AIPS Hockey Commission holds elections during World Cup

The Hockey Commission of the Association Internationale de Presse Sportive held its elections in Utrecht during the World Cup. The following were elected: Chairman - S. Thyagarajan (India), Vice-Chairman - Prabhjot Paul Singh (India), Secretary - John van Vliet (Netherlands). An Executive Committee was also appointed and consists of: Patrick Rowley (England), Andrezej Kuczynski (Poland) and Forooq Mazhar (Pakistan). Two additional Executive Committee members will be appointed.

The FIH looks forward to working closely with the newly-constituted Hockey Commission of the AIPS, and strongly encourages the inclusion of "regular members" of the Commission, which, it is suggested, could be any AIPS member whose main beat is hockey, or who has a special interest in hockey. Interested journalists should contact S. Thyagarajan at +91 44 853 5067, ext. 404 (phone), +91 44 653 5325 (fax), or [email protected] (e-mail).