FIH opens bids for upcoming tournaments

Having confirmed its new FIH Global Competition structure, the FIH is now calling for letters of intention from National Associations interested in hosting one or more FIH World Level events.

Interested NA's have been asked to inform the FIH on/or before the 20 December 1998, deadline, whether they intend to bid to host and organise one or more of the available FIH events taking place between 2000 and 2003.

Associations expressing an intention to bid for one or more events will - by the end of this year - receive the appropriate information regarding the technical, financial, marketing, media and protocol requirements for FIH tournaments. A final bid file, covering all aspects of tournament organisation, should reach the FIH offices on/or before the 15 February 1999, deadline.

All application files will be considered by FIH Technical and Marketing, Media and Financial Experts, and the selection of the respective host countries will be made by the FIH Executive Board during its meeting of 11 March 1999.

Along with the call for letters of intention to bid, the FIH has distributed to is member associations a summary of the main decisions made by the FIH Council which have resulted in amendments to tournament hosting terms, including financial responsibilities.

The following FIH tournaments are open for hosting bids:

  • 2000: Women's Champions Trophy (the Men's Champions Trophy for 2000 has previously been awarded to the Netherlands);
  • 2001: Men's World Cup Qualifier, Women's World Cup Qualifier, Men's Champions Trophy, Men's Champions Challenge, Women's Champions Trophy, Women's Champions Challenge, Men's Junior World Cup, Women's Junior World Cup;
  • 2002: Men's World Cup, Women's World Cup, Men's Champions Trophy; Women's Champions Trophy;
  • 2003 - Men's Champions Trophy, Men's Champions Challenge, Women's Champions Trophy, Women's Champions Challenge (the Olympic Qualifying tournaments for men and women will also take place in 2003, but bids will be accepted after the Sydney Olympic Games).

The Men's & Women's Qualifying Tournaments for the XXVIIIth Olympic Games (2004) will have to be organised at the end of the year 2003. The bid procedure for these events will begin after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, but National Associations are welcome to express their intentions immediately if they are interested in bidding for these events.