FIH Council nominations for open posts ???

Candidates for election to positions on the FIH council may be submitted by National Associations to the FIH Secretary General in Brussels until 30 January 1998.

Outgoing members of the Council for re-election in 1998 are:

Secretary General
Vacancy for the Treasurer


Mudassar Asghar (Pakistan)
Brian Bremner (New Zealand)
Peter Crane (England)
Alain Danet (France)
Douglas Grey (Ireland)
Eduardo Guelfand (Argentina)
Robert Lycke (Belgium)
Leandro Negre (Spain)
Sue Neill (Canada)
Corinne Pritchard (New Zealand)
Wolfgang Rommel (Germany)
Jerzy Smorawinski (Poland)
Pam Tye (Australia)
Ernie Wall (Scotland)
Kathleen Watson (Jamaica)