The Homebush Telegraph Day 12

Thursday, September 28, 2000

The Homebush Telegraph Day 12



Thursday, 28.September 2000


Day 12 of the competition

Yesterday's matches:
0830 hrs W 9/10 South Africa - Korea 0:3 (0:3)
1030 hrs WMP Spain - Netherlands 1:2 (0:1)
1330 hrs W 7/8 G Britain - Germany 0:2 (0:1)
1530 hrs WMP Argentina - N Zealand 7:1 (3:1
1830 hrs WMP Australia - China 5:1 (3:0)
2030 M C Malaysia -Spain 0:1 (0:0)

The first two teams playing that day were playing off for the wooden spoon. Korea left no doubt that they did not want to be that team on the bottom of that list, and came out fighting. It was all decided in the first half, Korea holding on to their lead till full time.

For the Netherlands in the next game there was still the possibility of a bronze medal spot, and Spain with their last minute goal against New Zealand kept their chances open as well. But even though still not looking their convincing self, the Dutch scored from a penalty corner in the first half, and then van der Wielen added a second with seventeen minutes to go. That cushion was enough, and Spain put a goal back two minutes out but this time it was not enough.

With Great Britain and Germany in the next game, two teams met that both had had higher aspirations for this tournament. From the beginning, it looked like Germany was in control, but they still failed to convert their chances. It took one moment from FIH player of the year in 1999, Natascha Keller in the first half to put Germany ahead, and another one in the second to seal Britain's fate. Mel Clewlow got a corner back but Germany took 7th position.

The New Zealanders were starting to feel the pressure. With hockey rocketing to unheard popularity in the country with a great performance throughout the tournament the New Zealanders did not have it easy. Argentina, having come to the medal round without points was out there fighting again. They played with enthusiasm, and were rewarded with an early goal by Cecilia Rognoni. New Zealand never really found its way into the game, and for Argentina just everything was starting to go right. Vanina Oneto was playing the best game she ever played for Argentina, scoring four goals and leaving no doubt who would play Australia in the final, putting seven goals behind Helen Clarke and allowing only one against them.

Australia confirmed their good form with a convincing 5:1-win over China, and looks still a hard team to beat, regaining the composure and striking power that they were lacking in earlier games of the year.
In the one men's game, Spain avoided more disappointment by beating Malaysia 1:0 through a goal by Pol Amat. The Spanish team who had hoped to play in the semi-finals still struggled to convert chances but some good defending did the job for them.

Final Standings after medal pool round, women:

1. Australia
2. Argentina
4. Spain
5. China
6. New Zealand
7. Germany
8. Great Britain
9. Korea
10. South Africa

Names and News

New Zealand is going hockey mad. Apparently, the public interest in the performance of their side is even surpassing the All Blacks popularity. The whole nation comes to a standstill when the women's hockey team takes the field - and what is more - even the news have been delayed. That not only happened once but twice, when New Zealand played Spain the other night. Unfortunately, they could not show their potential in the game against Argentina. Let's hope that they will still remember hockey as a great sport.

New Zealand goalkeeper, Helen Clarke, conceded seven goals in yesterdays's match against Argentina. She had previously met her famous namesake at the Olympic village, and must have been very impressed by that experience. For everyone who does not know: Helen Clarke is the New Zealand prime minister.

Faces in the crowd: Laura and Tim from Melbourne. They came to the hockey not knowing much about it but got tickets for seats really close to the pitch and said that they really enjoyed the action. They were lucky in their draw because they wanted to see Australia play, which they did. But they stayed on and watched the men's game also, not knowing any of the rules but finding it not hard to follow. They said that they thought the no offside is a good rule, and very much enjoyed their evening because the game was fast and exciting. Laura is in her teens - and says she does not do much sport, but who knows, she might just give hockey a try.
An Athlete
She just missed out on carrying her country's flag at the opening ceremony. And she will probably not get the chance again. After this, it seems to be quitting for the exceptional forward from Great Britain. At 33, Sixsmith has appeared at four Olympics, and thinks that the setup for Sydney has been fantastic. "To play in front of 15000 people every game has been fantastic. It is an experience I never had before. Sixsmith, who thinks this team was the best prepared team that ever left Great Britain is quite disappointed with the final ranking of the side, and does not know what lies ahead. It might be coaching - or who knows - broadcasting. Watch out, Karen!

Todays Matches
0900 hrs M Great Britain - India
1130 hrs M Germany - Argentina
1400 hrs SFM Pakistan - Korea
1730 hrs Canada - Poland
2000 hrs Netherlands - Australia

Quotes of the day

They say it is a tournament different to any other.

Jon Royce about the Olympic Games

I would like to spend some time at home.

Jane Sixsmth answering the question what she wanted to do in future.

We won three times, had two draws and one loss, and came 7th.

Berti Rauth, German coach after the play-off for 7th/8th position.
Yesterday, within three hours, all of the German ball games went down the drain.

German coach, Berti Rauth, commenting the loss of both hockey teams, the volleyball and the handball team.

If we would have played straight after Monday we would have been better, not like this. I don't think we handled the pressure very well in having the possibility to play off for a silver or gold medal.

Jan Borren, New Zealand coach, after his teams performance against Argentina

We're absolutely guttered, very disappointed and sorry that we could not do it today.

Kylie Foy, New Zealand player

I don't think Australia will let them play like we did, and let them get on a high like we did.

Jan Borren, New Zealand Coach

Argentine Coach Sergio Vigil, on the question how they coped with coming to the medal round without any points

When we go dancing we get 10 free beers from the people we are dancing with.

Argentine striker, Vanina Oneto, when asked whether they are well-known at home

The girls are going to go into the final match fighting like lions.

Sergio Vigil, when asked about the preparation of his team for the final