The Homebush Telegraph Day 14

Saturday, September 30, 2000

The Homebush Telegraph Day 14



Saturday, 30.September 2000


Day 14 of the competition

Yesterday's matches:

11.30 M 7/8 India - Argentina 3:1 (1:0)
14.00 M 5/6 Gt Britain - Germany 0:4 (0:2)
17.30 W 3/4 Netherlands - Spain 2:0 (1:0)
20.00 W 1 /2 Australia - Argentina 3:1 (2:0)

India and Argentina, the two losers of the play-off games were fighting for 7th position. When looking at the expectations on the respective sides it was quite an achievement for the Argentine side that came here ranked 13th. They could not match the Indians though they tried, with Jorge Lombi scoring yet another goal. It came a bit late, India being in control for most of the game, with Thakur, Gill and Pillay scoring, and taking 7th place.

Great Britain and Germany were meeting again, and this time it was all go from the Germans. Britain created some chances, but late in the first half the Germans opened the scoring. Michel proved he could score field goals, and Domke added a second before half-time while Christoph Bechmann was in the sin bin for Germany. In the second half they added another two, one of which came from Tibor Weissenborn, who had quite a good tournament for Germany.

In the bronze medal game it was the duel of the current Dutch "bondscoach" and the future Dutch coach clashing with their teams. Tom van't Hek won the 'duel' with his side scoring in both halves. The Spanish looked not too much trouble for the Dutch who looked reasonably composed and took the bronze medal.

Argentina put up a good fight for the Australians, but conceded two goals in the first half. In the second half the game was more even, Australia failing to convert some chances. They managed to score three in total, with Argentina getting one back ten minutes after the break, then letting the Australians not get away to score any more. The hosts took the gold medal, being the first women's team to ever win back to back gold medals. And for Argentina it was the first Olympic medal ever. The crowd appreciated the hockey, and though there were few Argentine supporters they were heard all over the stadium. After the game, the girls showed their respect for each other by passing through the guard of honour that both teams were forming for each other.

An Athlete

Also retiring, like a number of players mentioned in this column, will be Carole Thate from the Netherlands. The outstanding midfielder from Utrecht who plays for Amsterdam ended her career with a memorable game, scoring a goal for her team to take the bronze medal. It was a very disappointing tournament for the Dutch according to Thate, but she is happy that even though her team played below form they still came away with a bronze medal. She started to play at the age of nine and has been on the international scene for eleven years, and has competed in three Olympic Games including these ones. She enjoyed playing in Australia immensely because she thinks that women's hockey is so big over here so the crowds were huge and supportive. " The games here were really awesome", she said. Thate will play in the second division of her club and will continue her work in the welfare foundation of Johan Cruyff.

Names and News

The Hockey Commission of the AIPS wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Kim Douglas (SOCOG Press Officer), and Nick Irvine (FIH Media Officer) for the excellent press facilities and the exceptional helpfulness of the staff. The Commission regrets that it has been unable to hold a meeting here in Sydney but the nature and intensity of the programme has precluded members from being present at the same time and everyone is so busy in these final days of the competition.
If any member of the hockey media wishes to raise any hockey related media matter they may contact the commission through either Mr T. Thygarayan (Chairman of AIPS Hockey Commission) at [email protected] or Mr P. Rowley (AIPS and Chairman of Hockey Writers Club) at [email protected] The Commission has elected Jeroen van Bergen (Netherlands) as a photographic journalist member and is currently seeking one or two AIPS members to join the Commission.

In Japan, the women's hockey final was televised live. Maybe this was due to the participation of Japanese umpire, Kazuko Yasueda. This might not impress the Dutch who have every game live on television, but it certainly says something about the regard of the sport in Japan or Asia in general. With four Asian sides here in the men's competition they are really on the way back. Germany also televised hockey, not just the final of the competition but also some other games without German participation, which is also unusual. Apparently the hockey semi-final created such a wave of interest in Australia that it was shown rather than the athletics on the big screen downtown at Darling Harbour. And what is more: Hockey even made the front page of the biggest Sydney paper, the Daily Telegraph.

Tomorrows Matches

11.30 M 11/12 Malaysia - Poland
14.00 M 9/10 Spain - Canada
17.30 M 3 / 4 Pakistan - Australia
20.00 M 1 / 2 Korea - Netherlands
Quotes of the day

And the winner of this great game gets burnt rubber.

BBC television commentator before the game Great Britain Germany

You cannot compare the first game against GB and th eone today.
There was no pressure. We saw what is possible today.

Paul Lissek, German coach

You fall into a hole if the next World Cup is 15 month away.

German coach, Paul Lissek, on the question what happens now

This group has given me heart because they always bounce back.

Great Britain coach, Barry Dancer, talking about his team

We made one mistake, and we paid for it. But the future looks good, we have a lot of talent and we will rebuild a team for the next Olympics.

V. Bashkaran, Indian coach