F.I.H. Events Manager
Based in Brussels

The FIH is looking for an Events Manager, to succeed the present Technical Manager.
The job description for this challenging position follows:

I. Responsibilities

  1. To organise the bidding procedure for major F.I.H. events
  2. To co-ordinate all aspects of the preparation of major F.I.H. events
  3. To liaise between F.I.H. and host organisers / National Hockey Associations.
  4. To advise National Hockey Associations in organising international competitions.
II. Tasks


  1. To prepare the F.I.H. event bidding requirements and to co-ordinate the bidding procedures.
  2. To advise interested bidding associations and to inspect venues, when appropriate.
  3. To provide advice and recommendations to the F.I.H. Executive Board, in consultation with the respective responsible F.I.H Committee's, on bids received.
  4. To liaise with host organisers and monitor the progress made in the preparations of each event on the following items:
  5. To provide actual tournament management support where required.
  6. To prepare and advise on the F.I.H. requirements and hockey programs at the Olympic Games.
  7. To evaluate the respective events, including the analyses of Tournament Director's, Umpire Manager's, Media Officer's and host reports.
  8. To act as an F.I.H. liaison and consultant to F.I.H. appointed officials at major events.
  9. To advise / assist N.H.A's in their preparation and organisation of international events and competitions.
  10. To act as a Tournament Director, occasionally and if appropriate
  11. To act as Secretary of the Competitions / Events Committee.
Appointments Umpiring Administration III. Place in the Organisation
  1. Reporting to the Executive Director
  2. Close collaboration with Chairperson of Competitions / Events Committee, supervised by the Honorary Secretary General.
  3. Co-ordination with Chairperson of Marketing Committee, Media and Public Relations Committee and Honorary Treasurer.
  4. Close collaboration with the F.I.H. Marketing and Communications Manager.
If you are interested, please send a complete CV by Friday 26th January to:

Hans G.J. Bertels, Executive Director,
Avenue des Arts, 1 bte 5,
1210 Bruxelles

Tel: +32.2.219 4537
Fax: +32.2.219 2761
Email: [email protected]