1996 FIH Highlights Video
to feature Olympic action
The FIH 1996 World Hockey Highlights video -- featuring top men's and women's Olympic action -- is currently under production and is scheduled for a December release. ?? It is once more being produced by API Television and in co-operation with AstroTurf, whose sponsorship will again allow for the distribution of a number of complimentary copies. The FIH received very positive feedback on the 1995 video, as well as numerous letters of thanks from those who received tapes.

Those interested in placing an order for the 1996 video can contact the FIH in Brussels at +32 2 219 4537 (phone) or at 32 2 219 2761 (fax). And there is a small supply of the 1995 Hockey Highlights video available at $8 each (PAL format only). Orders can be placed through the same numbers.