Statutes redraft
The recommendations of a special working party formed earlier in the year to examine certain areas of FIH practice, including the Federations statutes and bye-laws, has resulted in a number of decisions and changes. ??

On the recommendation of the working party, the FIH statutes and bye-laws have recently been redrafted to ensure they are legally binding for athletes participating in FIH events. They have also been revised to improve ease of understanding, both in terms of content and presentation. The FIH Council will review the redraft at its May meeting.

The highlights of recommendations accepted by Council include:

Passports Previously, there had been no ruling regarding junior players holding two or more passports.

It has been recommended that junior players holding a valid passport for two or more countries may choose to represent one of these countries only. However, while a junior, the player may choose to represent another country with the approval of the FIH Council, or if time does not permit, with the approval of the FIH Executive Board.

Having represented a selected country at junior level, the player may not then represent another country at senior level unless he or she fulfills the requirements applicable to senior level players wishing to represent a different country.

An athlete who has represented a country at senior level and who has changed nationality or acquired new nationality may not represent the new country for three years after the date of change of nationality, unless:

For Olympic Games he/she has the prior written approval of the NOC, the FIH and the Executive Board of the IOC, and

For other international hockey tournaments and matches he/she has the prior written approval of the concerned National Associations and the FIH.

FIH Committees Committee appointments will be made from the proposals sent by National Association and in consultation with the Continental Federations. Appointments will be for four years. This will be in effect from the Committees appointed after the 1998 FIH Congress. In the first year, Council will decide which appointments will be for four years and which will be for two.

Athletes panel The recommendation that former athletes be appointed to FIH committees and form an Athletes Panel was previously approved, as were the nominees.

Continental Federations Statutes and bye-laws will be amended to ensure that a National Association cannot be admitted to membership of either the FIH or a Continental Federation without simultaneously being admitted to the other. The same should apply in the case of suspension.

Congress Candidates for election will be given the opportunity to address Congress for up to one minute. A summary of credentials will be circulated in advance.