The Homebush Telegraph Day 1

Sunday, September 17, 2000

The Homebush Telegraph Day 1



Sunday, 17.September 2000


Day 1 of the competition: Yesterday's matches:

WC Korea -Argentina 2:3 (2:1)
WD Germany-New Zealand 1:1 (0:0)
MA Netherlands-Great Britain 4:2 (1:1)
MB Spain-Korea 1:1 (1:1)
MA Canada-Pakistan 2:2 (2:2)
MA Malaysia-Germany 0:1 (0:0)

The first day of competition at the State Hockey centre in Homebush gave a good idea of what is ahead in the next fortnight. The hockey was exiting and there were numerous goals scored. Argentina stunned the Korean women by snatching the game from them. Their captain, Karina Masotta, scored the first goal of this tournament. Korea went ahead into the interval, only to be beaten two minutes from full time by Jorgelina Rimoldi's goal.

Germany and New Zealand in their clash looked as if they were both nervous, with New Zealand slightly having the upper hand after the first half. Though it was Germany who got the first goal: after Helen Clarke saved a stroke from Britta Becker Heike Laetzsch scored from a corner. Driven by midfielder Tina Bell-Kake they forced a penalty corner and equalised four minutes before the end through Mandy Smith.

The men's tournament got underway with a thriller between reigning Olympic and World Champion's the Netherlands against Great Britain. Teun de Noijer opened the scoring early, with Britain's Mark Pearn equalising, and the game was close at halftime. Holland's lead was quickly equalised by GB who could have gone ahead through a penalty stroke from Calum Giles but Dutch goalie Ronald Jansen saved. It was Holland who scored again, twice through 1998 FIH player of the year, Stephan Veen, and took the points.

Spain startled Korea with an early goal by Pol Amat but the Koreans fought back to equalise through Seung-Tae Song before halftime to lock it at 1:1 to share the points.

Canada, after missing out in 1996, made an impressive start to the Olympics by drawing 2:2 with Pakistan. They went ahead twice, only to concede the equaliser just before halftime through penalty corner specialist Sohail Abbas.

Germany did only the work they had to do when beating Malaysia 1:0 through a penalty corner goal by Bjoern Emmerling in the last game of the day.

An Athlete:
Karina Masotta, Argentina Ladies:

Karina was the first goalscorer of the Olympic Tournament in Sydney. At 29, these are her second Olympics. She enjoys the way in which Argentina plays the game and celebrates, and is sure that the enthusiasm is doing a lot for her team. "This way we also win the crowd, and a lot of people will cheer for us." For the P.E. Teacher from Buenos Aires the win of her team was more important though than the goal.

FIH Family Lunch in the Botanical Gardens

FIH President, Juan Angel Calzado and the Executive of the International Hockey Federation, had invited the Hockey Family for a lunch in the Royal Botanical Gardens on the day of the Opening Ceremony. In beautiful surroundings the President thanked the Organiser for the Olympic Hockey tournament, Ron Riley and his team, for the outstanding work they have done in the setting up of the event. Mr Calzado also welcomed the athletes who could not be present at the function and shared the wishes of the hockey family for exciting and entertaining games.

Names and News

Great honour for some hockey players during the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony: Australian Hockeyroo Rechelle Hawkes took the Olympic oath on behalf of the athletes, and former Australian player Lianne Tooth carried the Olympic flag into the stadium. Pakistan's Ahmad Alam and Malaysia's Mirnawan Nawawi got to carry their countries flags and while there were still question marks up to the very last minute whether Jane Sixsmith of Great Britain and Dhanraj Pillay of India would do the same but they missed out. Most of the teams marched into the stadium, but some could not share the moment because of the early start of the competition.

Some interesting facts and figures: The point that the New Zealand women gained today in their match against Germany was the first point they ever got at an Olympic tournament. Having only participated in two they always returned home empty-handed, and are determined to change it this time.

The penalty stroke that Calum Giles missed in the game against Holland was the first one that he ever missed at any level of competition. And what a time to do it…

FIH press officer Nick Irvine now definitely is aware that there is another variety of abbreviated English spoken down under. He - aware of the difficulties in media transport - was boarding public transport made sure that before he entered whether that bus was going to the university. He was assured that it was, but when everything seemed a bit unfamiliar once he got there he asked some friendly Australians for help. It turned out that he had caught the bus to the University of New South Wales, but was staying at Sydney University. Taxi!

The people at the stadium at the night of the 14th of September thought that it was already all over: podiums were erected, television was there and medals were presented. It looked as if it was all over before it had begun. But it turned out to be just a rehearsal for the ceremony - or was it just a surprise party for Ron Riley, former Australian international player and hockey event organiser, on the evening of his birthday?

Kim Douglas, venue press manager , has worked tirelessly before the tournamnet started to ensure best facilities for the press. When the time came to celebrate the opening of the games she slipped out and instead of seeing the spectacle had a quiet evening with friends. Must be some friendship…

Congratulations to:
Mark Pearn, GB, 100 matches
Ji Seong-Hwan 26. birthday

Todays Matches

8.30 Men B Australia-Poland
10.30 Men B Argentina - India
13.30 WomenD NetherlandsChina
1530 WomenC Australia-Great Britain
18.30 Women C Korea - Spain
20.30 Women D Germany - South Africa

Quotes of the day/yesteryears

How nice of them The late Sydney Friskin when he heard the Olympics have been awarded to the city named after him