The Homebush Telegraph Day 3

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

The Homebush Telegraph Day 3



Tuesday, 19.September 2000


Day 3 of the competition

Yesterdays Matches

10.30 M A Netherlands - Malaysia 0:0 (0:0)
13.30 M A Great Britain - Pakistan 1:8 (1:4)
15.30 M A Germany - Canada 2:1 (0:0)
18.30 W C Great Britain - Argentina 0:1 (0:1)
20.30. W D China - New Zealand 0:2 (0:1)

The third day of the hockey brought yet another surprise. Malaysia held the World and Olympic Champions Holland with their very defensive tactics already used against Germany , in the first fixture of the day. The Dutch started out attacking, and it was Dutch keeper Ronald Jansen found himself at the busy end of play. He had to make some spectacular saves to keep his side in the game. On the other side, the Dutch penalty corner battery, usually a guarantee for a goal or two, seemed to have problems with the pushout. Twelve minutes from the end Stephan Veen deflected the ball goalwards, but the decision to award a goal by Danish umpire Hendrik Ehlers was reversed after cosultation with his colleague, and the match remained scoreless. The Dutch delegation filed a protest after the game which was dismissed by Eric Donegani, the tournament director.

The matches between Pakistan and Great Britain have a potential of being classics these days. One thing they have been in the past is high-scoring, and the same was true for yesterday's game. Pakistan seemed a different side from their opening game and were sharp in their finishing. By contrast Great Britain, who also created chances, failed to capitalise. Pakistan scored eight goals with Abbas (3), Nadeem(2) and Bashir (2) the top scorers. British Coach Barry Dancer thought it was a humiliating experience but was sure his team could fight back.

Germany looked as if they were going to go down to Canada after conceding a goal ten minutes before the end, but vice-captain Bjoern Michel turned it around for his side with a penalty corner goal and a pass that set up the winner for Uli Moissl. Paul Lissek was seen kissing the pitch after the final whistle! Sadly, the game also saw the first red card of the tournament when Ian Bird was sent off for a foul on Oliver Domke one minute before the end.

Great Britain's women went down to Argentina 1:0 and made it a bad day for British hockey. Karina Masotta scored again to secure her side the next three points.

New Zealand kept their chances in the tournament with a 2:0 - win over China with Kate Trolove and the outstanding Tina Bell-Kake scoring.

An Athlete

Bjoern Michel, the German forward, had a very difficult year in 1996. He was one of two players in the German side who trained for the Atlanta Olympics and then got dropped just before the squad was announced. It was very hard to accept, but he knew he always would have another chance. And in those fo also the vice-captain. Today one of the corners and his team work proved absolutely crucial for Germany in turning round their game against Canada. Michel thought his goal proved liberating for Germany, and he set up team mate Uli Moissl who shared his fate in being dropped before important events to win the game.

Names and News

Don Prior, Australian umpire, once again proved he is a man of many talents. After surviving a trip to Egypt last year he proved that he is also skilled in domestic tasks. After the serious injury of Shanmuganathan Kuhan, who got hit by a deflected ball in the circle in the first game, Prior went out with bucket and sponge to clean the pitch. He has also been known to carry injured players off the pitch, but today his services in that area were not required.

Finally, the big screen has arrived at the hockey venue. The triathlon is finished, and the screen came over straight afterwards. It is located at the spectator's entrance to the venue, and was used for television coverage of the matches during the day. FIH regulations make it clear now that it cannot be used by umpires to assist with their decision-making.

These Olympics are truly the first mobile phone Olympics. Can you remember Atlanta? Hardly any there - but here they are all over the place. The difficulty with mobile phones is as you might guess that they are mobile. Various members of the press have forgotten them at checkpoints, or somewhere else. For example Nick Irvine left his phone on the table after the GB - Pakistan press conference. In such cases one tends to ring ones number, and that is just what Nick did. And who answered at the other end? Pakistan manager Islahuddin! "It is rather loud here in the stands, " he told the media officer. "Can you come and see me in an hour?" Nick did as he was told (but 59 minutes quicker) whereupon Islah explained his coach had given him the phone. Replies Irvine: "But you never take any notice of what your coaches give you in other instances."

Today's Birthdays

Caryn Bentley, SA, 26; Mirnawan Nawawi, MAS, 29.

Tomorrows Matches

10.30 M B Spain - Poland
13.30 W D Netherlands - South Africa
15.30 W C Australia - Spain
18.30 M B Argentina - Korea
20.30. M B Australia - India

Quotes of the day

The Dutch were not happy with the way we played but we have our strength and they have their strength, and we played accordingly.
Stephen van Huizen, Malaysian coach

It was very difficult to see as Stephan said. It was difficult to see for me, and I was in line with the second umpire.

Maurits Hendriks, Dutch coach, to the reversal of the umpires decision to award the goal

Great Britain is a good side. They played well. We scored 8 goals and also played well.

Pakistan manager Islahuddin

I think the killer punch was at 1:5, then the game went against us.
Barry Dancer, men's coach Great Britain after the Pakistan game

The system they are running is completely nonsensical. To have more games in two less days they'd have to be lunatics.

Jon Royce, women's coach Great Britain sharing his views on the tournament system

We do not feel anything about it. In Pakistan we have good weather.

Pakistan Manager Islahuddin when asked to comment on the temperatures on the pitch