FIH bi-annual Congress
FIH elects Juan Angel Calzado new president, as Etienne Glichitch takes up honorary position. ?? The FIH bi-annual Congress held 16 November 1996 in Brussels, Belgium saw Spain's Juan Angel Calzado elected President, replacing Etienne Glichitch of France who had held the post since 1984. Mr. Calzado, the ninth FIH President, was elected for a four-year term. He officially took over the presidency at the conclusion of the FIH Congress, at which time Mr. Glichitch took up his new role as FIH President of Honour. In his first address to hockey's top administrators gathered from around the world, Mr. Calzado praised his predecessor and then briefly summarised his goals for the future of the FIH. They include:
  • maintaining and consolidating the present structure of the FIH
  • continued improvement of the game's technical aspects
  • improvement of the FIH's financial aspects through sponsorship and television
  • gaining more publicity and exposure for FIH activities
  • more promotion for women's hockey
  • development in countries with little or no activity currently
  • further strengthening relationships between the FIH and continental federations
  • strengthening links with the International Olympic Committee and ASOIF
He further emphasised that these goals will only be met with the help and co-operation of all members of the world hockey family.

With his election to president, the 59-year-old Calzado continues to add to an already long and impressive hockey career both as a player and administrator. He appeared in 52 international matches for Spain, including two Olympic Games, was a part of the bronze medal winning Spanish team in Rome and a member of the Tokyo side which finished fourth.

Mr. Calzado served as FIH Hon. Secretary General for nine years from 1984 to 1993. He began his association with the FIH in 1975 when he became a member of the Technical Committee and the FIH Council, and since 1993, has remained active in FIH affairs as a member of the FIH Foundation and Technical Committee.

Other election results

Other elections held during the Congress saw Anita Manning of Ireland and Peter Cohen of Australia elected as new FIH vice presidents. Other FIH vice presidents re-elected to office were Mansoor Hussain Atif of Pakistan, Rosa de Massa of Argentina, His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah of Malaysia, Hardial Singh of Kenya and Antonio von Ondarza of Venezuela.

Newly-elected Council members were Joke Bougon of France and K.P.S. Gill of India. Council members re-elected were: Serguei Chechenkov of Russia, Annabel Ess of Singapore, Ingeborg Gruner of Austria, Carlos Hernandez of Mexico, Steve Jaspan of South Africa, Michael Krause of Germany, Brenda Read of England, Jae Won Shim of Korea, Gamal Shirazi of Egypt, Muneyoshi Ueda of Japan, Alan Woods of the United States, Theo Ykema of the Netherlands and Ivo Zlatar of Croatia.

Welcome to the Family

The Bahamas Hockey Association's membership in the FIH was approved during the recent FIH Congress, making it the 120th member association and the newest addition to the international hockey family.

Etienne Glichitch becomes FIH President of Honour

After 12 years in office as FIH President, Etienne Glichitch now continues his connection with the world of international hockey as lifetime FIH President of Honour. Mr. Glichitch is only the second person to receive such an honour, the first being the late Jhr. Quarles van Ufford of the Netherlands who served for 20 years as FIH President. As President of Honour, Mr. Glichitch is welcome to attend FIH Council meetings.

Mr. Glichitch spent his last night as FIH president being celebrated by the many members of the world hockey family gathered in Brussels for the Congress, who attended a dinner in his honour. Mr. Glichitch was thanked and praised for his many achievements on behalf of hockey, and in turn, he expressed his gratitude for the support and co-operation he had received throughout his years in office. Mr. Glichitch's wife, Margriet, was awarded the FIH the FIH Order of Merit.

Mrs. Elisabeth Tummers retires, becomes Chief of Protocol

Mrs. Elisabeth Tummers, who served the FIH as head of Administration for more than 27 years, chose the occasion of the recent FIH Congress to begin her retirement. During the gala dinner held the night before the Congress, Mrs. Tummers was honoured for her many contributions to the FIH and international hockey. Along with flowers, gifts and best wishes from all present, Mrs. Tummers received a lengthy standing ovation which clearly demonstrated the entire hockey family's depth of gratitude for her. Mrs. Tummers has now taken up her honorary position as FIH Chief of Protocol which entails serving as liaison between the FIH and member associations on all protocol matters, particularly related to major international tournaments.

Sponsors support the Congress

The FIH wishes to recognise and thank both AstroTurf Manufacturing of Leander, Texas and PB Publications of London, England for their support of a number of Congress-related activities.

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