News from Olympic Solidarity
Olympic Solidarity, a branch of the International Olympic Committee, has enjoyed fruitful colla-boration with the International Federations in the past and it is the wish of the new director of Olympic Solidarity, Mr. Pere Miro, to continue such activities and increase co-operation in the future. ?? The principal task of Olympic Solidarity is to organise aid to the NOCs and in particular, those with the greatest need. The funds of Olympic Solidarity come from the share of the Olympic TV revenue designated for National Olympic Committees, and Olympic Solidarity is responsible for distributing these funds to NOCs through various assistance programmes. Most of these programmes have an important impact on sport and, for this reason, the International Federations have an essential role to play in their development and implementation.

In addition to these general programmes, the IOC decided in 1986 to contribute, through Olympic Solidarity, to the development activities of the International Federations. A special budget was made available to be administered by Olympic Solidarity in direct collaboration with the International Federations for the organisation of joint programmes.

In view of this and after the approval of the IOC Executive Board, there are two possibilities for clear co-operation for the next four-year period:

  1. Indirect co-operation through Olympic Soli-darity programmes in favour of the National Olympic Committees.
  2. Direct co-operation through the Olympic Solidarity IF development programme.

Olympic Solidarity Programmes in favour of the NOCs

Olympic Solidarity will administer a total budget of US$121 million which will be used over the four-year period to implement various programmes at the request of the National Olympic Committees. Some programmes will have a particular impact on the International Federations since they are specifically designed to promote the development of sport and offer financial assistance to both athletes and coaches towards their future sporting careers.

Technical Sports Courses

In 1996, 474 technical courses were organised by the NOCs in 28 different sports and covering five continents. For 1997, 12 courses for hockey were planned.

Olympic Solidarity would like to renew their request to the International Federations to assist with the nomination of experts for these courses, to ensure a high level of technical expertise and feel confident that the organisation courses is properly coordinated in collaboration with the National Federations. Moreover, Olympic Solidarity will seek the advice of the International Federations concerning the types, level and other details of courses being requested.

Olympic Scholarships for Coaches

This programme is offered to coaches from developing countries to improve their skills and to become familiar with the latest training systems. Taking into account experience gained during the administration of this programme which has been in operation since 1990, Olympic Solidarity has decided to modify the system as from 1st January 1998 offering more flexible possibilities:

  • specific training courses organised either at high level training centres abroad or directly by the International Federations;
  • internship with high level coaches abroad or with foreign clubs which have achieved a certain level of success at international level;
  • missions of high level coaches in some developing countries for extended periods.
Here again Olympic Solidarity would like to ask the International Federations for their expert assistance in the development of this programme.

In conclusion, for every developing hockey country the possibility exists to organise a technical course for their trainers, coaches, umpires managers, administrators, etc subsidised by Olympic Solidarity. The only action required by your National Hockey Association is to make sure that your National Olympic Committee asks authorisation of Olympic Solidarity to host a course. The F.I.H. is very much prepared to support your request to your NOC, if required.