The Homebush Telegraph Day 7

Saturday, September 23, 2000

The Homebush Telegraph Day 7



Saturday, 23.September 2000


Day 7 of the competition

Today's matches:

13.30 pm W D Netherlands - Germany 2:2 (1:1)
15.30 pm W C Australia - Korea 3:0(2:0)
18.30 pm W D China - South Africa 0:1 (0:0)
20.30 pm W C Great Britain - Spain 2:0 (0:0)

The seventh day of the competition at Homebush was a Ladies day, and it was a crucial one too. The situation for both the Netherlands and Germany in pool D was a little unexpected. The game they played was deciding which team of the two would go through to the medal pool and which of the two would miss out. For sure a situation both teams had not seemed possible before the start of the tournament because both had thought top six if not medals. Holland had the slight advantage, because they only needed a draw, and Germany needed to win. The Germans started well, but did not manage to put the ball past Clarinda Sinnige. Instead, the Dutch scored the first goal through Susan van der Wielen. Only then Germany found the way to score . Holland went ahead again in the second half with a goal from Carole Thate, and Germany this time got back with just four minutes to go which was not enough to score another one. Holland go through to the medal pool and left Germany devastated and out of the Champions Trophy.

The second team to miss the cut on the day were the Korean women in pool C. The favourites, Australia had a 2:0 lead before half time which looked never in danger, but it took almost to the final whistle to score the third.

It is sure be an exciting Champion's Trophy tournament draw for the women which will see two teams exchanged, with China and Spain replacing Germany and South Africa .

Of little meaning to the overall standings was the next game. South Africa played well against the Chinese, and a penalty corner goal from Jacqueline Geyser gave them the match, with another 'goal' that was awarded to China being disallowed by the umpires.
The same goes for the last game of the night.. Great Britain finally managed to win a game with Spain playing quite defensively once more. They were giving their second goalkeeper a run, and making sure there were no injuries.

An Athlete

Luntu Ntloko is the only coloured athlete on the South African hockey team. At 24, this is her first Olympics. "It is just great, absolutely awesome. The crowd is really spectacular." She started to play hockey in school when she was 12. From her home town Umtata, a little town on the Eastern Cape, she moved to Johannesburg, where she now plays her hockey. Hockey is so important to Luntu that she has taken a year off studying for a marketing and advertising diploma to concentrate on training for the Olympics, which she thinks is the greatest thing in a hockey players life. Being a coloured woman playing hockey makes her presence at an Olympics very relevant for hockey in South Africa, as she sees herself as a role model for children and young hockey players.

Another Athlete

Elena Carrion, regarded as a matchwinner for her team in those decisive games against Australia and Argentina does not think it is all down to her, although she thinks she has been playing well, but a team effort. The 24-year old that is playing in her second Olympics (although she did not get a lot of games in Atlanta, she only played in the last two, and Spain finished last) is thrilled with the performance of her side. "We never thought we would make the cut.. We came here from the bottom and just take it game by game. It is great to be up there, maybe playing for a medal". Carrion, who is from Santander and has been playing in goal for almost all of her hockey career, says she came here wanting to enjoy the games and enjoy playing and being proud of that is absolutely amazed with the crowd. "They are fantastic. Even though they are not from our country, they still enjoy good hockey, and cheer us on."

Names and News

Helen Richardson, the youngest player in the women's competition, is celebrating her 19th birthday today.

The television cameras at the hockey venue are being protected from the water being sprayed onto the turf with a weatherproof cloth. The organisers obviously have learnt from that event back in Berlin at the Champion's Trophy where a brand new television camera got hosed with water. The organisers faced a huge bill - and a very wet journalist who was interviewing the father of Natascha Keller, player in the German ladies side, at the time. Carsten Keller, being a hockey player, saw it coming and quickly got out of the water, and left the journalist to get drenched. This can also happen at the mixed zone in Sydney as the watering system reaches to areas there.

Ex - hockey player Nova Peris-Kneebone who won gold at the Atlanta Olympics with the Australian women's hockey team is participating in the athletics at the Sydney Olympics. Peris-Kneebone, who was also in the torch relay when it was going round the country, qualified today after the first round of the 400m for the next round. Nova said after her run: "I am so glad that it is finally on the way, that I got this race out of the way, and qualified for the next round. I remember Atlanta. My first hockey game was a shocker."

The Chinese women are quite surprised that they are up there with the best in the medal round. After beating Germany they took advantage of the difficulties that the Germans and the Dutch were having finding their form and qualified for the medal pool. But it might just be that they had a little help from the Dutch. If you look closely you will find that captain Feng Yu Longfeng, Hongbing Yang, Hui Cheng, Huiping Yang, Xiaolan Hou, Xuemei Cai and Jiuyan Wang are wearing the popular Frockey bandanas introduced by the Dutch at the 1998 Utrecht World Cup. They were the last team to qualify from Milton Keynes, and with only 300 registered hockey players that the coach picked virtually off the street or from turning soccer players into hockey players their achievement is certainly outstanding.

This is another warning to avoid the buses from the Media Village. Michelangelo Rucci, journalist for Newslimited, got very lost on the way to the hockey today. The bus he was on went past Silverwater prison. He was puzzled as did not think that any of his relatives were coming to the Olympics.

Todays Matches

13.30 hrs M A Malaysia - Pakistan
15.30 hrs M B Spain - India
18.30 hrs M B Australia - Argentina
20.30 hrs M A Netherlands -Germany

Todays birthdays:
Jan Dinares (ESP) 31
Helen Richardson (GB) 19

Quotes of the day

I don't cry very often after a game but today I did.

Natascha Keller, German player, after their game against Holland.

We only always got back but we never went ahead.

Thist is not our luckiest tournament.

Berti Rauth, German coach, after their game against Holland.

We have to show our love to hockey and not just stand on the pitch and do nothing. We have two more matches.

Berti Rauth, German coach

We do not celebrate yet. There is a relieve at the moment, here and at home, but we do not celebrate when we're relieved.

Tom van't Hek, Dutch coach, after the game against Germany.

I said before that any team can win a medal, and you just shook your head. Now no 9 and no 10 are in the medal round.

Ric Charlesworth to the press

The women should finish after the men. They play more matches in total..

Ric Charlesworth on the requirements of this tournament