Journal of professional Activities

July 1998

27 July - 1st August: Mr. Calzado and Mr. Peters to Japan and China for meetings with the Association Chinoise de Hockey and the Japan Hockey Association.

28 July: Mrs. van Breda Vriesman met with FIH Technical Manager, Mr. Adrien Peters in Brussels for the preparation of the FIH Global Competition Task Force meeting.

August 1998

26-27 August: FIH Global Competition Task Force met at the FIH Offices in Brussels.

28-29 August: The FIH Executive Board met at the FIH Offices in Brussels.

September 1998

2 September: Mr. Robert Lycke, Mr David Burt, Chairman of the Marketing and Promotion Committee and FIH Communications Manager, Ms Mary Coyle met with representatives of API Television in London.

5-6 September: The Competitions Committee of the European Hockey Federation met at the FIH headquarters in Brussels.

7-11 September: FIH Executive Director, Mr. Hans Bertels in Malaysia to attend the 3rd International Olympic Forum for Development.

7-20 September: Mary Coyle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to serve as media officer for the women's hockey tournament at the Commonwealth Games.

15-21 September: Mrs. van Breda Vriesman in Malaysia to attend the Commonwealth Games.

22-24 September: Mary Coyle to meet with Japan Hockey Association and their media and Marketing representatives for discussions on the Qualifying Tournament for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

October 1998

13 October: Mary Coyle to attend the first GAISF (General Assembly of International Sports Federations) Media Working Group general meeting in Monte Carlo.

14-17 October: Mr. Calzado, Mrs. van Breda Vriesman and Hans Bertels to attend the GAISF meeting in Monte Carlo.

November 1998

7 November: Meeting of the FIH Executive Board in Lahore, Pakistan, during the 20th Men's Champions Trophy.

27 November: Meeting of the FIH Executive Board in Brussels, Belgium.