News from our members
     The Federacion Chilena de Hockey recently elected: Pedro O'Ryan, President; Joop Alberts, Secretary; Jorge Thiermann, Treasurer; Miguel Maldonado and Gonzalo Leyton, Directors.

The Ferderacion Cubana de Hockey earlier this year elected the following officers as its Executive Board for the period 1997-2001: José M. González Cortina, President; Eduardo Batista Sánchez, Vice President; Guillermo Stakerman González, Secretary General; Bernabé Garcia Guerrero, Treasurer. Members: Luis F. Sánchez Torres, Alex Hernández Gómez, Amado Amoros Nodal, Juan Ríos Alvarez and Rafael Pérez Valdés.

During the European Hockey Federation's 15th General Assembly held in late May in Cardiff, Wales, the following were re-elected: Claire Peeters-Monseau (BEL), Vice-President; Leandro Negre (ESP), Vice President and David Balbirnie (IRL), Hon. General Secretary. Re-elected as ordinary members were: Marianne Kooijman-Bernard (NED); Martin Gotheridge (ENG) and Alistair Gray (ECO). Elected as new ordinary members were: Pavel Rosa (SVK) and Sergio Melai (ITA).

The Guyana Hockey Board of Control recently elected: Paul Archer, President; Samuel Roberts and Philip Vandeyar, Vice Presidents; Edward Richmond, Secretary; Karne Gomez, Treasurer and Gregory Sills, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

The Jamaica Men's Hockey Association recently elected: Mark Lindsay, President and Anthony Predergast, Secretary.

Muneyoshi Ueda was elected president of the Japan Hockey Association at its 7th General Assembly held in June. Mr. Ueda is a member of the FIH Executive Board.

Akhtar Rasool Chaudhary was elected as president of the Pakistan Hockey Federation during the 62nd meeting of the PHF Council held in late August in Lahore. The vacancy was created by the resignation of Nawaz Taiwana. Mr. Akhtar Rasool is a former Olympian and captained the national team. He is Chairman, Sports Board Punjab and Advisor to the Chief Minister of Punjab on Sports. Before his election as president, he was senior vice president of the PHF.

Elton Prescott, former Hon. General Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Hockey Federation and currently Hon. General Secretary of his country's Olympic Committee, has been appointed to the Pan American Hockey Federation Board of Directors.

The Trinidad & Tobago Women's Hockey Association recently elected Diane de la Rosa, Secretary.

The Federacion Uruguaya de Hockey Sobre Cesped in July elected the following officers to serve for the period 1997-1999: Hugo E. Canclini, President; Carlos Stanham, Vice President; Raúl Tapié, Vice President; Mónica Dambolena, Secretary; Pedro Carrau, Treasurer; Diego Seré and Ricardo Castillo, Assistant Secretaries. It is also reported the Uruguay's first synthetic surface is under construction.

The Venezuelan Hockey Federation recently elected: René Granat, President; Bryan Copland, Vice President; Jose Huerta, General Secretary and Karin Torrea, Tresurer.