FIH producing new and updated publications

The International Hockey Federation has recently produced a number of new and updated publications. Here's a summary of the recently-released titles:

Marketing brochure - A classy and vibrant piece, the 12-page full-colour brochure is packed with information and photos highlighting hockey's key selling points. Aimed primarily at helping to secure global sponsorship for the FIH and its world-level events, the brochure is also suitable as a general promotional and informational publication.

All national associations will soon be receiving a copy of the brochure, which was produced co-operatively by the FIH Communications Department (copy and project management), J. Walter Thompson (design) and the FIH marketing consultants, AVE & Partners. Additional copies will be available on request, however, supplies are limited.

Rules Book - The 1999 Rules of Hockey is printed and is now on its way to National Associations, Umpires and other members of the world hockey family. Additional books can be ordered through the FIH, or if ordering in the UK, through the English Hockey Association. Contact details for the FIH can be found on the front page of this newsletter. The English Hockey Association can be contacted at: The Stadium, Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 1HA, phone - 44 1908 544644, fax - 44 1908 241106.

Handbook of Performance Requirements for Synthetic Hockey Pitches (outdoor) - This informative and fact-packed handbook has been updated, and given a new look. The handbook not only covers performance standards, but also test procedures for things like ball rebound, ball roll, impact response, ball-to-surface friction, etc. It's everything you need to know when considering the installation of an artificial surface. Also included are a listing of FIH Accredited test laboratories and the FIH manufacturer and product Registration and Approval procedures.

All National Associations should have already received a copy of the Handbook, which was prepared by the FIH Equipment Committee . Additional copies may be ordered through the FIH offices in Brussels.

International Umpires' Information Handbook - What are an umpire's responsibilities before and during a major tournament? How can a young umpire learn the ropes? How should top-level umpires prepare both physically and mentally for a big event? All these issues and more are covered by the International Umpires' Information Handbook, prepared by the FIH Umpiring Committee and produced with the financial support of Whistles, a UK-based umpire supply specialist.

The handbook has been distributed to all FIH umpires. Additional requests should be addressed to the FIH office in Brussels and will be filled based on supply.