Committee Roundups


The Competitions Committee has energetically continued its work over the past three months with excellent co-operation from the Umpiring Committee. The arrangements for the many competitions that have taken place and will do so in the next few months have been supervised.

The Committee scrutinised the technical parts of the bids of the candidates for the organisation of 2000/2001/2002 World Level events and then reported to the FIH Executive Board for their selection of the respective host countries in March.

The allowance to enter up to 18 players in competitions played under the jurisdiction of the FIH has been in force since 1 March 1999. As from the same date, the deadline for entering a player in a FIH tournament has been extended to 24 hours before the first match of the tournament if the pre-tournament briefing meeting of the Tournament Director is held more than 24 hours before this match.

The Tournament Regulations have been adapted accordingly and are constantly under review.

An interesting topic under discussion is the use of television replays on the big screen at Competition Venues.

The Committee held its last meeting on 13 June 1999 in Brisbane (AUS) - Most of its Task Forces met the day before. The Terms of Reference of all Task Forces were reviewed and new ideas discussed. Additional detail to be reported in the next newsletter.

The Liaison Group (Competitions Committee and Umpiring Committee) representatives also met in Brisbane.

The FIH Council approved the appointments of the following Tournament Directors to forthcoming World Level Events, as decided by the Committee during its last meeting:

  • 21st Men's Champions Trophy: Mr Alain Renaud (FRA)
  • 7th Women's Champions Trophy: Ms Janet Ellis (CAN)
  • 4 Nations Test Events for the 2000 Olympics
    • Men: Mr Eric Donegani (CAN)
    • Women: Mrs Annabel Ess (SIN)
  • Qualifying Tournaments for the XXVIIth Olympic Games
    • Men: Mr Wiert Doyer (NED)
    • Women: Mrs Beverley Johnson (USA)
  • 22nd Men's Champions Trophy: Mr Peter Cohen (AUS)


Meeting in Brisbane

The Strategy Group of the Development and Coaching Committe (DCC) met in Brisbane on 13 and 14 June 1999.

The Strategy Group has one mandated member from each of the five Continental Hockey Federations. Furthermore the three Managers of the DCC Task Forces (Youth, Education &Training and Coaching Operations) are ad hoc members of the Strategy Group. The Strategy Group meetings are also attended by FIH Executive Director Hans Bertels and FIH Development Projects Manager Gabrielle van Doorn, and are chaired by Theo Ykema.

Important items on the agenda included:

  • Guideline for the making of a National Hockey Development Plan
  • Creating an international network of accredited hockey development consultants
  • Final advise to the Executive Board about the awarding of grants for the installation of a synthetic pitch in two developing hockey countries and evaluation of similar completed projects in Cuba and Ghana
  • 2001 International Year of Youth Hockey
  • Models and aids for coaching and education programmes
  • Funding of Development and Coaching activities of the Continental Federations
  • Programme of Courses, Seminars and Workshops.

The next annual plenary meeting of the DCC will take place in Alexandria in October 1999.

FIH Coaching Courses

A FIH Final Coaching Course (High Performance) with very good international participation was hosted by the AHA during the Brisbane Champions' Trophies. National Coaches of eight developing hockey countries were invited to attend as observers. The first FIH Coaching Course for Development Coaching will be hosted by the Deutcher Hockey Bund during the European Nations Cup for Women in Cologne, Germany. In FIH definition, Development Coaching is the coaching of adolescent and young adult hockey players and the coaching of players in developing hockey countries. Participants have to be qualified and experienced hockey coaches, who are especially interested in this specialised and rewarding field of coaching. An FIH Coaching Course High Performance is planned to take place during the European Nations Cup for Men's teams in Padova, Italy. A Special FIH Coaching Course will be hosted by the South African Hockey Association during the All Africa Games in Johannesburg, South Africa. All National Hockey Associations have received invitations to propose participants in these courses.

We are happy that an increasing number of Olympic Solidarity Coaching and Umpiring Courses is taking place and being organised by NHA's. We draw the attention of National Hockey Associations to the new FIH brochure "How to apply for Olympic Solidarity Funding", sent to all NHA's. Additional copies are available at FIH, Brussels on fax request.

Special visits

FIH-DCC Chairman Theo Ykema, in co-operation with the African Hockey Federation, made a trip to Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya to discuss the hockey development planning in those countries and possible support of AHF and FIH. Gill Taylor of SAHA and AHF was with him in Uganda and Tanzania, where she has been active since 1997 in training and consulting. Theo Ykema and FIH Development Projects Manager Gabrielle van Doorn were also in Greece to discuss and advise in hockey development matters and the possible participation of Greek teams in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, with officials of the Hellenic Hockey Federation, NOC and Government. Gabrielle, together with Pavel Rossa of EHF, continued special consulting activities in Ukraine. The projects in Ukraine, Uganda and Tanzania are made possible by a special sponsor.


Handbook on Pitches

The Handbook on Requirements for Synthetic pitches, containing the three levels of requirements for

  • "Global" FIH events (including qualifying tournaments)
  • "Standard" (inter) national Competitions
  • "Starter" pitches
is now ready and available from the FIH office in Brussels.


Following the meeting and subsequent correspondence with stick manufacturers, proposals for the technical description and standards were submitted to the Executive Board of the FIH as agenda item for its meeting in Brisbane, June 1999.

Meeting Brisbane

The Equipment Committee in its new configuration met in Brisbane, June 1999. On the agenda, in addition to regular items such as pitches, ball, sticks, protective equipment, indoor hockey, were:

  • Composition of working groups
  • World-wide pitch inventory
  • Laboratories/consultants
  • 5-year plan
  • Vision 2000 and Beyond.


The first meeting of the Media & Public Relations Committee was held in Brussels, 7th-8th May. The following was agreed:

The FIH web site updating policy would be formalised and posted on the site.

An International Player of the Year Award will be established, one each for a male and female player. The first award will be presented during the FIH's 75th Anniversary Celebrations in October in Alexandria, Egypt. Nominations will come from National Associations and the selection panel will be chaired by Hon. Secretary General, Els van Breda Vriesman. Other members will include representatives of the FIH Athletes Panel, FIH Coaches and Umpires and members of the Media.

A Media & Public Relations Strategy Group will be formed to establish a Media and Public Relations Strategy and Plan for the FIH and hockey. A first working meeting was held between MPR Chairman, David Burt, and FIH Communications Manager, Mary Coyle, in Brussels in mid-July. It is expected a draft outline plan will be presented to the FIH Executive and other Committee Chairpersons in October in Alexandria.

Guidelines and criteria for FIH Media Officers will be created. The aim is to establish a list of individuals qualified to serve as Media Officers at events around the world. It is expected that an informal grading will establish to what level event an individual can be appointed.

A policy and criteria will be drafted for issuing FIH Press Cards and for issuing accreditations for major FIH events.


No news at this time.


The FIH Umpiring Committee held its latest meeting during the 1999 Champions Trophies in Brisbane. Full summary will appear in the next issue of International Hockey News. Please see page related story, Upgraded Umpires.