Recommendations received
from special committee
???? A special ad hoc committee created to study certain aspects of the FIH Statutes and Bye-laws, met on 17-18 May in Hong Kong under the chairmanship of Peter Cohen of Australia. In what was described by the participants as a constructive and co-operative meeting, the committee examined a number of areas including:
  • The relationship to and applicability of international law.
  • The ruling in respect of players holding two or more passports of different countries affecting eligibility to play for more than one country, senior and junior levels.
  • Nomination to FIH Council, requirements, duration of term of office and re-election.
  • Support for FIH Committee members from National and Continental Federations. Duration of the term of office.
  • Committee structure, procedure of appointment and Continental representation.
  • Bye-laws affecting Continental Federations.
  • Meetings of the Presidents Forum and attendees.
  • New format and function of the Congress. Changes to election/voting procedures.
While some areas were deemed to be satisfactory in their current state, a number of recommendations for change were presented and discussed during the June Executive Board meeting in Berlin. These will now be taken up in the September Council meeting in Milton Keynes, England, with special attention to be paid to possible changes in FIH Statues and Bye Laws. Any changes subsequently recommended will finally be decided on during the next FIH Congress set for May 1998 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Special thanks go to the Hong Kong Hockey Association for its assistance in organising and hosting the meeting.