FIH Hon. Treasurer, Phil Appleyard, dies at 74
The International Hockey Federation and the world hockey family suffered a great loss with the recent death of Hon. Treasurer, Phil Appleyard, who died Saturday evening, 16th August, in hospital near his Somerset (England) home. He was 74. ?? An instrumental figure in the FIH, Mr. Appleyard took on the position as FIH Treasurer in 1992 and was also a member of the FIH Executive Board and Presidents' Forum since their establishment in 1994. Previously a member of the FIH Marketing and Promotion Committee, he continued to be active in the Committee's activities. Since 1994, he also served as Hon. Treasurer for the Foundation for the Promotion and Development of Hockey.

Phil Appleyard brought to bear on his role as Treasurer and his involvement with the Marketing and Promotion Committee, his considerable experience in the business world where over the years he was responsible for all aspects of running numerous companies.

The FIH officer was a leading hockey administrator in his own country before moving into the International Federation. Mr. Appleyard had been president of the Hockey Association (England) from 1985 to 1995. He was also the Organising Chairman of the 1986 men's World Cup in London, regarded by many as one of the most successful ever. His hockey playing career included an appearance in his county championships and he was a member of Grimsby Hockey Club from 1947 to 1968. He was team captain from 1949 to 1960.

A former military man, Phil served from 1941 until 1947 and achieved the rank of Major. He then entered banking before joining the family fish business. He went on to become a highly-regarded consultant in the fish industry, and his business affairs enabled him to both live and travel all over the world. His involvement in top hockey administration also saw him travel the world over where he made countless friends and acquaintances while promoting hockey.

Expressing sentiments that are surely felt by all those who knew him, Pam Tye (Australia), Secretary/Treasurer of the Oceania Hockey Federation, remarked: "Phil's continued enthusiasm and spirit is something those who knew him well will always remember. What a tremendous loss to the hockey world at all levels. He is someone who will never be replaced."

Sometimes tough, but always affable and composed, Phil Appleyard was a friend to many and was always ready to help. He will be greatly missed by the International Hockey community. Phil Appleyard is survived by his wife Jill, and daughter Lynne who resides in Australia with her husband and child. To them all, we offer our condolences.