Continental roundups

African Hockey Federation:

The African Hockey Federation reports it is looking forward to an extremely vibrant year. April sees the Africa Junior Cup for both men and women in Harare, Zimbabwe. The winners of each will qualify, respectively, for the men's Junior World Cup in Milton Keynes, England and the women's Junior World Cup in Songnam, Korea, both in September of this year. A number of African Hockey Federation Committees will meet during the tournament, and courses for umpires, coaches and technical officials are being planned.

The Hockey Association of Zimbabwe is busy preparing for its first-ever major FIH tournament, the Women's World Cup Qualifier set for August in Harare. The AHF and the Zimbabwe Association predict it will be a great boost for women's hockey in that country. They also remind us that the women from Zimbabwe were the Gold Medallists at the Moscow Olympics in 1980!

The AHF was greatly honoured when AHF President, Hardial Singh, was selected to pay tribute to retiring FIH President, Etienne Glichitch during the FIH Congress dinner held last November in Brussels.

In December, the AHF sent a donation of hockey sticks and balls to Morocco, Lybia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Malawi to assist in the development of hockey in those countries.

The AHF's development and coaching plan for 1997 includes the organisation of the following courses: Cairo: for participants from Egypt, Lybia and Morocco. Course will be conducted in Arabic. Dar-Es-Salaam: for participants from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi. Windhock: for participants from Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Nigeria and Ghana can choose to participate in either the Namibia or Tanzania course.

Asian Hockey Federation

The 5th Asian Hockey Federation Council Meeting was held in Chennai (Madras), India during the recent men's Champions Trophy. The AHF Council resolved to attempt to achieve the following in 1997; more emphasis on development, improving standard os umpiring, producing quality coaches and encouraging affiliates to participate in tournaments.

Division Two tournaments will be introduced in Asia in 1997, thus providing the opportunity for more Asian countries to be involved in competitive hockey. Teams identified for Division Two are. Men - Brunei, Chinese-Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan and the Philippines; Women - Malaysia, Hong Kong, Chinese-aipei, North Korea, Thailand and Brunei.

Men's and women's hockey will be played in both the 18th South East Asia Games (1997) in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the 13th Asian Games (December 1998) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Of the 15 Olimpic Solidarity courses held in 1996, six were held in Asia. In addition, an FIH Final Coaching Course was held 4-9 December in Chennai (Madras), India Five of the 18 participants were from Asia.

European Hockey Federation

The EHF Development Committee has agreed to a new Zonal structure which it believes will facilitate the delivery of hockey development programmes throughout its member countries. Each of three zones will have a co-ordinator who will organise conferences and discussions among countries in the zones to make decisions about development programmes. The zones and their co-ordinators are: Baltic - Staffan Helgesson of Sweeden, Central/East Europe - Pavel Rosa of Slovakia and Mediterranean - Gianni Rossi of Italy. The strategic areas of concentration to be addressed are: promotion, youth development, coaching, umpire/ technical, country development and creativity.

The European Hockey Federation General Assembly will be held in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday 31st May. Additional information will be circulated by the EHF to its member in late February.

The European Hockey Federation had a busy year in 1996 staging 10 indoor and 21 outdoor events. In addition, the EHF held an umpiring course in Poland in September and and indoor umpires course in Slovakia in December.

Pan American Hockey Federation

By winning both the men's and women's Pan American Junior Championships (qualfiers for the men's and women's Junior World Cups), Argentina continued its remarkable streak of being the only country ever to place first in these events. The first men's competition was held in Mexico City in 1978 and the inaguaral women's competition was in Buenos Aires in 1988.

The PAHF Board of Directors and Committee members held their annual meetings in Caracas in February instead of January, which has been the practice in the past. Competitions and development Committees met 21 February as did the Umpiring and Medical Committees. The Board also held an all-day session on 22 February.

David Radix, president of the Trinidad & Tobago Hockey Federation, died suddenly on 16 December at the age of 48. He was a Director of the Pan American Hockey Federation and a member of the PAHF Competition Committee, as well as being President of his club, Carib. David, an Industrial Relations Manager, leaves a wife, Ava, and a son, Brent.