The Homebush Telegraph Day 10

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

The Homebush Telegraph Day 10



Tuesday, 26. September 2000


Day 10 of the competition

Yesterday's matches:

08.30 hrs M B Spain - Argentina 1:5 (1:1)
10.30 hrs WMP Great Britain - South Africa 3:2 (2:2)
13.30 hrs WMP Argentina - China 2:1 (1:1)
15.30 hrs WMP Korea - Germany 2:3 after extra time (2:2 at full time; 0:1 half time)
18.30 hrs WMP Australia - Netherlands 5:0 (1:0)
20.30 hrs WMP Spain - New Zealand 2:2 (1:0)

Argentina did it again. The men's team came out at eight thirty in the morning, and after trailing Spain 1:0 after five minutes from a Ribas corner and another Ribas-corner hitting the crossbar ten minutes later, Argentina took over. Once again the man to watch was Jorge Lombi who netted two to give his team a lead in the early second half. Argentina stayed on top, and in the second half put in three more goals, one of which went to Lombi who is now the top scorer with 10 goals. "I have only been with the team for three month. The team has played quietly, we have had problems with umpires in past tournaments, "Argentine coach Jorge Ruiz says. He thinks the good performance of his team is due to no pressure to get results.

The women of Great Britain took on Champion's Trophy participants South Africa, and opened the scoring early. South Africa managed to get back twice from one goal down to equalise with Britain again creating chances that were not converted. In the end, they managed to stay ahead with a goal they had scored just after halftime to send South Africa into the wooden spoon match.

In the medal pool, the Argentine women came out fighting once again. They were 1:0 behind after 6 minutes, and it took them almost till the half time hooter to equalise. But in the second half they kept on pushing the Chinese and were rewarded with another goal by Augustina Garcia, which put them onto six points.

Germany looked like the sure winner of the next match but after they had established a 2:0 lead - from two Britta Becker strokes - they let the Koreans back in the game. Korea scored twice to equalise, and Germany needed the extra time golden goal to see them through to the 7/8th place play-off, where they will meet Great Britain. Korea will play South Africa for the wooden spoon.

What happened next was surely not expected. The Dutch needed a win to still be in the running for a medal play-off position, and Australia could secure a spot in the final with a win. The first half was equal, the Dutch conceding a goal through a penalty stroke from Alyson Annan in the dying seconds of the half. In the second half, just everything went right for the defending champion's. They scored two goals in the first five minutes, and were away, netting another two to make it five, keeper Rachel Imison even saving a penalty stroke from Ageeth Boogardt..

The last game of the day became a real thriller when umpire Gill Clarke awarded a free hit to Spain in the dying seconds of the match because a New Zealand 16-yard hit had not been taken quickly enough. Nuria Camon snatched the ball, and levelled the score to the horror of New Zealand which already had one goal disallowed, and must have thought the game and the victory - and the three points -were theirs.

Pool Rankings, Medal Pool women

1. Australia 4 3 1 0 12 2 10 10
2. Argentina 4 2 0 2 6 6 -0 6
3. Spain 4 1 3 0 4 3 1 6
4. New Zealand 4 1 1 2 7 9 -2 4
5. China 4 1 1 3 5 -2 4
6. Netherlands 4 1 0 3 6 13 -7 3

Names and News

Murray Grime, one of the two Australian umpires, has been seen in a desperate attempt to get some of the colourful Olympic Games gear that the volunteers wear. The newspapers were reporting that the outfit was fetching high amounts of money with souvenir hunters. Murray was seen checking passes at the FIH office last night.

John Hurst, goalkeeping coach of Great Britain and former videographer helps out now and then when his assistance is required. Here in Sydney, he is back to taking video. One has to wonder, however, how effective that is as he revealed the other night after the women's game of China against Spain he raved about the performance of the Spanish team, and expressed his surprise that they did not win the game. His colleagues thought he could not be serious. It turned out that throughout the whole game he had mistaken the Chinese for the Spanish women.

Ute Conen, the German umpire, came out to the hockey as a reserve umpire for the GB match against South Africa. Twenty-five minutes before the end, her colleague Renee Chatas from the USA called time out and signalled to the table that she had to be changed because she pulled a muscle. The weather was particularily cool on that day, so Conen was not quite prepared, and had to take her track suit pants off, and the pullover. What she did not realise in all the action and excitement was that the TV cameras were on her the whole time, and brought the happenings down the dugout live to every spectator on the big screen. Conen said she could not believe the situation, and it is very odd to come into a game with that short notice, not only for her but for her colleague and the players, too. It has been an exciting tournament for Conen who in the first game that she umpired tripped over backwards and when on her scooter the other day she went down the curb rather abruptly. Conen got another chance for umpiring half a game when she was a reserve umpire in another game, Australia against the Netherlands later last night.

The Golden Whistle Award was presented in the Olympic Family Lounge by Mr Juan Angel Calzado to Miriam van Gemert from the Netherlands, Eduardo Ruiz from Argentina and Ray O'Connor from Ireland for umpiring their 100th international.

Her majesty, Queen Sofia of Spain, was at the Hockey centre yesterday to watch her team's performance against New Zealand. After the match, she was out on the pitch talking to the players and congratulating them on their performance.

Todays Matches

10.30 hrs MA Malaysia - Canada
13.30 hrs MB Australia - Korea
15.30 hrs MA Netherlands - Pakistan
18.30 hrs MA Germany - Great Britain
20.30 hrs MB Poland - India

Quotes of the day

I am surprised by the final result.

Jorge Ruiz, Argentine men's coach, after his team's game against Spain

To finish in the top eight is like a bronze medal for us. If we can win a place in the top six - the Champion's Trophy, that's a real dream.
Jorge Ruiz, Argentine men's coach

There is something that the organisers have really stuffed up. They should have had green capes instead of the blue ones.

Mike Hamilton, English coach, when looking across the stands at the rainy morning seeing a mix of spectators with blue and yellow rain capes.

The sky looks just as it looked like when we got hailed out at the test event.

Linden Adamson, Executive director AHA, having a chat about the weather

I find it hard to believe that a team trains and works hard for four years and for an umpire to make a decision not in the interest of hockey. I find it very frustrating. They cannot justify it.

Jan Borren, Coach New Zealand , after the game against Spain

I did not see the goal. There were some girls crying on the bench, and I was helping them.

Marc Lammers, Spanish women's team, on the question how he saw the last goal of his team.

They are unhappy with umpires but they have to be smarter.

Marc Lammers, on the decision to reverse the 16-yard hit