World Cup gets broad TV exposure

The 9th Men's and Women's World Cups in the Netherlands received substantial television coverage around the world. In total, approximately 179 hours of World Cup hockey was aired in more than 40 countries. Here are the details:

Total TV hours aired: 179

ESPN - Covers 31 countries throughout Asia and the Indian subcontinent
Broadcast 24 Matches in total - 8 live, 16 on tape delay
With replays, there were: 43 transmissions in the India Region and 39 transmissions in the Asia Region.
Each transmission lasted approximately 90 minutes, equaling 7,380 minutes or 123 hours of programming.

Ratings Highlight: 5,522,000 people watched the taped replay of the men's semifinal (Germany v. Spain) on the India subcontinent satellite. Please refer to reports for viewer figures on specific matches.

NOS (Netherlands - host broadcaster ) - The NOS aired a total of 19.5 hours of programming, including 8 live matches.

Ratings highlights: The men's match between the Netherlands and India (22/5/98) achieved an audience share of 32.8%, higher than a football match on the same day and the third highest rated programme of the day. (The highest rating achieved was35.8)

The men's final between Netherlands and Spain attracted the most Dutch viewers on that day with 1,065,000 people tuning in.

Torneos -Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela - Broadcast all Argentina women's matches, and the men's and women's finals, for at total of approximately 13.5 hrs. of programming

Channel 9 (Australia) approx. 1 hr. of highlights; Sportvision (Australia) 6 hours; Sport A-ZDF (Germany) Limited highlights; TVNZ (NZL) Total of 1.5 hrs.; TV 12 (Singapore) 6 hrs.; Supersport (RSA) 1 hr. of highlights; TVE, La 2 (Spain) Highlights, Teledeporte (Spain) 13.5 hrs.