FIH task force to examine competition structure

?????The FIH has followed up quickly on its recent decision to evaluate the existing global competition format by appointing a nine-member task force to investigate the current structure and to recommend possible changes.

?????FIH Council member Steve Jaspan of South Africa has been appointed Chairman and Adrien Peters, FIH Technical Manager, is serving as Secretary. Committee members are: Mudassar Asghar (Pakistan), Peter Cohen (Australia), Hon. Treasurer ai. Robert Lycke (Belgium), Tony von Ondarza (Venezuela), Evelyn Raistrick (Scotland), Aaron Sher (USA) and Hon. Secretary General Els van Breda Vriesman (ex officio).

?????The general aim of the Task Force, as stated in its terms of reference, is to "analyze the existing global competition format and recommend any necessary changes to improve the system. The members will be charged with maintaining the integrity of top-level competitions while also giving the less dominant hockey playing nations an increased opportunity for much needed and desired international competition. Any new structure proposed should result in a marketable "product" with respect to potential sponsors and broadcasters."

?????The first interim report of the Task Force will be submitted to the FIH Executive Board in May with the final report and recommendations to be presented the FIH Council in November of this year.