FIH events to be awarded in October

Six FIH events will be awarded to host countries in October following the meetings of the FIH Executive Board and Council in Alexandria, Egypt.

A number of countries have expressed interest in hosting one of the following FIH tournaments: 10th Women's World Cup Qualifier (2001), 9thh Women's Champions Trophy (2001), 25th Men's Champions Trophy (2003), 2nd Men's Champions Challenge (2003), the 2nd Women's Champions Challenge (2003) and the 11th Women's Champions Trophy (2003).

Full presentations from bidding countries, which have already expressed their interest and received bid guidelines and requirements, are due to the FIH office in Brussels by 31st August. Bids will be examined by the Competitions and Media & Public Relations Committee, as well as assessed from a financial point of view. Recommendations will be given to the Executive Board and Council prior to their decision.