New F.I.H. Development and Coaching Committee makes a good start

The recently-restructured Development and Coaching Committee, now a year old, has established itself with a clear mission. With the approving support of the FIH Executive Board and Council, which both responded positively to the Committees recent progress report on its first six months activities, the DCC will next endeavour to establish its more specific action plans.

In its first meetings, in Kuala Lumpur and Milton Keynes, the committee discussed the similarities and differences in hockey development on the five continents. This exchange gave all committee members a better understanding of the global situation, and resulted in a position paper, and the DCCs "mission statement":

    "The mission of the DCC is to further and promote the development of hockey in the world in terms of participation (quantity), level of playing (quality), organisational and physical infra-structure, educational programmes, resources and position on the international sports scene."

The DCC has created five inter-continental groups and task forces to prepare and implement policy in specific areas. The groups include a: General Strategy Group, a Coaching Operations Group (courses, seminars, certification, printed and video coaching materials), and Task Forces for 1) Youth, 2) Promotion, 3) Education and Training (methodology and materials). Close co-operation with other F.I.H. committees has already been initiated.

The DCC will support and facilitate the work of the development committees of the Continental Hockey Federations, which are all represented by mandatory delegates in the DCC. Support to National Hockey Associations will be more "self-help" oriented.

With the Continental Federations, the DCC will develop a 4-Year Plan - to be updated after 2 years and renewed after 4 years. The first 4-Year Plan will be presented for discussion during the 1998 F.I.H. Congress period in Utrecht, Netherlands (World Cups).

The Development and Coaching Committee, logically, is a combination of two previously separate committees. The decision to combine them was made because of the closely-related activities of the two. The DCC is Chaired by Theo Ykema (Netherlands), with Fumio Ogura (Japan) as Secretary responsible for Coaching and Carlos Hernandez (Mexico) as Secretary responsible for Development.