Continental Reports


The African Hockey Federation is preparing for the major event of its calendar year, the All African games in Johannesburg (8-18 September 1999). The hockey competitions for men and women will be played at the Randburg Astrostadium where the old carpet is being replaced and a second field installed. The venue promises to be very conducive to creating an excellent tournament atmosphere. FIH Hon. Secretary General, Els van Breda Vriesman, will represent the FIH at the AAG.

It is planned to hold the various AHF Committee Meeting on 16th, Council Meetings on 17th and 18th and the Congress on 18th September 1999 also in Johannesburg. At the Congress new office bearers will be elected.

An FIH Coaching Course will be held at the beginning of the All African Games and it is hoped that all the nations in Africa will be represented.

An AHF Umpiring Course is planned during the Games and the involvement of Horacio Servetto during parts of the Course is anticipated keenly.

Gill Taylor, (RSA) travelled to Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda in early April where she conducted very successful Coaching Courses on behalf of the AHF and FIH.

Gavin Cullen (RSA) conducted an Umpiring Course in Malawi in late March 1999 and this was enthusiastically received.

Arrangements for the FIH's 75th Anniversary Celebrations in Alexandria in October are progressing well. The Egyptian Hockey Federation is excited about the arrangements as the African Continent gears up host dignitaries from World Hockey.

Theo Ykema Chairman, FIH Development and Coaching Committee travelled to Africa during April where he visited South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. He has also been to Kenya and

The Egyptian Men's National Team will travel to Spain and later Pakistan to prepare for the All Africa Games (AAG), where they are determined to win the gold medal and thus qualify for the Olympic Games.

South Africa's Women's National Team, favourite for the fold in the AAG finished a very creditable second to World and Olympic Champions Australia in two recent 4 Nations Tournaments in Brisbane and Perth.

Avtar Singh FIH Coach (Kenya) conducted an AHF coaching course in Seychelles 3-14 May 1999, the course included sessions for umpiring, around 30 participants attended the course.

Uganda Hockey Association is preparing to hold an Olympic Solidarity Coaching course probably during August 2000. The FIH has appointed Avtar Singh to conduct the course. The AHF will also help Uganda to hold an umpiring course, dates to be agreed upon.

The Hockey Association of Malawi has requested the AHF to assist in holding an AHF Coaching course during June 1999.

The Hockey Association of Malawi has elected Mrs Mbunba as Chairlady of the Development Committee. Her main task is to revive hockey in schools.

The AHF has been trying to convince Zambia and Botswana to hold Umpiring and coaching courses this year. The AHF is looking forward to receiving responses.



The 2nd meeting of the AHF Council was held on 9th April 1999 in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the 9th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup tournament. Meetings of five Committees were also held - Competition, Finance, Development and Finance, Umpiring and Media.

Umpires Seminar

AHF Umpires Seminar was held on 7th & 8th April 1999 in Kuala Lumpur. Thirty candidates from 9 countries participated. Of the participants three were women. Dennis Meredith from Australia conducted the Seminar.


The following tournaments are scheduled to be held:

  • 20th South East Asia Games (M&W) - 7th to 15 August 1999 in Brunei.
  • 5th Asia Cup (M) - 18th to 20th November 1999 in Lahore.
  • 4th Asia Cup (W) - 1st to 10th December 1999 in Delhi.

Media & PR

The Council endorsed the following suggestions by the Committee:

  • Produce a AHF Video to include "Highlights of 1999"
  • To develop and capitalise on all broadcast opportunities for hockey including television, radio and Internet broadcast or webcasting.
  • To nominate AHF Players of the Year.


A "Doping Control and Medical Organisation Seminar" was held on 7th and 8th April in Kuala Lumpur.

Seventeen participants attended the "Doping Control and medical Organisation Seminar conducted by Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, Chairman of the AHF Medical Committee. Participants were professionals in area of Orthopaedics, Doping Control, Nutritionist, Physiologist, Sports Science and Biomedical Science. Useful discussion on the ethical and legal issues were also held. The response from the participants was highly positive. More such seminars would be held.

Development & Coaching Committee

A "Doping Control and Medical Organisation Seminar" was held on 7th and 8th April in Kuala Lumpur.


Training Posters under the Education Programmes were distributed to Affiliates for use in schools and development of hockey amongst children.



April 1999 will be remembered for the European Hockey Federation's record breaking Easter programme.

For the first time in Europe, 14 Tournaments were simultaneously held at 11 venues.

The European Hockey Federation wishes to thank:

  • The National Associations and Clubs who hosted the various events.
  • All the players and Volunteer who ensured that each event was a success.
  • The various Sponsors whose contribution is so important to the running of these events.
  • The Press who reported from the various venues.

Some important statistics:

  • 14 European Hockey Federation Tournaments
  • 11 Venues
  • 100 Teams - 55 National teams and 45 Club Teams
  • 288 Matches
  • 1800 Players
  • 460 Officials - Coaches, Managers, Umpires and Technical Officials.

Congratulations to Athletic Terrassa on the superb achievement of winning the European Indoor Club Championships, "A" Division, Men. They are also the current Outdoor Club Champions. It is the first time a team has been European Indoor and Outdoor Champions in the same year.


The Development Committee has now completed the "Free Equipment" programme for 1999. We have now arranged for 10 of our Member Associations to receive free equipment. (100 sticks, balls Goalkeepers equipment and coaching materials). Forrthcoming events include - Umpires coaching course (young promising) Padova, Italy. Ambassador Youth Camp, Cork, Ireland. Ambassador Youth Camp, Prague, Czech Republic. Excellence Youth Camp, Terrassa, Spain.


The Oceania Cup between New Zealand and Australian men's teams was played in Brisbane in May. Australia won two of the three games.

Fiji and New Guinea played the first Oceania Challenge Cup as a curtain raiser to the event. While the New Guinea team experienced great difficulty in getting to Brisbane and arrived 24 hours late, they played three games against Fiji, only two of these being official, resulting in a draw (3-3) and a win for Fiji (9-0). Fiji then went on to the Arafura Games in Darwin.

Oceania held a meeting of the Executive Management Committee at this time in Brisbane. All countries were represented except Western and American Samoa. It is hoped that as a result of this meeting member nations will be forthcoming with Development Plans with budgets so that Oceania's Plan can be finalised.

It is encouraging to hear of the development plans of Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Financing these plans if a priority for the Federation. The mentor system is working exceptionally well, particularly between New Zealand and Fiji where there have been a number of player and coach exchanges.

The Australian Women's Federation experiences some difficulties contacting the Samoas and getting responses to the program whilst Australian Men's hockey has begun preliminary projects with Papua New Guinea.

The appointment of a Development Officer will assist enormously in co-ordinating administrative issues and resolving issues relating to program implementation.

Tonga is still interested in becoming a member of the Federation. The necessary plans of introduction are being executed through a number of sources.


The Congress of the Pan American Hockey Federation took place on August 4, 1999 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada in conjunction with the Pan American Games. Committees also met along with the Board of Directors. FIH Treasurer, Robert Lycke, was present at the congress.

Pan American Games

Hosts Canada (men) and Argentina's ladies captured the titles at the recent Pan American Games. Both Qualify for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. See For the Record for final finishing order.

The laying of the new artificial surface has been completed.

Participating teams were:

Women: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, United States.
Men: Argentina, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, United States.