Continental Roundups
???? African Hockey Federation

  • The Egyptian Hockey Federation is planning a memorial game to honour popular Olympic and World Cup umpire, Dr. Ayman Amin - who was recently killed in a car accident - for his contributions to hockey and society. The game will be played in October in Cairo, his home town, at the beginning of the National League season.
  • Pakistan's Shahbaz Ahmed and top international umpire Peter von Reth of the Netherlands were among those that participated in a match to celebrate the retirement of Gamal Fawzi, former Olympian and captain of the Egyptian national team. Barcelona club, with Shabaz in its line up, faced a team comprised from the Egypt Air and Sharkia clubs, the latter a team formerly captained by Fawzi. The game was played in Fawzi's home town of Zagazik, but he currently lives in Spain where he coaches the Barcelona club.
  • The South African Under 21 women's team, which includes two players from the national squad, made an historic first visit to Korea where it participated in the Women's Junior World Cup in Seongnam. At the same time, the men's national team made its first ever visit to Russia.
  • World Cup preparations for the Egyptian Under 21 side included training in the Netherlands and then a Junior Men's 8 Nations tournament in Poznan, Poland. The respective national associations and the African Hockey Federation are hopeful these young men's and women's teams will demonstrate the abundant talent that exists on the Continent of Africa.
  • The South African Hockey Association is considering expanding its National Hockey League for both men and women, currently a single round league, into a double round with home and away matches.
  • The South African Hockey Association now has a web site. The address is:, and the association's e-mail address is: [email protected].

Asian Hockey Federation

South East Asia Games -- Indonesia's first synthetic hockey pitch, being installed in Jakarta, was scheduled to be ready in September and will serve as the venue for the hockey competition during the 1997 South East Asia Games, 9-18 October. Men's and women's teams from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand will compete.

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, President of the Asian Hockey Federation, and P. Alagendra, AHF Secretary General, paid a visit to the stadium in early August. Rajkumar Singh, President of the Indonesian Hockey Association, believes this will mark a new era in the development and promotion of hockey in Indonesia.

Asian Games -- All arrangements to have two hockey stadiums in Bangkok, Thailand for the 1998 Asian Games have been finalised. Men's and women's hockey will be among the 36 sports in the Games.

Commonwealth Games -- Jan Field (South Africa) has been appointed as Tournament Director for the women's hockey competition at the 1998 Commonwealth Games taking place in September 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The women's competition will be held in the Pantai stadium, while the men's competition will be held at the Bukit Jalil Stadium, venue for the 9th Men's World Cup Qualifier held in March. More features and facilities have been added to the stadium since then.

Airikh honoured -- A rare and high honour has been paid to Mr. Eduard Airikh, a prominent Kazakstan hockey coach. On 30th May, a street in the capital city of Almaty was named after him and a plaque commemorating his achievements has also been installed in the house where he lived. Mr. Airikh was the founder of the Kazakstan Hockey Federation and was also renowned as a leading coach of the popular Russian and Kazakstan game, bandy. He was coach of the USSR national hockey team from 1975 to 1986 and his club team, Dynamo Almaty, were USSR champions 19 times since 1965.

Foreign coaches -- To help improve playing standards, several countries in Asia are acquiring the services of hockey coaches from other countries. The inevitable result will be improvement in both the standards and popularity of the game, according to the AHF.

Development encouraged -- Asian countries are being encouraged to participate in FIH and AHF courses and seminars. Asia had a meaningful representation at the FIH Final Coaching Course taking place during the men's Junior World Cup. Afghanistan, Myanmar and Nepal have indicated that steps are being taken to revive hockey in those countries.

European Hockey Federation

European Hockey Federation elections were held during the 15th EHF General Assembly on 31st May in Cardiff, Wales (results can be found on page 9). During the Assembly, EHF President, Alain Danet, announced the launch of the European Youth Trophy, to be played for the first time in 1999. The event will be held for under 16 and under 18 boys and girls, and will be played at Easter.

The EHF Development Committee, in conjunction with SportWays and the host associations, ran very successful Youth Camps in Kalmar, Sweden and Venice, Italy.

