Committee Roundups


Since the last edition of FIH Hockey News, the Competitions Committee has a new Chairman, Steve Jaspan of South Africa, who was the Chairman of the Global Competitions Task Force.

Tribute must be paid to Heinz W÷ltje (GER), the outgoing Chairman for his hard work and leadership. He will, however, remain a member of the Competitions Committee.

The Committee has Task Forces, which incorporate all Committee Members. The task forces are:

Tournaments - Chairperson: Peter Cohen (AUS), Members: Mudassar Asghar Syed (PAK); Muneer Sait (IND); Roger Self (GBR); Chris Waters (USA); Maryke Fleuren (NED); Hadjimichalis Dimitrios (GRE); Martin Gotheridge (ENG).

Appointments - Chairperson: Steve Jaspan (RSA); Adrien Peters (Technical Manager - FIH).

Regulations - Chairperson: Annabel Ess (SIN), Members: Ibrahim Alhomandis (EGY); Arnavaz Damania (IND); Miguel Angel Masana (ESP); Gulasingam Vijayanathan (MAS); Adriano Da Gai (ITA); Heinz Woltje (GER).

Training and Development of TD's, TO's and Judges - Chairperson: Evlyn Raistrick (ECO), Members: Alberto Budeisky (ARG); Jae Won Shim (KOR); Peter Cohen (AUS); Jean Claude Le Clef (BEL); Annabel Ess (SIN).

Indoor Hockey - Chairperson: Ingeborg Gruner (AUT), members: Evlyn Raistrick (ECO); Heinz W÷ltje (GER), Consultant: Ernie Wall (ECO).

Chairman of the Umpiring Committee is ex officio a member of the Appointments Committee.

The Athlete representative may be allowed to attend wherever he/she feels is appropriate.

The past two months have seen much activity in preparing for the Continental Cups and Games as well as the completion of the Asian Games. These Competitions produce the Continental qualifiers for the Olympics.


Since the November 1998 Council meeting the Committee has eight new members. Five members have retired.

The members of the DCC agreed on the assignments of the individual members to the different Groups and task Forces of the DCC.

The Strategy Group is chaired by the DCC Chairman Theo Ykema (Netherlands). Each continental Hockey Federation appointed a mandatory member of the Strategy Group: Clare Digby from South Africa for the African Hockey Federation, Fumio Ogura from Japan for the Asian Hockey Federation, Claire Peeters-Monseu from Belgium for the European Hockey Federation, Henny Oldenhove from Australia for the Oceania Hockey Federation and Judy McCrae from Canada for the Pan-American Hockey Federation.

In line with the priorities given in the FIH-DCC 4 year plan, presented in the Utrecht FIH Congress last May, the FIH-DCC has 4 Task Forces. Each has six to eight members and a manager from the 22 persons membership of the FIH-DCC. Again, continental representation has been aimed for. The Task Forces will establish their working programme and targets in the next few months on the basis of their "terms of reference" and the FIH-DCC 4-year plan. They are:

  • The Development Projects Group, manager Alistair Gray (Scotland)
  • The Task Force Education and Training, manager Ivan Spedding (Australia)
  • The Task Force Youth Hockey, manager Anne Ellis (Wales)
  • The Coaching Operations Group, manager Mahammed Tayyab Ikram (Macao)

These managers are, as are FIH Executive Director and FIH Development Projects Manager Gabrielle van Doorn, also ad hoc members of the Strategy Group.

All persons mentioned above can be contacted by fax and e-mail via the FIH, their Continental Hockey Federations and their National Hockey Associations.

Special development planning projects

In close co-operation between the relevant Continental Federations and the FIH, special attention is being given to consultancy for national hockey development planning to the National Associations of Ukraine, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Greece. A draft "Guideline for making a National Hockey Development Plan" has been developed and is already in use in pilot projects. It will be finalised in June 1999 and can then be made available to the Continental Federations for their support to National Associations in developing hockey countries.

Olympic Solidarity

A new (15 February 1999) leaflet "How to apply for Olympic Solidarity grants for courses etc", explaining what Olympic Solidarity can mean for developing National Hockey Associations and how to apply for this support, has been made and sent to all CHFs and NHAs.

