlands)
FIH - W 10th World Cup Qualifier Sep - 2nd half Amiens/Abbeville (France)
FIH - M 3rd Mediterranean Cup Sep/Oct Gibraltar
FIH * JM 7th World Cup Oct 09/21 Hobart (Australia)
FIH - M 23rd Champions Trophy Nov 03/11 Lahore (Pakistan)
FIH - M/W 1st Afro-Asian Games Nov 03/11 New Delhi (India)
FIH - M/W 1st Champions Challenge Dec -- New Delhi
EHF - M 18th Alps Cup -- --
EHF - W 15th Alps Cup -- --
EHF - M 9th Pannonia Cop -- --
EHF - JM 5th Celtic Cup -- --
AsHF - M/W 21st South East Asian Games -- -- (Malaysia)
- 2 0 0 2 -
EHF - IJM "8th European Nations Cup - ""A"" Div." Jan 18/20 Porto (Portugal)
EHF - IJM "Idem - ""B"" Div." Jan 18/20 Sopron (Hungary)
EHF - IW "11th European Nations Cup - ""A"" Div." Jan 25/27 Les Ponts de Cé (France)
EHF - IW "Idem - ""B"" Div." Jan 25/27 --
EHF - IM 13th European Club Championship Feb 15/17 --
EHF - IW 13th European Club Championship Feb 22/24 --
FIH * M 10th World Cup Mar 04/16 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
EHF - M 13th European Cup Winners Cup Mar 29/01 Apr --
EHF - W 12th European Cup Winners Cup Mar 29/01 Apr --
EHF - M/W 29th European Club Championship May 17/20 --
CGF - M/W 17th Commonwealth Games Jul 25/04 Aug Manchester (England)
FIH - M 24th Champions Trophy Aug 22/01 Sep Brussels (Belgium)
FIH - W 10th Champions Trophy Aug 22/01 Sep Brussels (Belgium)
AsHF - M/W 14h Asian Games Sep 29/14 Oct Pusan (Korea)
FIH - W 10th World Cup Nov 26/08 Dec Perth (Australia)
AfHF - W 4th Africa Cup -- --
- 2 0 0 3 -
EHF - M 9th European Nations Cup Sep - First half Barcelona (Spain)
EHF - W 6th European Nations Cup Sep - First half Barcelona (Spain)
FIH - M 25th Champions Trophy -- Milton Keynes (England)
FIH - W 11th Champions Trophy -- Milton Keynes (England)
FIH - M/W 2nd Champions Challenge -- Harare (Zimbabwe)
PAHF - M/W 14th Pan American Games -- -- (Dominic Rep.)
AfHF - M/W 8th All Africa Games -- -- (Nigeria)
FISU * M/W Universiade '03 -- Taegu (Korea)
- 2 0 0 4 -
IOC - M/W XXVIIIth Olympic Games Aug 13/29 Athens (Greece)
2 0 0 5
FISU * M/W Universiade '05 -- Izmir (Turkey)
- 2 0 0 6 -
CGF - M/W 18th Commonwealth Games Mar 15/26 Melbourne (Australia)


5th Draft Programme - Meetings Paris November 2000

Paid by FIH Maximum Number of attendance
Yes or NO
Saturday 18/11
09.00-18.00 Salle Magnolia Rules Advisory Panel YES 11 x 540 FF
Sunday 19/11
09.00-13.00 Sequoia + Cyprès Rules Advisory Panel YES 11 in the morning
14.00-18.00 Rules Advisory Panel + Hockey Rules Board 25 in the afternoon
Monday 20/11
09.00-18.00 Flamboyant Hockey Rules Board YES 14 x 540 FF
09.00-18.00 18th Floor ·         Regulations - Working Group - Competitions Committee NO 12 personnes maximum
·         Tournaments - Working Group - Competitions Committee
·         Training of officials – Working Group – Comp. Committee
09.00-18.00 Magnolia Media & Public Relations Committee YES 12 x 540 FF
09.00-18.00 Séquoia Umpiring Committee YES 17 x 540 FF
Tuesday 21/11
09.00-18.00 Ebène + Hévéa Development & Coaching Committee – Strategy Group YES 12 x 540 FF
09.00-18.00 Sycomore ·         Indoor - Working Group - Competitions Committee YES 23 x 540 FF
·         Competitions Committee
09.00-12.00 Flamboyant Umpiring Committee NO 17 – Prix de la salle + coffee break
09.00-18.00 Hibiscus Equipment Committee YES 15 x 540 FF
09.00-12.00 ?????? Medical Committee NO 10 – Prix de la salle + coffee break
09.00-12.00 Sequoia Media & Public Relations Committee NO 12 – Prix de la salle + coffee break
15.00-16.15 18th Floor ·         Foundation NO 12 – Prix de la salle + coffee break
Himalaya But a dinner
16.30-20.00 ·         President’s Forum
Wednesday 22/11
09.00-12.00 Magnolia D.C.C. Group Coaching 12
09.00-12.00 Acajou D.C.C. Group Education and 10
09.00-12.00 Merisier D.C.C. Group Promotion Youth Hockey 10
12.3 LUNCH with all the D.C.C. sub-committees YES 24 peoples x 540 FF
14.00-18.00 Cèdre Plenary D.C.C. YES 24 – Prix de la salle + coffee break
09.00-18.00 Sequoia + Cyprès Seminar - Competitions Committee YES 40 x 540 FF
09.00-18.00 To be determined Athletes Panel YES 8 x 540 FF
10.00-18.00 Flamboyant Executive Board YES 12 x 540 FF
Thursday 23/11
08.00-18.00 Cèdre D.C.C. – Workshop Continental Year of the Youth coordinators YES 10 x 540 FF
09.00-18.00 Séquoia + Cyprès Council YES 50 x 540 FF
10.00-18.00 ???? Pitch manufacturers meeting YES 30 x 540 FF
Friday 24/11
10.00-11.00 ????? Treasurers Continental Hockey Federations NO 8 personnes
12.30-16.30 Les Roches Pourpres + extension Open Forum Buffet + coffee break (afternoon) 100 – Prix de la salle **
« Hockey vision 2000 and beyond »
20 ? Official dinner At the FFH charge +/- 350 – 400
Saturday 25/11
09.00-18.00 Baïkal + Victoria Congress Lunch Max. 300 x 540 FF **
+ coffee break morning and afternoon
Sunday 26/11 To be confirmed 50
09.00-13.00 Sequoia + Cyprès ·         Council 50 – Prix de la salle + coffee break
·         Executive Board

** Price of hiring room - coffee-break and lunch for an eventual sponsoring

Congrès 2000 - Paris - novembre 2000

Update 09/08/2000

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