The Israel Hockey Association and the now joint Welsh Hockey Union were unanimously accepted as new members of the EHF.

Oceania Hockey Federation

Australia -- This summer the senior men's team toured Europe playing in the Panasonic Masters 4 Nation tournament in Hamburg, Germany and then a three-test series against England.

The Women's Senior Youth Team, which provides opportunities for a number of players to gain international experience, had some tremendous results in recent matches against the German, Chinese and New Zealand national teams. They capped this off by winning the Korea Telecom Cup, a six nations tournament.

The Arafura Games, a festival of sport including nations from the Arafura Sea region, were played in Darwin in May. Twenty seven sports, including hockey as well as some peculiar to the region, are played over eight days. The men's competition was won by the Northern Territory while the women's was captured by the Australian Country women's team.

Fiji -- Modern sports facilities are being constructed in Suva as Fiji gears up to host the 2003 South Pacific Games. A synthetic hockey pitch, considered crucial for the further development of hockey in the Pacific Islands, is included in the plans. A site has been identified and funding and supplier options are now being examined.

A successful Olympic Solidarity coaching course was held in Suva with New Zealander, Mrs. Pat Barwick - an FIH Coach - serving as course conductor. In support of the course, the Oceania Hockey Federation organised an umpires' coaching and assessment course with Lyn Farrell, a New Zealand international umpire, as its presenter. The courses were held in conjunction with one of Fiji's major provincial tournaments.

American Samoa -- The first 11-a-side hockey league has begun on the island. The Oceania Hockey Federation has provided a full set of goal-keeping equipment to the American Samoa Field Hockey Association.

New Zealand -- A very successful Olympic Solidarity course was held in mid-June with Carina Benninga and Boudewijn Castelijn, both of the Netherlands, as joint presenters.

Oceanina joins with every other hockey federation in the world in offering condolences to Phil Appleyard's wife, Jill. The couple frequently visited that part of the world to visit their daughter who lives in Australia. He knew the many great things happening here and offered sound advice with enormous understanding and sensitivity to the peculiar needs of the region.

Pan American Hockey Federation

Technical Seminar held -- The Pan American Hockey Federation conducted a very successful Technical Seminar in late June in Caracas, Venezuela. The objective of the seminar, which spanned three days and attracted 64 attendees from 15 countries, was to exchange views on how to improve the standards of hockey through a more complete understanding of the roles of coach, player, umpire and Tournament Director.

Players, umpires, coaches, tournament directors, PAHF Board members and top administrators took part in the seminar that allowed for much interaction and exchange of opinion. A set of recommendations was compiled and will be forwarded to the PAHF Committees for implementation. The report will be discussed at length by the Board and committees to further improve the game and the personnel in the Americas.

Speakers included: Bev Johnson (USA), Roger St. Rose (Trinidad), Janet Ellis (Canada), Patrick Burrows (Canada), Horacio Servetto (Argentina), Alan Waterman (Canada), Jose Ignaciao (Venezuela), Daniel Grant (Chile), Pat Williams (Jamaica), Dafyd Herman (Bermuda), along with others who sat on discussion panels. The main organisers were: Sue Neill (Canada), Bogdan Matuszewski (USA), Peter Porritt (Canada) and Judy McCrae (Canada).

The project was supported in great part by development funds made available through the FIH Development Committee, and for this the PAHF is grateful.

Equipment seminar held -- Also in June, the second North American Equipment Seminar, organised by PAHF Director Alan Woods, was held in Philadelphia. More than 30 manufacturers took part with presentations being given by Brenda Read (Secretary, FIH Equipment Committee), Jen Shillingford (President, USFHA), Aaron Sher (FIH Marketing & Promotion Committee), and Jack Kelly (President API Atlanta).

The PAHF Board earlier this year approved the establishment of an Americas Cup which will begin in 1998. The Competitions Committee is now finalising plans for the men's and women's events to be held every four years. Three regional qualifying tournaments will be held in the inaugural year, and will be open to all PAHF member associations. The top two countries from each region will compete in the finals to be held in 1999.

News items included in this section are provided by the individual Continental Federations.