Synthetic Pitch project begins to bear fruit

The first efforts of the FIH/IOC Hockey Development Pitch Project, which has been implemented under the direction and guidance of Development & Coaching Committee Chaiperson, Theo Ykema, have bourne fruit. The new synthetic field of play in Cuba's national hockey stadium was completed on 4th February It is expected the new pitch will be officially inaugurated on the 29th of May.

The new field of play for the National Hockey Ground in Accra, Ghana is nearing completion, although some delays were experienced due to difficulties in securing the appropriate type of sand.

Since Africa and the Americas were the beneficiaries of the first year of the project, the Continental Federations of Asia, Europe and Oceania have recently been asked to nominate candidates for the two development pitches to be made available in 1999. The following countries, which include those nominated by the Continental Federations, have been asked by the FIH to provided detailed submissions outlining the need and intended uses of a new synthetic surface: Asia: Sri Lanka, Myanmar; Europe: Lithuania, Belarus, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine; Oceania: Fiji.