Marketing Advisor appointed

Adrien Vanden Eede, formerly the President of the Belgian Olympic Committee and for many years a marketing consultant to the President of the International Olympic Committee, has recently been appointed by the FIH as its Marketing and Sponsorship Consultant.

Vanden Eede will bring his expertise to bear on the world of international hockey where he will develop and implement a marketing programme aimed at securing sponsor support on a global level.

Going hand in hand with Vanden Eede's efforts will be an effort on the part of the FIH to define and mold hockey into a more attractive "product" for sponsors and broadcasters. The initiative is already underway with the adoption of a new Global Competition Format to be implemented from 2001.

In addition, when selecting hosts for future FIH events, greater attention will be paid to the organiser's ability to stage a successful event from a commercial and promotional point of view, rather than simply from a technical hockey point of view. This will ensure a longer lasting benefit for hockey within the host country and will also ensure sponsors and broadcasters who are willing to support hockey with needed funds are in turn rewarded.

To help define hockey and what it has to offer to the world of corporate sponsors, the FIH is producing a corporate marketing brochure, with completion planned for early 1999. The brochure - titled "Score, with hockey" - depicts hockey as beautiful and skilful to watch, but at the same time, fast, exciting and rugged.