Continental reports


Coaching & umpiring courses scheduled

Coaching courses (1998) will be held in Uganda, Malawi and Tanzania with financial support for participants being provided by the AHF.

Umpiring courses will be organised in Uganda, Malawi and Namibia. The course in Namibia will be held in collaboration with FIH Umpiring Committee, and financial support will be provided by both the AHF and the FIH.

Executive Board meeting

The AHF held a meeting of its Executive Board on 27 May 1998 in Utrecht (Netherlands).



Council Meeting

The 6th AHF Council Meeting, held on 7th March 1998 in Ipoh, Malaysia was presided over by the Sultan Azlan Shah, President of the AHF.

Asian Games

Mr. Pisit Nampanich, President, Thailand Hockey Association confirmed that two synthetic hockey pitches would be built for the Asian Games 1998 in Bangkok.

Umpires Manager Course

The first AHF Umpires Managers Course was held in Ipoh, Malaysia from 5th to 7th March 1998. This course was organised as a feature of the "AHF Development Plan 1998 to 2001". Course presenter was Mr. Dennis Meredith from Australia. Representatives from Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia attended.

Commonwealth Games 1998

The 7th AHF Council Meeting will be held to coincide with the 16th Commonwealth Games, 11-22 September in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



EHF Development Projects successfully organised


Scandinavian Umpires Course, Denmark, 18/19 April 1998

Conductor: Peter Von Reth (Netherlands), number of local participants: 20

European Youth Coaches Course - Milton Keynes, 10th-13th April 1998

(Supported by the FIH) Conductor: Riet Kuper (Netherlands), FIH Master Coach; number of local participants: 30 from 9 EHF Member Associations.


Umpires Coaching -Ukraine Hockey Federation, 22nd-24th May 1998

Conductor: Craig Madden (Scotland), number of local participants: 15.

European Umpire Development Course, Utrecht, Netherlands, 25th-28th May 1998, (Supported by the FIH) Conductors: Graham Nash (England), Roger Webb (England), and Richard Kentwell (USA), number of participants: 26 from 12 EHF Member Associations and also participants from Egypt, Trinidad and South Africa.

Appointments Committee set to meet

The EHF Appointments Committee will meet on the 20th of June in Barcelona, Spain.



New Zealand

Both the Women's and Men's teams qualified for the World Cup in Utrecht as a direct result of the coaching and umpiring activities planned by the National Federation.

Regional Coaching Clinics continue to provide opportunities for numbers of young players.

Corinne Pritchard has been appointed Development Manager of Umpiring.


There are now 38 artificial pitches scattered throughout the nation with eight of these being water pitches.


Merger continues to be high on the agenda with both national associations. A Consultant has been appointed to assist in the process.

The new Australia women's uniform - the bodysuit - has been a major point of interest among members of the media from all over the world and has provided an opportunity for them to comment and compare with a variety of other sports.

Hockey Zone, the magazine for Australian Women's Hockey, features coaching, administration, human interest stories and rules interpretation in a colourful and extremely well presented format.

The Australia Men's Hockey Association has a new sponsor. Clothing and footwear retailer Colorado Adventurewear has signed as principal sponsor for a minimum period of three years.

Papua New Guinea

Australian Hockey will provide assistance to Papua New Guinea in two main areas, i.e. administration and coaching. Funds provided from the Development and Coaching Committee will assist in the provision of a mentor program.


It was agreed to hold the next Oceania Congress in Fiji.



CAC Games

The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held at the Caracas Sports Club from August 9-20, 1998. (Editors note: Despite FIH regulations that require international hockey be played on synthetic surfaces, the CAC hockey tournament will be played on grass due to the organisers' inability to have a synthetic surface available in time. While the FIH has made and exception in this case in order to maintain hockey as part of the CAC Games' programme, it is most disappointed with the situation.)

Development Pitch

The PAHF was very pleased to hear that funds have been awarded to Cuba through the FIH Hockey Development Pitch Programme. This strong hockey playing nation is a key link for hockey activities in the Americas. The PAHF will work to ensure that a wide range of development activities occur there.

Pan American Games

The PAHF President, Tony von Ondarza, visited Winnipeg in mid-April to discuss the site for the hockey competition and the number of participating teams. The visit was very positive but there were no firm decisions taken on either the site or the number of teams. The existing surface is not acceptable. Discussions on the subject are on-going.

PAHF Four-Year Plan

An umpiring course was held in Mexico and coaching and TD courses will be held in conjunction with the CAC Games in Caracas.

Merger Update

Jamaica Associations have amalgamated and Trinidad and Tobago will hold elections for the merged Association on June 27, 1998. Within the Americas, only Bermuda remains with separate men's and women's associations, and they are well underway with the merger process.