1996 World Hockey
Highlights video
The 1996 World Hockey Highlights video, completed in January, has made its way around the globe to members of the hockey family and the international sports world. Produced once again in co-operation with AstroTurf, the 1996 video is the first FIH video ever to feature Olympic Games footage.
`The FIH is again proud to work in partnership with AstroTurf's on this very special project,' said FIH Executive Director, Hans Bertels. `We are grateful for their support, which helps us in promoting international hockey in an interesting way.'
`Furthermore, we are most grateful to the International Olympic Committee for allowing the FIH to incorpo- rate footage from the Atlanta Olympic Games,' added Mr. Bertels. `It represents some of the finest television coverage of hockey ever and certainly demonstrates the level of production quality that can be achieved. It has set the standard the FIH is striving for.'
World Hockey Highlights 1996 is the fourth annual FIH video and the second to be produced by API Television of London. Along with Olympic coverage, World Hockey Highlights 1996 features the men's Olympic Qualifier from Spain, men's and women's pre-Olympic tournaments and interviews, as well as the men's and women's World Cup preliminaries.

Additional tapes are available at a cost of (10 for VHS PAL format and 12 for VHS-NTSC format. Requests should be sent directly to FIH offices by fax (+32 2 219.27.61), e-mail ([email protected]) or post (Avenue des Arts 1, Bte. 5, 1210 Brussels, Belgium). If you would like information on special pricing for orders of 50 or more, or if you have questions or comments about the tape, please contact Mary Coyle, FIH Communications Manager.

Special thanks go to the National Associations, the IOC and all those who provided material for the video, and to the Producer, Claire David of API Television.

It's a fact of life -- nobody's perfect, and neither is the FIH. In the recently-released 1996 World Hockey High- lights video, it is stated that there were six teams from the men's World Cup Preliminary held in Cagliari, Italy that qualified for the World Cup Qualifer. In fact, it was only five (much to the dismay of the Italians, who finished sixth). Our aplogies for the error.