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  1. Pitch information: Synthetic Surfaces
    A complete listing of Approved Hockey Products is published and circulated to National Associations on a quarterly basis and copies can be obtained from the FIH Office in Brussels. The FIH requires the use of approved surfaces for specific international tournaments and information on the actual requirements is also available.

    A Handbook on Performance and Test Requirements for Synthetic Turf Pitches, which includes advice on watering systems, is available.

  2. Artificial Lighting
    A revised Guide to the Artificial Lighting of Hockey Pitches was produced in 1997 and copies were circulated to National Associations. Additional copies of the Guide can be obtained from the FIH Office.

  3. Advertising and Coloured over-runs
    Advice on the requirements and regulations for advertising around the field of play and on coloured over-runs of pitches can be obtained from the FIH.


Included in the FIH Approved Hockey Products is a list of approved hockey balls which are required to be used in specific tournaments.


  1. Advertising
    Specific regulations govern the approval of advertising on players' dress and equipment for play in international tournaments. For club-level events, Continental Federations are permitted to vary the requirements and advice should be sought from either the FIH or the appropriate Continental Federation.

  2. Clothing colour
    From 1st January 1998, the FIH requires the following dress regulations to be adhered to for all international matches and tournaments:

    • players shall wear dark socks
    • Shoes shall be of a dark colour, but not green
    • Goalkeepers' leg guards and kickers shall be of a dark colour, but not green

    It should be noted that these regulations do not apply to domestic matches under the control of National Associations. There are also requirements for international matches regarding team colours and players' numbers on their uniforms, but otherwise, dress should conform to the Rules of Hockey (Rule 5).


There are specific FIH requirements on sponsorship and televising of international tournaments, and advice should be sought from the FIH on these and related matters.


Full information on the above topics and other related matters may be obtained from:

The International Hockey Federation
Avenue des Arts 1 Bte 5
B - 1210 Brussels

Telephone: ++32 (2) 219 4537
Fax: ++32 (2) 219 2761
E-mail: [email protected]
Internet: https://FIHockey.org