Notes and News

Tanzania Hockey Union

Tanzania Hockey Union held its Annual General Meeting on 7 July 1998 at Dar Gymkhana Club, and the following were elected for posts up to 2001:

Chairman ? Dr. Sorter De' Silva
Vice Chairman ? Col. Ameen Kashmiri
Secretary ? Mr. Afzal Fazal
Assistant Secretary ? Mr. Mehboob Malik
Treasurer ? Mr. Savio Fernandis
Assistant Treasurer ? Mr. Allen Mascarenhas

The new committee's major objective is to embark on the progression of Tanzanian Hockey into year 2000 and development of hockey, especially for youths and schools in Tanzania.

Trinidad & Tobago Hockey Board

At the Inauguration of the newly constituted Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board, held in late June, the following 10 members of the Executive Board were elected:

President ? Mary Siu Butt
1st Vice President ? Rupert King
2nd Vice President ? Roger St. Rose
3rd Vice President ? Cheryl-Ann Jones
Honorary Secretary ? Diane de la Rosa
Treasurer ? Paul Acham
Assistant Secretary ? Gary Griffith
Assistant Treasurer ? Annette Waldron-Joseph
Ordinary Member ? Annette Harris
Ordinary Member ? Kenrick Haynes

The Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board has begun its operations as the sole governing body authorised to conduct the sport of hockey in the country. The Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Federation and the Trinidad & Tobago Women's Hockey Association have both ceased operations as at 27 July 1998.