Notes & News

African Hockey Federation elects office bearers at Congress

At a meeting of the AHF Congress held in Johannesburg on 16 September, the following were elected to hold office on the Council of the AHF for a 4-year term ending in 2003:

President: Mr. Gamal Shirazi (Egypt)
Senior Vice-President: Mr. Steve Jaspan (RSA)
Second Vice-President: Mr. Pete van Zyl (Zimbabwe)
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Seif Hamid (Egypt)
Hon. General Secretary: Mr. Gavin Stephens (Zimbabwe)
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Krishna Acuthan (Malawi)
Additional Members: Ms. Margaret Akofiso-Sowah (Ghana)
  Mr. Oko Nikoi Dzani (Ghana)
  Chief Austin Izagbo (Nigeria)
  Dr. Laurie Jubber (Namibia)
  Mr. Charles Smith (RSA)

The Pan Am Hockey Federation holds Congress, elections

The PAHF held a successful Congress on the 3rd of August with the following individuals being elected:

Tony von Ondarza re-elected as President, Rosa de Massa re-elected as Vice President, Sue Neill re-elected as Hon. General Secretary, Janet Ellis was declared Hon. Treasurer

Elected as Ordinary Members of the Board:

JosÚ Gonzalez Cortina (Cuba)
Eduardo Guelfand (Argentina)
RenÚ Granat (Venezuela)
Pedro O'Ryan (Chile)
Carlos Hernandez Schaefler (Mexico)
Elton Prescott (Trinidad & Tobago)
Grace Robertson (USA)
Myrtle Weir (Jamaica)
Allan Woods (USA)

The European Hockey Federation Holds General Assembly, elections

54 delegates representing 33 National Associations gathered in Larnaca, Cyprus to attend the 16th European Hockey Federation General Assembly on Saturday 5th June 1999.

The following were regarding-elected for four years:

President Alain Danet (FRA)
Hon. Treasurer Morley Pecker (ENG)
Members Monika Spork (GER)
  Jorge Alcover (ESP)
  Sergio Melai (ITA)

The following Executive Members continue in office:

Vice-President (Female) Clair Peeters-Monseu (BEL)
Vice-President (Male) Leandro Negre (ESP)
Hon. General Secretary R. David Balbirnie (IRL)
Members Martin Gotheridge (ENG)
Alistair Grey (SCO)
Marianne Kooijman-Bernard (NED)
Pavel Rosa (SVK)

The Assembly decided that the 17th EHF General Assembly would be held in Malta on Saturday the 9th of June 2001.