Continental Reports

African Hockey Federation


  • An umpiring course will be conducted by Ray O'Connor (Ireland) from 23-25 October 1998 during the Africa Cup for Club Champions (ACCC) in, Windhoek, Namibia.
  • An umpiring course was conducted by Gavin Cullen (South Africa) from 3-13 September 1998 in Malawi.
  • A coaching course was conducted by Gill Taylor (South Africa) from 10-12 September 1998 in Kampala, Uganda. A two to three-hour question and answer umpiring session was included in the programme.


The AHF has contributed 300 hockey sticks for junior players in Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia and Uganda. Costs were covered by the 1998 Foundation grants.


The African Hockey Federation will hold meetings in Windhoek, Namibia during the ACCC.


The 11th Africa Cup for Club Champions Men, 3rd Women will be played in Windhoek, Namibia from 18-25 October 1998 on natural grass pitches.

The 3rd Africa Cup for Nations U18 boys and girls was played in Cape-Town, RSA from 10-16 August 1998. Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa participated. South Africa was represented by two boys and girls sides.

The 3rd Africa Cup for Nations Women Senior will be organised by the Hockey Association of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe from 31 October to 8 November 1998.


Asian Hockey Federation


Council Meeting

The 7th meeting of AHF Council was held on 18th September 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This meeting is being held in conjunction with the XVIth Commonwealth Games.


At 3.00 p.m. on 18th September 1998 an Emergency General Meeting of the AHF was held to receive and adopt the draft Revised AHF Constitution and Bye-Laws.

XVIth Commonwealth Games

This is the first time hockey (along with other team sports) have been featured in the Games, which were first held in 1930 in Hamilton. Malaysia are the first Asian hosts of the Games.

Pakistan (men), India (men and women) and Malaysia (men and women) were the three Asian countries represented in the Hockey Competition. Bangladesh withdrew due to the flood problems in their country.

Other countries participating are Australia, Canada, England, Jamaica, Kenya, Namibia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and Wales.


Asian Games

The main hockey stadium for the 13th Asian Games (December 1998), with a capacity of two thousand spectators, was scheduled for completion by end of September 1998. Twelve men's team and seven women's team are expected to participate.

Dubai Cup

A six-nation invitational tournament is scheduled to be held in the G.M.C. Stadium in Dubai from 5th to 10th March 1999.

Under - 18

Pakistan Hockey Federation are planning to host the Under-18 Youth Hockey Festival for boys in Rawalpindi in February 1999.


India will host the men's and women's tournament in mid - 1999.


Mr. S. Thyagarajan, a respected Indian journalist, has been elected as the Chairman of the Hockey Commission of the International Sportswriters Association. He is also the Chairman of the AHF Media committee.


European Hockey Federation

During the months of June and July work has been ongoing on several development projects which were to take place in August, namely:

4th - 7th August:

Visit by Staffan Helgesson and Harald Steckelbruck to Moscow to work with the Russian Hockey Federation in developing a specific Russian Development Plan.

3rd - 10th August

EHF Excellence Camp, Barcelona, Spain some 130 children (aged14-18 years) attended the Excellence Camp, conducted by Sportways and assisted by four European coaches appointed by the EHF.

25th - 27th August

Coaching courses were held in conjunction with the European Nations Junior Cups Men A and B Divisions.

In June the EHF Appointments Committee met and made proposals to the FIH for the indoor tournaments for 1999. These proposals have since been approved and the officials have been advised of their appointments.

In July the 1999 European Nations Cup Qualifying Tournaments took place in various locations. (Please see Results page for further details.) The participating countries have now been finalised for the 5th European Nations Cup for Women- Hurth, Germany - 18 - 29 August 1999 and the 8th European Nations Cup for men - Padova, Italy - 1st - 12th September 1999. The pools for the tournaments will be approved at the FIH Council Meeting in November 1998.

The EHF completed a full review of its Regulations to ensure that they are in line with the new FIH regulations. These were published and distributed to all Member Associations in August and will come into effect for the 1999 tournaments.

The EHF has held/plans the following meetings: 5/6 September, Competitions Committee, Outdoor, Rome, Italy; 26 September, Executive Board, Kiev, Ukraine; 24/25 October, Development Committee, Italy; 5 December, Executive Board, Barcelona, Spain.


