FIH Congress will see
new president elected
The International Hockey Federations upcoming Congress will officially see the end of an era. As he has already stated, Etienne Glichitch, FIH President since 1984, will not be standing for re-election.    The successor to the long-serving Glichitch, who was also FIH Hon. Secretary General from 1966 to 1984, will be one of three candidates; Mr. Juan Angel Calzado of Spain, Mr. Alain Danet of France or Mr. Antonio von Ondarza of Venezuela. The FIHs bi-annual Statutory Congress will take place on 16th November 1996 at the Hilton Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. During the morning session, elections will take place for President, seven Vice-Presidential seats and 15 or possibly 16 Council seats (the actual number depends on the results of the preceding votes).
Following the elections, the Congress continues in the afternoon with an "Open Forum," during which FIH representatives will present "Hockey -- the Road to the 21st Century". The result of extensive research and the FIHs increased efforts to promote and market the sport, this multi-faceted programme focuses on the future of hockey.
Areas to be covered during the Open Forum are development, media and communication issues, marketing and commercial opportunities as well as a new top-level competition, the World Hockey Series, now in development.
The FIH Congress and Open Forum are open to members of the media. Those covering the Congress are also invited to attend the Congress lunch at 1.00 pm. Please contact Mary Coyle, FIH Communications Manager, to confirm your attendance

The Candidates

The three candidates for FIH President are:
Mr. Juan Angel Calzado Spain
Mr. Alain Danet France
Mr. Antonio Von Ondarza Venezuela

The nine candidates for seven Vice-Presidential positions are:
Brig. (Retired) Mansoor H. Atif Pakistan
HRH Sultan Azlan Shah Malaysia
Mr. Peter L. Cohen Australia
Mr. Hardial Singh Kenya
Mrs. Anita Manning Ireland
Mrs. Rosa de Massa Argentina
Mr. Antonio Von Ondarza Venezuela (if not elected President)
Mr. Patrick G. Ryan Australia
Mr. Theodorus Ykema Netherlands

Council Members

There are 15 (or possibly 16) Council Seats vacant. (If Mr. Alain Danet were to be elected President, his current seat on the Council would then be up for election.)

The 30 candidates for the FIH Council are:
Mrs. Joke Bougon France
Mrs. Jacqueline Coutou France
Mrs. Annabel Ess Singapore
Mrs. Zabo Gazymova Tajikistan
Miss Ingeborg Gruener Austria
Mrs. Anita Manning Ireland (if not previously elected vice-president)
Mrs. Nagina Radjabov Tajikistan
Ms. Brenda Read England
Mr. Serguei Chechenkov Russia
Mr. Peter L. Cohen Australia (if not previously elected vice-president)
Mr. Georges Corbel France
Mr. Lazar Enciu Romania
Mr. Valeri Faizollabekov Tajikstan
Mr. Josť A. Ferreira de Oliveira Portugal
Mr. K.P.S. Gill India
Mr. Carlos Hernandez Mexico
Mr. Steve Jaspan Republic of South Africa
Mr. Elias Kazakopoulos Greece
Mr. Michael Krause Germany
Mr. Djamshed Malikov Tajikstan
Mr. Sergio Melaiv Italy
Mr. Shim, Jae Won Korea
Mr. Gamal Shirazi Egypt
Mr. Muneyoshi Ueda Japan
Mr. Kovtun Vladen Ukraine
Mr. Jan Vymazal Czech Republic
Mr. Hendrik Westerlaken Netherlands
Mr. Alan Woods USA
Mr. Theodorus Ykema Netherlands
Mr. Ivo Zlatar Croatia