News from the Committees
???? Competitions Committee

The FIH Competitions Committe, in conjunction with the Marketing & Promotion Committee recently made recommendations to Council for host countries for upcoming events. The following tournaments were awarded during the 25th September Council meeting in Milton Keynes, England:

Men's Olympic Games Qualifier (2000):
Osaka, Japan

Women's Olympic Games Qualifier (2000):

Great Britain (England to organise)

1999 Champions Trophy, men's & women's events:
Brisbane, Australia

2000 Champions Trophy, men:
Amstelveen, Netherlands

The updated FIH tournament regulations that went into effect 1st September included in them amended regulations for determining rankings in pools during internations events. If at the end of pool play, two or more teams have the same number of points, the following is now the order of criteria used to determine which team should be ranked first: number of matches won, goal difference, goals for, result of match between (only) the teams involved, and if still necessary, a penalty stroke competition. Previously, the order was: number of matches won, result of match between (only) the teams involved, goals for, goal difference and penalty stroke competition

Development & Coaching Committee

An FIH Final Coaching Course was held 15-20 September in Milton Keynes, England during the Junior World Cup for men. Invitations to participate were sent to coaches who were highly recommended and have qualified for participation in a previous FIH course. In addition, National Associations are permitted to nominate qualified coaches from within their association. There were 17 participants representing 12 countries.

Participants will be assessed by the course conductors -- Brian Glencross of Australia and Roeland Oltmans of the Netherlands, both FIH Master Coaches -- and can potentially be recommended for appointment as FIH Certified Coach or FIH Coach Grade 1. In exceptional cases, this can be followed by an appointment as FIH Master Coach. Course co-ordinator is Tayab Ikram, FIH Grade 1 Coach.

In addition to lectures, presentations, practical session, video analysis and analysis of matches during the Junior World Cup, all participants are required to submit a written report on a coaching topic which will then be presented during the course.

Twenty participants attended a successful FIH Coaching course held during the Women's World Cup Qualifier in Harare, Zimbabwe. The course was conducted by Ms. Riet Kuper from the Netherlands, an FIH Master Coach, and Mr. Santiago Cortes of Spain, also an FIH Master Coach.

Equipment Committee

The Equipment Committee conducted a player survey during the Women's Champions Trophy in June in Berlin. Using this information along with data gathered from a similar survey taken during the men's World Cup Qualifier in March in Malaysia, additional research and extensive discussion, the committee has drafted proposals for the regulation of hockey sticks. The proposals have been forwarded to the Executive Board for its consideration.

A quarterly update of FIH approved products is available from the FIH office in Brussels. The last update was 1st October.

World Cups - At the end of May, a delegation from the Equipment Committee visited the site of the 1998 World Cups in Utrecht and the National Sports Foundation Laboratory in Papendal to discuss arrangements for the installation of the playing surfaces for the World Cup.

Sydney 2000 - Consultations are taking place with the Sydney organisers regarding facilities for the 2000 Olympic Games. Areas being addressed include FIH approval for the playing surface, its colour, overrun areas and requirements for the technical area.

In November, the Committee intends to hold an appraisal and planning meeting with representatives from FIH test laboratories to consider performance standards for synthetic surfaces, new product development, stick tests, protective equipment and other areas.

FIH President, Juan Angel Calzado adds that the FIH is working closely with synthetic surface manufacturers to develop and introduce low-cost surfaces which he believes will have a great impact on the growth and development of hockey around the world.

Marketing & Promotion Committee

Guidelines for the implementation of advertising on field-of-play run off have been drafted and submitted to the FIH Competitions and Equipment Committees for discussion and comment in their respective meetings. After receiving comments/feedback from all relevant parties, a final draft will be submitted to the Executive Board for its approval.

The FIH Marketing Requirements for major tournaments were recently revised and approved by the Executive Board in its June meeting. The updated requirements allow for the FIH logo badge to be worn by players and umpires during major FIH events. Implementation guidelines are being drafted.

A meeting will be held in November between the FIH, API Television, the KNHB and Dutch TV station NOS to discuss television production of the 1998 World Cups.

Tournament results for major FIH events are being posted daily during the event on the FIH web site. Net surfers could find results from the Women's World Cup Qualifier in Zimbabwe and the Women's Junior World Cup in Korea. Results were also posted daily during the Men's Junior World Cup in England and will be for the Men's Champions Trophy in Australia.

Medical Committee: No news at this time.

Umpiring Committee

The first International Umpire Managers' Seminar will be held 28th-30th November in London. The seminar will stress certain skills necessary to be an effective and successful Umpires Manager. Topics will include: tournament preparation, coaching skills, use of video, relationship with Tournament Directors, personnel management, problem areas, diet and fitness, and other crucial areas. The FIH will cover participants' hotel and food costs while National Associations are being asked to assist by covering travel costs. For additional information, contact the FIH office in Brussels.