Notes and News

Deutscher Hockey Bund

Dr. Christoph WŁterich was elected president of the Deutscher Hockey Bund at their recent General Assembly. Mr. Michael Krause, former President, was appointed President of Honour.

Italian Hockey Federation

The Italian Hockey Federation has appointed a new Secretary General, Mrs Carla Varese. The former Secretary General, Mr. Zino Cipriano will be responsible of territorial organisation of Italian Sports and the relations between regions.

Lithuanian Hockey Federation

It is with great regret that we report the death of Lithuanian Hockey Federation President of Honour, Mr. Vytautas Berzanskis, who died on Monday 26th, April after a heart attack. He was 54. The first president of the Lithuanian Hockey Federation, he was elected in 1980 and served for 13 years. He was appointed President of Honour in 1993.

Mr. Berzanskis contributed much towards the development of hockey, and in 1986 the first outdoor hockey stadium was built in Lithuania and the Baltic countries. He was considered as a true leader and a very good friend. He will be greatly missed by all.

Australian Women's Hockey Association

Mrs Brenda Cawood has resigned as General Manager of the Australian Women's Hockey Association, a post she held since 1987, due to family reasons. She is replaced by Gwen Ford. Brenda contributed enormously to the success that is being enjoyed today by WHA. Her tireless efforts in every aspect of administration and management are greatly appreciated as is her sense of fun and humour. Brenda has always given generously of her time and her commitment to hockey is recognised throughout the sporting world. We wish her happiness and health in the future.

The Australian Women's Hockey Association appointed Mrs Gwen Ford as the new General Manager, following Brenda Cawood's resignation. Gwen possesses a high level of experience in advertising, public relations and sport in the area of administration and finance, having spent four years with the Australian and National Rugby League. We wish her a happy and productive time with WHA.