Special working party established
to examine FIH Statutes and Bye-laws
As a result of feedback received during the recent Presidents Forum meeting in Kuala Lumpur, FIH President Juan Angel Calzado initiated the formulation of a special working party to study the FIH statutes and by-laws, as there are a number of areas of FIH policy and practice which warrant analysis at this time. The meeting was held 17-18 May in Hong Kong at the offices of the Hong Kong Hockey Association. ?? The working party was comprised of members of long experience in hockey, some with legal experience, and representative of all five continents. They are Peter Cohen of Australia, Annabel Ess of Singapore, Wolfgang Rommel of Germany (replacing Michael Krause), Tony von Ondarza of Venezuela and Hardial Singh of Kenya.

After investigating a number of key issues, results of the research and analysis will be reported back to Mr. Calzado, with findings then to be presented to the Executive Board during its June meeting in Berlin. Eventually, if warranted, certain alterations could be recommended to Council as a result.

The International Hockey Federation's Working Party on Statutes and Bye-laws addressed the following areas:

  • The relationship to and applicability of international law.
  • The ruling in respect of players holding two or more passports of different countries affecting eligibility to play for more than one country, senior and junior levels.
  • Requirements to be nominated for FIH Council, duration of the term of office and re-election.
  • The need for those nominated for Committees to be supported by their individual National and Continental Federations. Duration of the term of office for those elected o Committees.
  • The Committee structure, procedure of appointment and Continental representation.
  • Bye-laws affecting Continental Federations.
  • Meetings of the Presidents Forum and attendees.
  • New format and function of the Congress. Changes to election/voting procedures.
  • Advisability of appointing recent ex-international players to Committees.
  • A singular governing body for hockey in each country.