Oceania Hockey Federation

Australian Hockey

Alan Berry has been re-elected as President of AHA for a further two-year term.

Amalgamation of the two National bodies is progressing and several meetings have been set. A time line for the process has been agreed upon, ensuring its completion by the time of the FIH Congress in late 2000.

Keith Brodie, Company Secretary from News Limited, has been appointed to the Board of WHA in an advisory capacity as the Marketing Director.

The FIH Competition Task Force questionnaire has resulted in wide ranging discussion and interest at all levels of participation as geographical isolation and the need for continued top level competition remains a concern to Australian hockey.

Hockey Australia is excited about participation in Sportsnet, which is being trialed by selected sports including hockey, athletics, cricket, cycling, swimming and gymnastics. Sports have been selected by the Australian Sports Commission. Sportsnet is an electronic network, which is to link all national sporting organisations, state and national institutes of sport and key agencies. It also provides the opportunity for promoting the game via the Internet.

Oceania and WHA conducted a development camp for umpires during the time a squad of 45 women players were in Singapore for an acclimatisation camp prior to the Commonwealth Games. Two umpires from Australia and one from New Zealand joined with those from Singapore and China under the guidance of New Zealand's Corrine Pritchard.

The camp provided an opportunity for representatives of China and Singapore, also participating, to work with the Australian Coaching team. The medical team from Australia in turn worked with these countries to develop their knowledge in relation to sports injuries.

New Zealand Hockey

New Zealand's participation on the Commonwealth Games offered an opportunity for players to gain much needed international experience leading up to the Olympic Games 2000.

The National Academy Squads assemble for development purposes and to play against international teams and Australian State sides. The U18 girls toured Australia in June, with the Australian girls winning the series. The U18 boys had a very successful tour of New Zealand.

National Hockey League will commence in 1999. It will be held over six weekends from mid-April to the end of May 1999. The top six men's and women's teams will take part.

Papua New Guinea Hockey

Two associations seem to be offering competition at the moment - Port Moresby and Lae. The wet season and other environmental issues make it difficult for any prolonged competition to exist.

Junior development is being catered for and there will be a team representing PNG at the next Arafura Games in Darwin in 1999. Plans are being implemented that will actively promote and develop juniors through the schools. It is proposed to make the program school based at first then expand to include an open club competition.

An Indoor Super League is being held using many junior players. It is intended to begin to develop skills for the introduction to artificial surface.


Pan American Hockey Federation

Central American and Caribbean Games

The Central American and Caribbean Games' hockey competition took place from August 10-20 in Caracas, Venezuela, with seven men's teams and six women's teams participating. The CAC Games, operated under the auspices of ADECABE and the Olympic Associations, provide an opportunity for the countries of Central America and the Caribbean to participate in a multi-sport games at little or no cost to the National Hockey Federations. It is for this reason that the PAHF works hard to keep hockey in these games.

The Games were held in Maracaibo, Venezuela, however, as no hockey is played there, special arrangements were made to hold the competition in Caracas where there is hockey but no artificial surface. (Note: The FIH made an exception in this instance and allowed the competition to be played on grass.)


Tournament Director Seminar

A course for Tournament Directors was conducted by Janet Ellis of Canada in conjunction with the CAC Games. Ten participants from five countries (Barbados, Brazil, USA, Jamaica and Chile) took part in the three-day seminar. Expenses were partially subsidised by PAHF Development funds.

Pan American Games Update

The PAHF has recently learned there will be a new artificial surface Winnipeg, Canada for the Pan American Games next year. The new surface will be installed at a small stadium, which will be used for both hockey and football after the Games.

PAHF President Tony von Ondarza continues his discussions with PASO Officials in order to determine the number of teams to participate in the Pan American Games.

Trinidad and Tobago Merger

The merger of the men's and women's hockey Federations in Trinidad and Tobago has been completed and the first 10 member Executive Board of the Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board was duly elected on June 27, 1998. The first President is Mrs Mary Siu Butt.

Next Meeting -The next meeting of the PAHF Officers and Committee Chairs will take place in Miami early in the New Year with the full Board, Congress and Committees during the Pan American Games.