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The following Regulations are from the FIH Technical Manual and are provided as guidance to those involved in this procedure.


1 a) Five players from each of the two teams, chosen by their respective team manager from the players listed on the team entry form (or chosen from the players nominated for the match, if more than 16 players per team), but excluding any player who has been suspended by the Tournament Director or who has been excluded permanently (red card) from the field of play during the same match by the umpires, shall take a penalty stroke alternately against one and the same goalkeeper of the other team unless the latter has been incapacitated and replaced, making a total of ten penalty strokes, five for each team. The players must take the penalty strokes in the same sequence as the list of five players nominated and communicated by the team managers to the Technical Officer on duty prior to the start of the penalty stroke competition.
b) If during the penalty stroke competition a player (either a stroke taker or a goalkeeper) is suspended, then that player shall take no further part in that penalty stroke competition and, unless a goalkeeper, cannot be substituted.

If a stroke taker, any stroke the player should have been entitled to take will be counted as no goal. If a goalkeeper, the replacement may only be from one of the nominated stroke takers.

The player replacing the goalkeeper may continue to take penalty strokes but, when required to defend penalty strokes must wear protective headgear. This player may also wear other approved goalkeeping equipment.

2??? The umpires shall choose the goal to be used and they shall toss a coin with the captains to decide which team shall take the first penalty stroke. The team having been awarded the highest number of goals shall be the winner and the competition will cease once an outright winner has been established.
3??? In the event of an equal number of goals having been awarded, another series of penalty strokes shall be started with the same players, subject to incapacitated goalkeepers being replaced, and shall feature "sudden death", which shall mean that the winner shall be the first team to have been awarded one more goal than the opposing team after an equal number of strokes (no minimum) have been taken by each team. If necessary, this "sudden death" series may exceed ten penalty strokes, five for each team. The sequence does not need to be the same as in the previous series and the team manager has freedom of choice at the time of each stroke as to which of the five nominated players will take the stroke using all five nominated players per round.
4??? The team whose player has taken the first penalty stroke of the first series (see 1 a) shall not take the first penalty stroke of the "sudden death" series.
5??? The team managers, goalkeepers and nominated stroke takers only may enter the field of play during a penalty stroke competition. All these persons will remain outside the 23 metres area unless a player is authorised by an umpire or technical table official to take or defend a penalty stroke.

metres yard
91.40 100
55.00 60
22.90 25
14.63 16
9.14 10
6.40 7
5.00 5.47
4.55 5
3.66 4
1.83 2
1.00 1.09
0.91 1
metres feet
2.14 7
1.50 5
1.20 4
millimetres inches
460 18
355 14
300 12
235 9 1/4
228 9
224 8 13/16
150 6
100 4
75 3
51 2
38 1 1/2
grammes ounces
737 26
340 12
163 5 3/4
156 5 1/2