Utrecht 1998 - update
?? The 9th World Cups for men and women will take place from 20 May until 1 June 1998 in Utrecht (Holland), and the preparations are in full swing. The Organising Committee is aiming for full stands throughout the tournament, which will be played in two stadiums; the Galgenwaard stadium, capacity 15,000 seats, and the Frockey stadium, capacity 5000 seats.

Tickets for the sideline stand of the Galgenwaard stadium will be marketed as season-tickets only and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Season-tickets give access for 13 days to both stadiums and the surrounding facilities. In total, season-ticket holders can see 84 matches, including semi-finals and finals. The covered stand of the Galgenwaard stadium, available for season tickets, has a capacity of nearly 5000 individual seats, each giving an excellent, unhindered view of the pitch.

Tickets sales began in December 1996 and more than 1000 tickets have already been sold. For the international hockey community, a well located international area has been temporarily reserved. Tickets for individual seats can be bought up until the 15th of March 1997. After that date, non-sold/reserved seats in this area will be sold locally, and only tickets closer to the side of the stand may be available later, if at all. Sale of day-tickets for the stands behind the backlines will start on 1 September 1997.

The price for a timely bought season ticket (Dfl. 450,-) favourably compares with the price of 13 individual day- tickets (Dfl. 570,-) and has the extra advantage of a | reserved seat in the international area. Season tickets for the international area can be ordered NOW, up until 10 March 1997 BY FAX ONLY (+31 - 30 - 65644485 of `World Cup Hockey 1998 c/o KNHB'). For payment, transfer should be made to the account number in the name of `World Cup Hockey 1998', at the Rabobank in Bunnik. To calculate payment, multiply the number of tickets you wish to order by Dfl. 450 and add Dfl. 50 for banking, handling and postage.

No doubt a unique opportunity to see this exciting event at an interesting rate and from an attractive position.