Countries line up to host
upcoming tournaments
?? A number of national associations have expressed their interest in organising upcoming major FIH tournaments. In 1996, all National Associations received letters from the FIH asking their interest in hosting tournaments up to the year 2000. The deadline corresponse was Oct. 10.

Interested coutries then received detailed requirements necessary for them to submit a comprehensive bid. The final submissions are due to the FIH by 31st May 1997.

The submissions will be reviewed by both the FIH Competitions and Marketing and Promotions Committee, who will make recommendations to the FIH Council.

A final decision on which countries will be awarded the tournaments will be made during the FIH Council meeting in September, although a decision on the 1999 events -- the men's and women's Champions Trophy -- may be made during the June Executive Board meeting. An earlier decision may be necessary if those events are scheduled early in the calander year in order to allow sufficient time for organising the tournaments.

Following is a rundown of the tournaments and the countries that wish to host them:

1999 Women's Champions Trophy - Australia, England, Netherlands (only if there are no other candidates), United States.

1999 Men's Champion's Trophy - Australia, Netherlands (only if there are no other candidates).

2000 Men's Champions Trophy - {f=9}Australia, Germany, Netherlands.

Women's Olympic Games Qualifier (late 1999 or early 2000) - China, Germany, Great Britain (England to host) Japan, Netherlands, United States.

Men's Olympic Games Qualifier (late 1999 or early 2000) - Australia, Belgium, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia..

Australia wishes to host only one of the three events it has applied for, and the USA wishes only to host one of the two events it has applied for.