1998 World Hockey Highlights video

1998 World Hockey Highlights - The AstroTurf sponsored 1998 World Hockey Highlights video - including abundant action from the men's and women's World Cups, the men's and women's Commonwealth Games hockey tournament and the 20th men's Champions Trophy in Pakistan - is currently in production and will be ready for distribution in January 1999.

The FIH wishes to thank AstroTurf for its ongoing support of the annual World Hockey Highlights video, which has become a staple for hockey lovers around the world. AstroTurf's support will once again enable the FIH to distribute a large number of complimentary copies to FIH National Associations and other members of the hockey family.

The FIH still has in stock a limited number of the 1997 World Hockey Highlights video.

World Cup videos - The FIH also has available a limited number of videotapes of the men's and women's World Cup final - just the answer for fans who couldn't be there or those wishing to relive the excitement of the most remarkable hockey event ever.

Ordering - The FIH World Hockey Highlights video is available for purchase at US $15 (10 Sterling) for PAL format and US$20 (12 Sterling) for NTSC format. The men's and women's World Cup finals tapes (one match per tape) are $15 (10 Sterling) each, regardless of format.

Orders should be sent to the FIH office in Brussels and must include full contact details (name, phone, fax, e-mail) and mailing address, along with the name, quantity and format of videos you wish to order. Orders of five or fewer tapes should include payment, and larger orders will be invoiced. Discount rates are available for orders of 50 or more. Please contact the FIH office if you require additional information. FIH - +32 2 219 4537 (phone), +32 2 2219 2761 (fax), [email protected] (e-mail)