Athletes on Committees
Form athletes panel

The FIH will now be able to get valuable opinions about the governing of international hockey from individuals very close to the game recently-retired players.

During its 25th September meeting in Milton Keynes, the FIH Council approved the addition of one former athlete to each of the FIH Committees. As a group, they will form an FIH Athletes' Panel that will have a spokesperson reporting to Council as needed, or as requested by Council.

The appointees, who will serve four-year-terms, must have played for their national team and have been a player within the past two years. Following are the athletes that have been appointed and their respective committees:

    Competitions: Jill Atkins, England
    Umpiring: Barbara Marois, USA
    Equipment: Michele van Oost, Belgium
    Medical: Carsten Fisher, Germany (previously appointed)
    Rules Advisory Panel: Liane Tooth, Australia, Pargat Singh, India
    Development & Coaching: Floris Jan Bovelander, Netherlands
    Marketing & Promotion: David Agius, Malta

National Associations were asked to submit nominations for consideration by the FIH.

following requests last year from the FIH Council that athletes be appointed to FIH Committees.