Coaching and Umpiring Courses and FIH Coaches accreditation

The Committee is happy to see that more countries have taken the initiative to apply for an Olympic Solidarity grant for the organisation of a Coaching Course or an Umpiring Course. The FIH is often asked by Olympic Solidarity to appoint accredited experts as conductors of these courses. The FIH does this in consultation with the organising NHA. The CHFs and NHAs recently received the new "Guideline for the organisation of coaching courses and the accreditation of FIH Coaches (December 1998)"

International FIH Coaching Courses are planned to take place in Cologne (Germany) during the European Nations Cup for Women - 18-29 August 1999 (Development Coaching), in Padova (Italy) during the European Nations Cup for Men - 1-12 September 1999 (High Performance Coaching) and in Johannesburg (South Africa) during the All Africa Games - 8-18 September (both Development and High Performance).

Invitations to apply for participation in those courses will be sent via all National Hockey Associations.

All National associations have received a comprehensive announcement of the FIH Final Coaching Course (High Performance) in Brisbane, Australia, from 6 to 13 June 1999. This course will be hosted by the Australian Hockey Association and takes place in conjunction with the Women's and Men's Champions Trophies.



On January 26th, in order to continue the investigation into stick material and ball speed, a meeting with a number of manufacturers/suppliers was held at Schiphol Airport in Holland. The results of the meeting were positive with this co-operative effort producing an agreed upon outcome that has been presented to the Rules Board for their consideration and submission to the Executive Committee. Subsequent to the Executive Board's March meeting any Rules changes that are made will reported.

Indoor Hockey

As the number of indoor hockey specific facilities is extremely small and the availability of existing surfaces is felt to be more important than issuing standards for Indoor Sports Floors, no standards are being issued by the Equipment Committee. Questions should be referred to the Rules Book for the Game of Indoor Hockey.

Synthetic Surfaces

In early January information regarding the global problem of alge and moss was circulated to all registered manufacturers. Pending their requested input this information will be circulated to all National Associations. An updated inventory of pitches installed throughout the world is also circulated to all National Associations and the results will be published in the next edition of Hockey News.

New members

All new members of the Equipment Committee have indicated their area of interest/expertise and tasks will be divided accordingly.

Handbook on Pitches

Final comments have been received from some manufacturers and the handbook is ready for printing.


Terms of reference

The Committee Terms of Reference were drafted and distributed to all members for review and comment with the final draft subsequently approved by the FIH Executive Board in March. The first meeting of the newly-constituted Media & Public Relations Committee is scheduled for 7-8 May 1999 in Brussels.

Anniversary Special

A special 75th Anniversary issue of World Hockey Magazine is being planned for publication in July 1999.

Highlights video distributed

The 1998 World Hockey Highlights video was distributed in February. The video was produced by Claire David and Rupert Rumney, formerly of API Television (now defunct) and was sponsored by AstroTurf. Comments and feeback are welcome.

Web site expanded

The FIH's web site on the Internet has been expanded and upgraded. The "new" site went live on 16th February at 12 noon (GMT). Additional information that can now be found on the site includes: the full Rules of hockey, a "Guide for beginners" and a Rules summary; listing of FIH approved products and manufacturers and a listing of FIH umpires by gender and grade. In addition, the tournament results section has been upgraded to include full team listings, starting 11's, substitutions, cards and top scorers. Henceforth, this information will be provided for all major FIH tournaments, and when available, for invitational events. FIH products, such as highlights videos and Rules books, are available for purchase.

TV requirements revamped

The FIH tournament television requirements were redrafted in December by FIH Communications Manager, Mary Coyle, in consultation with both CSI and production consultant, Rupert Rumney. The new requirements reflect a more flexible approach to tournament television requirements, as had been requested in the past by tournament organisers, yet does not compromise the quality necessary for international distribution. The new requirements were finalised for inclusion in the tournament bid packages sent out before the new year.


The Medical Committee regularly receives requests for information on health requirements and status of field hockey players. May we request that information be shared with us the FIH to assist others in their research. We will keep this information in the office.


The FIH Umpiring Committee is pleased to announce the publication of information Handbook for International Umpires.

The handbook will be issued to all International Umpires and covers such areas as:

  • Responsibilities
  • Technical Skills
  • Mental Preparation
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition & Diet

This is the first time such a comprehensive handbook has been produced and it is intended to assist umpires to be better prepared for the demands and pressures of tournament hockey.