Highlights video available

A perennial favourite, the AstroTurf-sponsored FIH World Hockey Highlights video, is now in production and scheduled for release in January. The 1997 video offers top hockey from the six major FIH events in 1997, along with some late action from 1996.

Featured tournaments include the mens and womens World Cup Qualifiers, the mens and womens Champions Trophies and the mens and womens Junior World Cups. Also in the mix is the 1996 mens Champions Trophy held in Madras, India last December, a little too late to make the 96 video!

"There has been so much top international hockey in 1997 that most fans and players around the world have no opportunity to see, other than on the FIH highlights video," said FIH Communications Manager, Mary Coyle. "We would therefore ask our member associations and our friends in the media to spread the word to clubs, players, viewers and readers, to let them know its available."

World Hockey Highlights is once again being produced by API Television. In addition to hockey action on the pitch, this years production offers viewers interviews with top players and coaches. They are also treated to the local sights and sounds of the many cities on four continents that played host to top hockey this year.

The FIH is grateful for AstroTurfs continuing assistance and co-operation which is instrumental in making this popular video possible. AstroTurfs support will once again enable the FIH to distribute of a number of complimentary copies to our affiliates and other members of the hockey family.

The FIH highlights video is available for purchase at US $15 (10 Sterling) for VHS format and US$20 (12 Sterling) for NTSC format. Orders for the 1997 video should be sent to the FIH office in Brussels by fax - +32 2 219 2761, or by e-mail - [email protected] It is essential that you give all your contact details, including a full name and mailing address, along with the quantity and format of videos you wish to order. The FIH also has available a number the 1995 and 1996 Hockey Highlights videos (PAL format only).