The Champions Trophy at a glance
???? The Champions Trophy is the International Hockey Federation's premier annual men's tournament as it brings together the world's top six teams. It was established in 1978 by the FIH to promote top international hockey, and was based in part on a proposal from the Pakistan Hockey Federation. Because of their role in initiating the tournament, a formal regulation dictates that the event be held in Pakistan at least once every three years.

A women's Champions Trophy was added to the schedule of FIH events in 1987 and is a bi-annual competition.

Both the men's and women's events are six-team, one-pool, round-robin competitions followed by a final classification play-off to determine placings. Qualification for the six teams which take part in the Champions Trophy, both the men's and the women's, is based on the following:

  • Olympic Gold Medal winners
  • World Cup Holders
  • Current Champions Trophy Holders
  • Host
  • Remaining teams to complete field of six are those in order of finish in the Olympic Games or World Cup (excluding the above teams), whichever event is more recent
The participating teams for the 1997 men's Champions Trophy and how they qualified are as follows:


Olympic Gold Medal winners Atlanta, USA 1996), and Current Champions Trophy holders (Madras, India 1996)




World Cup (Sydney, Australia 1994)


Based on 2nd place finish in Atlanta Olympic Games


Based on 4th place finish in Atlanta Olympic Games


Based on 5th place finish in Atlanta Olympic Games

The 19th Men's Champions Trophy, is scheduled for 11-19 October 1997 in Adelaide, Australia marking the third time Australia has hosted the event.

The 20th men's Champions Trophy is scheduled for November 1998 in Pakistan. Qualifying for the 20th Men's Champions Trophy will be: Olympic Gold Medal winners, World Cup Holders, Current Champions Trophy Holders, Host and the remaining teams will be the highest finishing teams (excluding the above) from the 1998 men's World Cup scheduled for May in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Previous Results

1978 Lahore (PAK):
1. PAK, 2.AUS, 3.GBR, 4.NZL, 5. ESP
1980 Karachi (PAK):
1.PAK, 2.GER, 3.AUS, 4.NED, 5.IND, 6.ESP 7.GBR
1981 Karachi (PAK):
1.NED, 2.AUS, 3.GER, 4.PAK, 5.ESP, 6.ENG
1982 Amsterdam (NED):
1.NED, 2.AUS, 3.IND, 4.PAK, 5.GER, 6.URS
1983 Karachi (PAK):
1.AUS, 2.PAK, 3.GER, 4.IND, 5.NED, 6.NZL.
1984 Karachi (PAK):
1.AUS, 2.PAK, 3.GBR, 4.NED, 5.NZL, 6.ESP
1985 Perth (AUS):
1.AUS, 2.GBR, 3.GER, 4.PAK, 5.NED, 6.IND
1986 Karachi (PAK):
1.GER, 2.AUS, 3.PAK, 4.GBR, 5.IND, 6.NED
1987 Amsterdam (NED):
1.GER,2.NED,3.AUS,4.GBR, 5.ARG, 6.ESP, 7.PAK, 8.URS
1988 Lahore (PAK):
1.GER, 2.PAK, 3.AUS, 4.URS, 5.ESP, 6.GBR.
1989 Berlin (GER):
1.AUS, 2.NED, 3.GER, 4.PAK, 5.GBR, 6.IND
1990 Melbourne (AUS):
1.AUS, 2.NED, 3.GER, 4.PAK, 5.URS, 6.GBR
1991 Berlin (GER):
1.GER, 2.PAK, 3.NED, 4.AUS, 5.GBR, 6.URS
1992 Karachi (PAK):
1.GER, 2.AUS, 3.PAK, 4.NED, 5.GBR, 6.FRA
1993 Kuala Lumpur (MAS):
1.AUS, 2.GER, 3.NED, 4.PAK, 5.ESP, 6. MAS
1994 Lahore (PAK):
1.PAK, 2.GER, 3.NED, 4.AUS, 5.ESP, 6. GBR
1995 Berlin (GER):
1.GER, 2.AUS, 3.PAK, 4.NED, 5.IND, 6. ENG
1996 Madras (IND):
1.NED, 2.PAK, 3.GER, 4.IND, 5.ESP, 6. AUS